Keegan Hawk, Tony Hawk Son: His Wiki, Disability, College
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Keegan Hawk, son of legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk, is carving his path beyond the skatepark. Exploring photography and embracing adventure, Keegan’s journey reflects a departure from his father’s legacy, yet rooted in similar passion and determination.

Hook’s father Tony is a professional skateboarder, businessman, and owner of Birdhouse Skateboards. He is often credited with pioneering modern vertical skateboarding.

Keegan’s father is considered one of the most influential skateboarders of all time. While Tony’s eldest son has followed in his father’s footsteps, Keegan seems to be shifting his interest from skateboarding to something else.

Key Takeaways:

  • Keegan Hawk, son of skateboarding icon Tony Hawk, has diversified his interests beyond skateboarding.
  • He’s passionate about photography, video games, and mountaineering.
  • Currently focusing on honing his photography skills, Keegan attends college in Seattle.
  • Despite his famous lineage, Keegan prefers a low-key lifestyle, balancing family time and personal pursuits.

As A Kid, Keegan Hawk Loved Playing Minecraft And Spore

Keegan Hawk was born on 17 July, 2001 in San Diego, California. He attended private school. It was difficult for him to make friends at school as a child because all the kids wanted to talk to him just so they could meet his father.

Hawk is the second son of Tony and his ex-wife, Erin. He has a brother Spencer Hawk, half-brothers Riley and Hudson, and a half-sister Cadence, Clover Hawk.

Keegan Hawk started skating at a young age. In an interview he said that there was never a specific stage when he started roller-skating, “but it was always there for me”. There was always a skate park in his backyard. He recalled how his father and his friends made him a pinata when he was only five years old.

He also mentioned that he played a lot of Minecraft as a child. Keegan was also very keen on playing Spore, a real-time life simulation strategy god game, which he started playing again in his early 20s. He also grew up playing Runescape and following Ice Poseidon.

What Does Keegan Hawk Do Now?

For a while, it looked like Keegan Hawk had decided to follow in his father’s footsteps. However, he has hardly tested his interest in the competitive spectrum, although there have been several videos in which he seems to be taking the cycling business quite seriously. He prefers the standard ground stuff like ledge rails but occasionally wants to try his hand on the big ramp.

In addition to being a somewhat casual skateboarder, he also does photography and a bunch of other cool stuff. Fans have noticed that he often skateboards with his father and close friends.

At the moment, as you can see from his social networks, he seems to be focusing more on his photography skills. He spends his time between Seattle and San Diego, California. When it was reported in January 2020, Keegan announced that he was attending college in Seattle, studying photography in his first year of high school. His forte is mostly landscapes, but he used to shoot a lot of digital images mainly because he traveled a lot.

Keegan is also learning film photography. He explained to Misfits that he might try to build a strong portfolio in photography so that he can make a living out of it.

In the meantime, he is rediscovering old games like Scooby-Doo and We Sports Resorts. He also enjoys mountaineering and even considers himself a great mountaineer. Keegan is a big fan of Iceland.

Keegan Hawk’s father, Tony Hawk Had An IQ Of 144

As a child, Keegan’s father Tony Hawk had a “hyperactive” temperament and his mother claimed that he was “so hard on himself and expected so much of himself”. Once, a father of four struck out in a baseball game. His excitement made him hide in a ditch and later his father had to “physically persuade him to get out”.

Hok’s frustration with himself was so severe that his parents decided to have him psychologically evaluated. In the end, Tony’s IQ was 144, so school counselors recommended that he be placed in advanced classes.

His parents allowed him to take up skateboarding as an outlet for his excessive energy. Keegan’s father, Tony, developed his skills and at the age of 14, he became a professional skateboarder. He became the National Skateboarding Association World Champion for 12 consecutive years and bought his first house before completing his last year of high school.

Why Did Keegan’s Parents, Tony, And Erin Divorced Each Other? 

