Jason Garrett Wife, Brill, Children, Family, Relationship With Jerry Jones
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Like many before him, Jason Garrett tried his hand at more than one sport before he decided to take up football. A former quarterback, Garrett has had an eventful playing career, playing for seven NFL teams from 1989 to 2004.

Since retiring, the Pennsylvania man has held various coaching roles for the Miami Dolphins and the Dallas Cowboys, for whom he has played for both. His first responsibility as a head coach came in 2010 when he replaced Wade Phillips as head coach of the Dallas Cowboys head coach.

Jason Garrett Bio

The story of Jason Calvin Garrett begins in the town of Abington, Pennsylvania, on March 28, 1966, when he was born the son of his parents Jim Garrett and Jane Garrett. He received his primary school education at Holy Cross School in Rumson, New Jersey. He then attended Hunting Valley’s University School, a college preparatory school in Ohio. During his time here, he dedicated himself to the world of sports and athletics, as evidenced by the fact that he was a basketball, baseball, and football letterman.

In 1984, his final year at University School, he played football as a quarterback and in security positions, earning an All-League honorable mention for his achievements and contribution.

Jason Garrett Wife, Brill, Children, Family, Relationship With Jerry Jones
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Jason then moved to Princeton University, where he served as a quarterback on the starting team and in his junior and senior years. In his second year, his playing experience was somewhat blurred. After a brilliant start to his college career, he transferred to Columbia University in 1985, where his father was appointed head coach of the school’s football team. However, Jim Garrett resigned after a miserable 10-0 record, which resulted in Jason’s return to Princeton University.

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Due to transfer rules, the former freshman quarterback sat out his second season while heading the scout team. In his first year as a junior quarterback, he reclaimed his position and continued to win and lose to his former team, Columbia University. At the end of the season, he was awarded the Asa S. Bushnell Cup in recognition of his Ivy League Player of the Year status.

Jason graduated with a diploma in history in 1989 and has a number of enviable college football records, including an Ivy League college career with a high pass completion rate of 66.5 percent (366 out of 550) at 4274 yards and 20 touchdowns.

Jason Garrett Professional Career

After Princeton, Jason Garrett participated in the 1989 NFL draft but was not drafted. He was selected by the New Orleans Saints as an unconscripted free agent. His time with the Saints was short, as he spent the rest of 1990 as an assistant coach at Princeton University after being dismissed by the Saints on September 3 of that year.

In Garrett’s 1991 season he opened for the WLAF San Antonio Riders as starting quarterback but dislocated his right shoulder in the game. He returned after four games on the sidelines, but that ultimately ended his time with the team.

He then had a two-month guest appearance with the Ottawa Rough Riders of the Canadian Football League from June to August 1991. Jason Garrett joined the Dallas Cowboys in 1992, thanks in part to the influence of his father, who was then part of the team’s scouting staff. After some time on the training team, he made enough of an impression to become the third quarterback.

Due to the continuous improvement of his game and an injury to the then-starting quarterback Troy Aikman, Jason got his chance as a substitute against the New York Giants. He was named starting quarterback for the next game against the Phoenix Cardinals. However, he would again be displaced in the pecking order by the new boy, Bernie Kosar.

In the years that followed, Jason Garrett was repeatedly given the opportunity to prove himself due to injuries to the quarterbacks in the line-up before him. On one of these occasions, he probably gave the best performance of his professional career. It was at the 1994 Thanksgiving Day game against the Green Bay Packers, where he played in place of the injured Rodney Peete. Jason scored 2 touchdowns, 15 full passes from 26 for 311 yards, and led his backlog team to a 42-31 comeback victory.

In 1995 he had a short spell as a starter, which effectively contributed to the team’s title win at the NFC East Conference. Jason Garrett spent eight seasons with the Cowboys and was a member of their Super Bowl-winning team in 1993 and 1995. During his time with the team, he played only 39 games with a pass completion rate of 56.1 percent and 11 touchdowns.

