Lori Harvey Siblings: Meet The 6 Siblings Of Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey Siblings: Meet The 6 Siblings Of Lori Harvey – In this article, you will learn about Lori Harvey’s brothers and sisters.

Who is Lori Harvey? Lori Harvey is an American model businesswoman and socialite. Her dad is comedian Steve Harvey but she was adopted by him. Her mom’s name is Marjorie Harvey. Lori works with two modeling agencies Select Model Management in Europe and LA Model Management in the US.

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This article is all about Lori Harvey’s brothers and sisters. It tells you everything you need to know about them.

Biography of Lori Harvey

Lori Harvey was born in Memphis on January 13th, 1997. Her mom is Marjorie Harvey and her stepdad is American comedian Steve Harvey.

Lori Harvey’s mom does a lot of cool things like styling designing clothes blogging and being popular on the internet. Lori grew up in Atlanta Georgia.

Lori Harvey is from Atlanta Georgia and really loves horseback riding. But she had an accident in 2015 while riding and decided to focus all her energy on her modeling career instead.

Lori knows a lot about being successful in the entertainment world. She was in some runway shows for Dolce & Gabbana in Milan and Paris and she’s going to be in an ad for them soon. She went to the New York Met Gala in 2017 too.

Lori has a great fashion sense and she gets it from her mom and stepdad. She always looks cool and stylish and she likes to try new things with her outfits.

Lori wants to work for big fashion companies like Gucci Dior Givenchy and Fendi. This will help her become really famous in the fashion world. Alex Avant who is the son of a famous music person named Clarence Avant is Lori’s representative.

Lori Harvey has lots of fans on Instagram – over 4.9 million! Her Instagram username is @loriharvey.

Lori Harvey has about $1 million as her net worth.

Lori Harvey Siblings: Meet

Lori Harvey has six brothers and sisters. Their names are Wynton Harvey Morgan Harvey Jason Harvey Brandi Harvey Karli Harvey and Broderick Harvey Jr.