Liam Payne congratulates Harry Styles after his Grammy win
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One Direction fans are over the moon! Harry Styles (29) really got off to a good start at the Grammy Awards yesterday and won in the “Album of the Year” category with his hit album “Harry’s House”. Before he could even win one of the coveted awards, the ‘As It Was’ hitmaker stole the show with his outfits. Harry’s success probably didn’t go past Liam Payne (29), his former bandmate: Now Liam congratulates Harry on his Grammy win!


Cheryl Cole’s (39) ex shared a black and white photo of Harry via Instagram and wrote: “For your music, Harry, you deserve every millisecond that you grin at one of the trophies. God bless you, congratulations Brother.” Harry is the only ex-One Direction singer to have received a Grammy.

Liam Payne congratulates Harry Styles after his Grammy win
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Liam’s post comes as a surprise to many fans, as rumors have been around for a long time that the boys aren’t on good terms with each other after the end of One Direction. For example, a follower on social media asks: “Am I dreaming? Do we see an interaction between the two here?” and another says: “That can’t be true!”