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Han So-hee Age, Height, Films, Awards, Family, Net Worth

Han So-hee Age, Height, Films, Awards, Family, Net Worth
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Han So-hee Age, Height, Films, Awards, Family, Net Worth: Han So-hee, originally named Lee So-hee and born on November 18, 1994, is an incredibly gifted actress and model from South Korea, whose exceptional performances and undeniable charm have enthralled audiences.

Han So-hee has emerged as a promising talent in the Korean entertainment industry, captivating audiences worldwide with her humble beginnings and rapid rise. In this article, we will explore the details of the Han So-hee Age, Height, Films, Awards, Family, and Net Worth.

Han So-hee, born in Ulsan, South Korea, studied at Ulsan Girls’ High School and Ulsan High School of Arts. Her early exposure to the vibrant world of creativity laid a solid foundation for her future endeavors in the entertainment industry.

Han So-hee’s foray into the world of entertainment commenced with a noteworthy appearance in SHINee’s “Tell Me What To Do” music video in 2016. Shortly after, she made her acting debut in the television drama “Reunited Worlds” in 2017, where she portrayed a minor role.

It was in the same year that she gained her first major breakthrough, securing significant roles in the popular series “Money Flower” and “100 Days My Prince.” These performances showcased her innate talent and versatility, capturing the attention of both viewers and industry insiders.

With her rising popularity, Han So-hee continued to challenge herself, gradually transitioning into lead roles. In 2018, Han So-hee appeared in KBS2’s “After The Rain” and had a notable role in Roy Kim’s “The Hardest Part.” However, it was her acclaimed performance in the 2020 drama “The World of the Married” that catapulted her career.

Portraying the character of Yeo Da-Kyung, a young mistress entangled in a complex web of relationships, Han So-hee delivered a riveting performance that resonated deeply with the audience.

The drama’s immense success further solidified her status as a rising star and garnered her widespread recognition both domestically and internationally.

Han So-hee’s talent and versatility extend beyond the realm of television dramas. In 2021, she showcased her acting prowess once again in the JTBC romance drama “Nevertheless,” where she portrayed the complex character of Yoo Na-bi.

Han So-hee’s nuanced portrayal of love and relationships captivated both viewers and critics. In the same year, she embraced a challenging role in the Netflix original crime-action drama “My Name,” portraying a vengeance-driven woman after her father’s murder.

Han So-hee’s ability to immerse herself in diverse roles highlights her dedication to her craft and serves as a testament to her immense talent.

In addition to her captivating performances in television dramas, Han So-hee also made a memorable appearance in the four-episode Disney+ mini-series “Soundtrack #1” in 2022. Her versatility and magnetic screen presence shone once again, captivating audiences and further expanding her ever-growing fan base.

Han So-hee’s journey from a supporting character to a leading actress has been nothing short of remarkable. With unwavering commitment, exceptional talent, and a knack for bringing characters to life, Han So-hee has become a formidable presence in the Korean entertainment industry. With each project, Han So-hee continues to captivate audiences and leaves an indelible mark on the hearts of viewers worldwide.

Han So-hee Age

Born on November 18, 1994, Han So-hee is currently 28 years old as of July 2023. Originating from Ulsan, South Korea, she initiated her career as a model in 2016. Her acting journey commenced with the television series “Money Flower” in 2017, and she subsequently garnered acclaim through her roles in highly regarded dramas such as “The World of the Married,” “Nevertheless,” and “My Name.”

Han So-hee Height

Han So-hee’s 5’5″ (1.65 m) stature often leads to misconceptions of her being taller, attributable to her elongated legs and slender physique. Renowned for her model-like proportions, she boasts a figure measuring 32-24-35.

Han So-hee’s height has been a source of discussion among fans, with some people saying that she is shorter than she appears in photos. However, her agency has confirmed that her height is 5’5″.

Han So-hee’s height has not hindered her successful career in any manner. As one of the most acclaimed actresses in South Korea, she has delivered remarkable performances in numerous hit dramas. Interestingly, her height has even played to her advantage, allowing her to portray characters with inherent elegance and grace.

Han So-hee Films

Han So-hee has appeared in several notable films and television dramas throughout her career. One of her breakthrough roles was in the popular drama series “The World of the Married,” where she portrayed the complex character of Yeo Da-kyung. Her portrayal earned critical acclaim and brought her widespread recognition.

In addition to her television work, Han So-hee has also showcased her acting prowess in films. She starred in “The 8th Night” and “Idol” and left a lasting impression with her performances.


Han So-hee’s exceptional talent has been acknowledged through various awards and nominations. For her role in “The World of the Married,” she received the Excellence Award at the 2020 APAN Star Awards and the 2020 Asia Artist Awards. Her nuanced performance in the drama garnered praise from both critics and audiences alike.

Han So-hee Family

Han So-hee, born in Ulsan, South Korea, was raised by her grandmother after her parents divorced when she was young. Her close bond with her grandmother serves as her inspiration and role model.

Han So-hee has chosen to keep her father’s details private and has expressed her desire to protect her family’s privacy, preferring not to discuss them openly.

Despite personal challenges, Han So-hee has become a highly popular and versatile actress in South Korea. Known for her ability to portray complex characters, she is also making waves in the fashion industry with notable campaigns for brands like Dior and Celine.

Han So-hee, a talented and hardworking actress, has achieved remarkable success in a short time, inspiring others with her story of limitless possibilities through determination.

Net Worth

His estimated net worth falls between $1 million to $5 million, primarily accumulated through her prosperous acting and modeling career. Renowned for her roles in hit Korean dramas such as “The World of the Married,” “Nevertheless,” and “My Name,” she has also engaged in various commercial ventures and endorsement agreements.

In 2021, Han So-hee rose to fame and fortune as a beloved and top-earning South Korean actress, earning an estimated $1.5 million annually.

Han So-hee is expected to continue to earn more money in the future. She has several upcoming projects, including the Netflix series “Gyeongseong Creature” and the Disney+ series “Soundtrack#1.” She is also rumored to be in talks to star in a Hollywood film.

Han So-hee’s journey from a budding actress to an international sensation is a testament to her incredible talent, hard work, and dedication. With her impressive filmography, accolades, and rising net worth, Han So-hee continues to captivate audiences with her magnetic performances and versatility on-screen.

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