Keegan Hawk’s parents, Erin and Tony, married in 1996 and divorced in 2004. Hawk’s businessman father announced in April 2020 that his jet career was the main reason for every divorce, including the one with Erin.

He added that the most challenging factor in his relationship remained travel and prioritizing time, but admitted that every marriage was still “very different”. Hawk also blamed his past behavior, which he now claims to have been able to control, as a factor.

The 53-year-old specifically stated that his marriage to Erin broke down because of his travel commitments.

Keegan Hawk’s Older Half Brother Was A Stoner

Keegan Hawk’s older brother Riley, like all white American teenagers, made stoner rocks in his garage and was afraid of video girls with big balls. Unlike other rich stoners, he did things. That was in June 2013.

Riley even left his father’s company, Birdhouse, to ride for Baker and show he could make it on his own. In the early 2010s, Keegan’s older brother and his friends spent their days jamming and making rock music in their dad’s garage. However, he had no intention of becoming a professional musician with the band.

Far from those days, Hudson Riley Hawk, now 28, is a professional street skater. Tony’s first child turned professional in December 2013, on his 21st birthday. On the same day, he also became Skateboarder Magazine’s 2013 Amateur of the Year. He has sponsorship deals with companies such as Baker and Lakai.

Keegan Hawk’s half-brother Riley has also appeared in his father’s video game series Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 5, and Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater 1 + 2.

Keegan Hawk, Tony Hawk Son: His Wiki, Disability, College

Keegan’s Other Siblings; His Brother Is A Musician Called Gupi

Spenser and Keegan were Tony’s sons from his marriage to his ex-wife Erin. Keegan’s older brother Spenser, who is now 22, is an electronic music producer who releases music under the stage name Gupi.

After divorcing Keegan’s mother, the multiple X Games winner married Lhotse Merriam. During this relationship, Tony became a father to his only daughter Kadence Clover Hawk, who is now 12 years old.

The athlete-turned-businessman is now married to actress Kelly Goodman, who also has two sons from a previous marriage.

Keegan Hawk Found His Father’s Secret Tape

Keegan Hawk and Athlete’s father had a rather interesting incident. The son reportedly found his father’s sex tape in 2018. Keegan was 17 at the time and his father was out of town. He went into Tony’s room to look for his phone charger. Instead, he noticed a strange yellow glow coming from the top of the chest of drawers. After staring at it for a while, he found a torn VHS tape floating around.

What Keegan initially thought was a video of his father skateboarding turned out to be the biggest shock. Moreover, they even went so far as to invite their friends to watch the VHS.

However, he was shocked when he played the tape and discovered that it showed his father doing adult business with some ladies. Shortly after, news of Birdman’s incident spread like wildfire on social media. Tony was in England at the time to take part in several advertising campaigns. It took him by surprise when he heard about his son’s discovery.

Keegan Appeared On Family Feud

Keegan Hawk appeared on Steve Harvey’s show Family Feud with his star father Tony and the rest of the family. Keegan, who was fourteen at the time, scored 71 points in a segment called Fast Money. Later, working with his father, he won a $25,000 cash prize.

Tony and his son Keegan often spend a lot of time with each other. Together they enjoy surfing, skiing, rock climbing, and, of course, ice skating.

He Ended Up Cutting The Top Of His Index Finger (Right Hand)

Like his father, Keegan had to be taken to A&E after he suffered a skateboard-related injury. Hawk’s third child 2018 guillotined the top of his index finger. While performing a stunt, the now youngster fell backward and sat on his board with his arm underneath. Keegan says the doctor sewed the finger back on, but he still feels numbness in the area.

The 20-year-old also mentioned another incident when he hit his finger and it turned blue for about four months. He said that after a while the nail “eventually fell off”.

At 2, Keegan Hawk Gave His Father, Tony A Hell Of A Scare 

In May 2010, veteran skateboarder Tony Hawk recounted an incident when one of his children gave him the biggest scare of his life. Recalling the moment, Hawk said he had just left his home office to find his youngest son Keegan, who was two at the time, dancing on a chair.

