Manuel Oliver Son Joaquin: A Victim of Parkland Shooting and His Father Arrested
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Manuel Oliver Son Joaquin: A Victim of Parkland Shooting and His Father Arrested: Lots of people are asking who Manuel Oliver’s son is. They want to know because Manuel got arrested on Thursday during a big argument about gun laws.

During a meeting about making rules about guns on Thursday, Manuel Oliver got into trouble. Manuel’s son died in a shooting at his school in Parkland Florida in 2018. Around lunchtime, Patricia and Manuel Oliver shouted at the politicians and interrupted the meeting. Because of this officials took them into custody.

Officials took Manuel Oliver into custody but they let him go after giving him a citation. According to a video they held him down on the ground. People and viewers want to know about Manuel Oliver’s son and what happened to him because they saw Manuel getting really upset.

Who is Manuel Oliver’s Son?

Manuel Oliver and Patricia Oliver have a son named Joaquin. This is the answer to the question that lots of people have been asking: who is Manuel Oliver’s son? A long time ago someone shot at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School on February 14, 2018. They killed 14 students and three staff members.

Manuel’s son Joaquin was only 17 years old when he was shot and killed. He had dreams that he never got to make come true. It’s hard to find out much about Joaquin on the internet even though we know he was Manuel Oliver’s son. Maybe Manuel and Patricia don’t want to share too much information about him.

Manuel said that Joaquin was a wonderful and innocent boy who was shot four times with an AR-15 gun. His parents were very sad when he died. Later Manuel said that after what happened to his son he found out that an 18-year-old in Texas was able to get a gun and kill children while they were in class.

Joaquin’s dad saw that another shooting happened on Tuesday this time at a school in Texas. Oliver said that more than 250000 people have been hurt or killed by guns in the United States since the day his son was murdered.

Pew Research says that in 2020 more people in America died from gun injuries than ever before – 45222 in total. Almost 80% of all murders in the United States that year were done with guns.

Father of Parkland Shooting Victim Arrested

Manuel Oliver has been working hard to make gun laws stronger since his son was killed. Oliver was invited to an event by the White House with hundreds of other people affected by gun violence. He said to ABC News that he thinks the law isn’t doing enough and he wants the president to create a group that only works on stopping gun violence.

Oliver thinks that the White House should treat the problem of gun violence with the same importance as they did with the coronavirus pandemic. He said that there is a link between the pandemic and mass shootings.

Manuel Oliver was arrested after he yelled and tried to go back into a room during a hearing. The police who work in the Capitol said he was given a citation and let go instead of being put in jail.

Joaquin’s father Manuel Oliver said that he didn’t plan to interrupt the President’s speech but he became restless during it. Two Capitol Police officers detained Manuel outside the hearing room as seen in videos shared on Twitter. They restrained him on the ground while other people recorded the situation.

The police at the Capitol say that breaking the law in Washington D.C. means that if someone is told to stop protesting in the Capitol building and they keep protesting they are violating the law. The police didn’t hold Patricia Oliver as she followed their rules.