Landry Bender Bio, Age, Height, Boyfriend, Parents, Family
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Landry Bender is an American star known for her phenomenal appearances on the Disney Channel shows, including Best Friends Whenever and Crash & Bernstein. Her first role in a feature film, Blithe, in The Sitter also made a mark in the entertainment world. Here is everything you need to know about this rare talent that is taking the acting arena by storm.

Landry Bender Bio, Age

The Disney Wonder was born on August 3, 2000, in Chicago, Illinois, USA. Two years after her birth, her parents moved with the family to Phoenix, Arizona, and then to Los Angeles in 2010. As a child, she was captivated by the art of performance when she watched the musical Annie with her mother, who was on tour. She then decided to pursue an acting career, which she has pursued ever since.

Her first step into show business was acting in plays at her local community theater from the age of 5 in theater productions of Peter Pan, The Sound of Music, Beauty and the Beast, and Annie at the Desert Stage Theatre, Arizona. In 2009, she appeared in her last stage show and auditioned over a hundred times, resulting in only two non-union commercials before receiving her first movie role. She made her screen debut as Blithe Pedulla, the troubled child in Jonah Hill’s 2011 film The Sitter, and made her television debut the same year with the film The Council of Fathers as Mykala Wells.

Although she still considers Blithe her best role to date, Landry Bender became famous through her first Disney character, Cleo Bernstein in Crash & Bernstein (2012-2014). Following her development, she cast further roles both on-screen and as a voice actress. Her voice work includes Jake and the Pirates of Neverland (2014), Wendy in Milo Murphy’s Law (2016), and Makini in The Lion Guard: The Rise of the Scar (2017-present).

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Bender gained greater popularity when she was cast alongside Lauren Taylor (Shelby Marcus) in one of the lead roles as Cyd Ripley in the Disney Channel original series Best Friends Whenever (2015-2016). Her character is a strong and lovable teenager from Portland who can travel through time with her best friend Shelby after a lab accident. Other programs under her wings include a guest appearance in Teens Wanna Know (2013), Fairest of the Mall (2014), an episode of Liv and Maddie (2015) in which she resumed her BFW role as Cyd, and a recurring role as Rocki in Fuller House by Netflix (2017).

In addition to her love of the canvas, Bender is also an avid fashionista, likes to travel, shop, and blog about fashion. She also runs a channel of the same name dedicated to fashion and hopes one day she can exert her influence. In addition, Landry Bender is known for her positive attitude and preaches this to her fans, giving them a feeling of love and trust that makes her a fan favorite and makes her seem like a very close relative. Nevertheless, she is a thorough professional who not only understands her job but also knows how to do it.

In addition, she loves good music and loves to sing, and knows how to pluck the guitar skilfully. She also edits and shoots her own films with iMovie. In her world of favorites, her favorite color is orange, while in the Back to the Future II category, her favorite color is orange.

Family, Parents

She comes from an entertainment family, but while she turned to show business, her precedents, including her paternal grandfather, Gary Bender, a veteran sports presenter, are well known in the broadcast world. Her parents, Trey and Amy Bender are both sports journalists. Amy is also a producer and graduate of the University of Utah, but Trey studied at the University of Arkansas. Her name was even an allusion to her career. She was named after the former head coach of the Dallas Cowboys, Tom Landry.

Her parents are very much involved in her daughter’s explosive career. Whether it’s moving to a new city, traveling to performance venues, or supporting her little one, the Senior Benders are always willing to do anything to see her happy and successful. In return, their work of love and dedication has paid off in no small measure.

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Thanks to her elegant appearance and successful career, Landry Bender has caught the eye of many people and has made her private life more interesting for her fans.

Although she may not have had any known relationship, she was associated with American actor Griffin Gluck after posting a picture of them together. However, she shares an admirable friendship with her BFW co-star Ricky Garcia, and the two are some of the cutest BFFs in Hollywood.

Landry Bender Height

Bender has a well-proportioned body and an elegant physique supported by her 5 foot 3 inches (1.60 m) body frame. Her body may undergo further changes before she reaches her twenties.