Garrett joined the New York Giants in 2000, and although it was a sparse showing, he remained on the New York Giants’ roster until 2003. Early the following year, he was signed by the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, and on November 24, 2004, he was signed by the Miami Dolphins as a Free Agent. In the same year, he ended his playing career.

Is Jason Garett Married? Wife Brill, Children

Jason Garrett Wife, Brill, Children, Family, Relationship With Jerry Jones
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Jason has been married to his wife Brill Aldridge Garrett since 1994. Both attended Princeton University, but Brill graduated in 1988, a year before Jason. While she transferred to Harvard Law, Jason pursued his own dreams on the field. The couple finally entered into the marriage in 1994 while Jason worked for the Miami Dolphins. The couple’s union did not produce children.

Coaching Career

Garrett’s coaching career has proven to be more successful than his time as a player. In the 2005-2006 season of the Miami Dolphins under head coach Nick Saban, he switched from quarterback to quarterback coach.

After the Dolphins, he switched to another of his former teams, the Dallas Cowboys, as offensive coordinator. His influence led to a rapid improvement in the team’s offensive play as they finished the season as the second-best offense in the NFL. Garrett immediately became an attractive coach and was approached by coaches like the Baltimore Ravens and the Atlanta Falcons. Eventually, he decided to continue his work in Dallas.

Over the years, he received offers from franchises such as the Detroit Lions, Denver Broncos, and St. Louis Rams. On November 8th, 2010, Jason became interim head coach of the Dallas Cowboys after the team’s management split from head coach Wade Phillips. He immediately turned the former coach’s terrible 7-1 season opener around and recorded important wins over the New York Giants and Detroit Lions.

Jason Garrett was officially named head coach of the team on 6 January 2011. In his first three seasons, he fought for the division title and a role in the playoffs. He did not succeed on all three occasions, however, as he lost the last game of each season. His first title as head coach finally came when the Cowboys won the title of the 2014 NFC Eastern Conference.

In January 2015, Garrett put a $30 million contract on paper that would see him stay on as head coach of the Cowboys for another five years. The 2015 season was a poor season for the Cowboys by their own standards, in part due to injuries to their star quarterback Tony Romo.

They recovered the following season, however, giving Jason Garrett his best coaching record to date and a 13-3 lead in the NFC playoffs. At the end of the season, Jason, now the second-oldest head coach in the franchise’s history, was named NFL Coach of the Year 2016.

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Family: Parents, Siblings

The main boncho of the Dallas Cowboys comes from a large family. He has seven siblings from his parents Jim and Jane Garrett.

Jason comes from a family with a love of sports. His father Jim was a linebacker, fullback, and running back during his playing days. Jim, who also played for the New York Giants in the 1950s, enjoyed more success as a coach, especially in his two consecutive unbeaten seasons (1961 and 1962) as head coach of Susquehanna University. He was also successful as an assistant coach with the New York Giants, the New Orleans Saints and the Cleveland Browns. From 1987 to 2004 he was part of the Dallas Cowboys’ Scouting Division. Jim died on February 9, 2018, in the presence of his wife and all eight of his children.

Jason and the two brothers John and Judd followed in their father’s footsteps, then played and trained in the NFL. The three brothers were all on the roster of the Columbia University football team and later Princeton at the same time. In 2018, Judd joined the Dallas Cowboys as front office manager, while John is a coach at Lafayette College. Jason has another brother, Jim Garrett III, who is an English teacher. He also used to be a football coach at the University School of Hunting Valley.

Relationship With Jerry Jones

Garrett’s many years as head coach of the Cowboys is proof of his close relationship with Jerry Jones. Jones is a successful American businessman who has also played high school and college football. He is best known for being the owner of the Dallas Cowboys. Jones, who bought the Cowboys for $140 million in 1989, brought Jason Garrett on board as head coach in 2011 and has built a strong relationship with him ever since.

Jones has always stood behind Garrett in good times and bad, especially after a terrible 2017 season that began with high expectations. When fans and critics demanded Jason’s head, Jerry gave the coach his trust and kept him on for the 2018 season.