hearing loss? Gwen Stefani almost had to give up her career!
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That must have been a shock! Gwen Stefani (53) experienced a bad moment a few years ago that almost led to the singer losing his hearing. Her husband Blake Shelton (46) revealed that he was on a plane with her in 2017 when the air pressure in the cabin suddenly became so unbearable that his wife almost burst her eardrums. Now Blake is more detailed about the scare moment!

Blake Shelton
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Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, the country music singer said: “It really felt like a ‘pop’ – and it almost blew her eardrums. I honestly don’t understand how that can even happen.” The 46-year-old also admits: “I don’t understand how it can heal either. But Gwen says she can hear normally again now. She’s fine.” The situation on the plane was pretty scary, however, Blake admits.

Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani

The singer and his wife have been married since 2021, and the couple met on the US edition of The Voice in 2015. Both have worked as coaches on the show for many seasons.