Hawk added that he was holding an ice pick and a kitchen knife. He put a light bulb in his mouth. And he was standing on a chair that was on the kitchen counter.

The father of four said he had learned that parenting is a great active sport. And he knows extreme sports. He has also seen his eldest son, Riley, break both elbows – twice.


What are Keegan Hawk’s current passions and pursuits?

Keegan Hawk has shifted his focus from skateboarding to photography, attending college in Seattle to pursue his passion. He also enjoys video games, mountaineering, and spending time with his family.

Who is Keegan Hawk?

Keegan Hawk is the son of legendary skateboarder Tony Hawk and his second wife, Erin Lee. He was born on July 17, 2001, in San Diego, California.

Does Keegan Hawk have any siblings?

Yes, Keegan has two biological siblings: brother Spencer Hawk and sister Riley Hawk. He also has three half-brothers: Riley Hawk (from Tony’s first marriage) Hudson and Cadence Hawk (from Tony’s fourth marriage).

Did Keegan grow up in the spotlight?

While Keegan wasn’t constantly in the media spotlight, being Tony Hawk’s son naturally brought some attention. He has mentioned in interviews that he sometimes struggled to make friends as a child because other kids were more interested in meeting his dad.

Did Keegan follow in his father’s footsteps and become a professional skateboarder?

Keegan did take up skateboarding at a young age, but he has not pursued it professionally. He enjoys skating for fun and has mentioned that the pressure of living up to his father’s legacy was a factor in his decision not to pursue it competitively.

What are some of Keegan’s other interests?

Keegan is a multi-talented individual with a diverse range of interests. He enjoys photography, playing video games, and mountaineering. He has also expressed interest in pursuing photography as a potential career path.

Where did Keegan go to school?

It is not publicly known which specific schools Keegan attended due to privacy concerns. However, it is mentioned that he went to a private school during his childhood.

Did Keegan go to college?

There is no publicly available information confirming whether Keegan attended college after high school.
Personal Life and Future

Is Keegan Hawk married?

Keegan’s current relationship status is not publicly known. He generally keeps his personal life private.

What are Keegan’s plans?

Keegan has expressed interest in exploring various opportunities, including photography and entrepreneurship. He hasn’t revealed any specific plans for the future, but it’s clear he’s pursuing his passions and exploring different avenues.

How is Keegan similar to his father?

Both Keegan and Tony share a passion for action sports and creative pursuits. They are both known for being adventurous and determined individuals.

How is Keegan different from his father?

While both father and son are talented, their paths diverge. Keegan chose not to pursue professional skateboarding like Tony, and they have different interests and passions outside of sports.

What is Keegan Hawk’s net worth?

estimates suggest Keegan’s net worth could be around $2.5 million, although it’s important to remember that net worth estimations can be inaccurate.

Does Keegan Hawk have any social media presence?

Keegan maintains a low profile on social media and does not have any public accounts with significant activity.

What kind of skateboard does Keegan Hawk use?

The specific brand and model of skateboard Keegan uses is not publicly known.

Has Keegan appeared in any Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games?

No, Keegan has not been featured in any of the Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater video games.

Does Keegan Hawk participate in any skateboarding competitions?

Keegan does not compete professionally in skateboarding, but he may occasionally participate in casual skating events or competitions for fun.

Does Keegan Hawk have any disabilities?

There is no publicly available information about Keegan having any disabilities.

Has Keegan Hawk ever spoken publicly about disabilities?

As Keegan keeps his personal life private, he has not openly discussed any potential disabilities in interviews or public statements.

What degree did Keegan Hawk get?

Keegan’s college attendance and any potential degrees earned are not publicly available.

What major did Keegan Hawk choose in college?

Since it is not confirmed whether Keegan attended college, details about his major are also unknown.