Get to know Stan Walker: Biography Age Career Net Worth Height Relationship & More

Stan Walker is a famous singer actor and TV personality from New Zealand but he was actually born in Australia. In 2009 he won the seventh season of Australian Idol and got a contract with Sony Music Australia to record music.

In the last 10 years, Stan Walker has become very popular and many people in New Zealand love and respect him. He has been admired for his Maori heritage his love for his culture his sense of humor his kindness and his happy attitude toward life. This has even inspired other musicians and actors.

Stan Walker is a very successful artist in New Zealand. He has achieved a lot in many different areas such as music television and acting. He has won many awards for his music including eight gold singles five platinum singles one double platinum single and one triple platinum single.

During his career, Stan Walker was nominated for eight New Zealand Music Awards and five ARIA Music Awards. He won the Waiata Māori Award for Radio Airplay Record of the Year in 2010 and he won five more times in 2011. From 2013 to 2015 he won three consecutive times.

Stan Walker’s Biography

Stan Walker is a 32-year-old singer actor and TV personality who was born on October 23 1990 in Australia. He won the seventh season of Australian Idol in 2009 and later signed a recording contract with Sony Music Australia.

In December 2009 Stan Walker launched his first music album Introducing Stan Walker. It had a famous song called “Black Box”. The album became a huge success. It ranked third on the Australian ARIA Albums Chart and became platinum. In New Zealand, it got second place on the music charts and became triple platinum.

Stan Walker released his second album From the Inside Out in 2010. This album included hit songs like “Unbroken” and “Choose You”. It became number one on the New Zealand Albums Chart and number two on the ARIA Albums Chart.

Stan Walker came out with his third album Let the Music Play in November 2011. The album included the hit single “Loud”. It reached number 18 on the ARIA Albums Chart and number 12 in New Zealand. He has won five New Zealand Music Awards and has been nominated for five ARIA Music Awards.

Stan Walker a singer-actor and TV personality was a judge on The X Factor NZ in 2013 and 2015. He acted in the New Zealand movies Mt Zion and Born to Dance. His latest album Te Arohanui was released on 17 September 2021 and is his first album in te reo Māori.

Stan Walker was born in Melbourne Australia to Ross and April Walker and he has ancestors from Tūhoe Ngai Te Rangi and Ngāti Porou who are Māori tribes in New Zealand. He grew up on a marae on Mount Maunganui in New Zealand and he went to Fairfield Intermediate Hamilton Boys’ High School and New Plymouth Boys’ High School.

“Rewrite this text with simple language and using active voice so that 5th graders can understand” Stan Walker compares his own life in the 1994 New Zealand film Once Were Warriors to that of an urban Māori family and its struggles with poverty alcoholism and domestic violence. His father was repeatedly imprisoned for beating his five children including his wife April and Walker. This led him to smoke and steal. He also said he had been sexually abused by his relatives for nine months and his parents were drug dealers and both had served time in prison for drug crimes.

When Stan Walker was 15 years old he started going to church after hearing a girl talk about her own struggles. He says that his love for music and the church helped him to become a better person. After some difficult times, Stan and his family moved back to Australia and lived in Coolangatta Queensland.

Stan Walker’s girlfriend had a miscarriage and they lost their baby in 2009. He had planned to name her Ataawa which means “beautiful” in Maori and even had her name tattooed on his neck. Before he joined Australian Idol he worked as a salesman at a men’s clothing store in Coolangatta. Moving to Australia helped him overcome his shame and pursue his entertainment career.

Stan Walker’s Nationality

Stan Walker was born in Australia but grew up in New Zealand.

Stan Walker’s Net Worth

Stan Walker has earned a lot of money from his music and acting career. In 2023 he is estimated to have $2.5 million in his bank account. He earns between $23.6K – $34.4K regularly.

Where is Stan Walker from?

Stan Walker is from a place called Melbourne in Australia. Melbourne is a city located on the coast of southeastern Australia. The city has a modern area called Federation Square which has open spaces bars and restaurants next to a river called the Yarra River.

How old is Stan Walker?

Stan Walker is a singer actor and TV personality from Australia who was born on October 23, 1990. He is currently 32 years old.

Stan Walker’s Height & Weight

Stan Walker is 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs 71 kilos. When he found out he had cancer he weighed 88 kilos but then gained weight to 102 kilos before the surgery. After the surgery, he lost 36 kilos and weighed only 66 kilos which are very little for his height. Now he has gained some weight back and weighs 71 kilos but it’s still 15 kilos less than his usual weight.

Stan Walker’s Education

Stan Walker went to Hamilton Boys’ High School Fairfield Intermediate School and Byron Bay High School as a student.

Stan Walker’s Career

Stan Walker is a famous singer actor and TV star. He sings really well and has won many awards both in New Zealand and around the world. He also appears on TV shows and was a judge on The X Factor NZ. In addition to singing and acting, he starred in two New Zealand movies: Mt Zion and Born to Dance.

Stan Walker’s Marital Status

Stan Walker is married to his girlfriend Lou Tyson. Lou Tyson is a model and TV presenter who hosted a show called 2kaha on TV2. She finished her studies in Business Administration and Accounting in August 2015 and signed with 62 Models agency. Lou and Stan started dating in October 2013.

Stan Walker’s Family & Siblings

Stan Walker has been open about the struggles he faced during his childhood. He had a difficult upbringing due to his parent’s involvement in drugs which caused him to resort to smoking and stealing. He also shared that he had been sexually abused by some of his relatives for a period of nine months.

Despite these challenges, Stan was raised alongside his four siblings including his brother Russ Walker. His father had a history of domestic violence and was imprisoned multiple times for physically abusing his family members including Stan’s mother and his five children.

Why is Stan Walker famous?

Stan Walker became famous in New Zealand after he won the Australian Idol competition in 2009. Ever since then, he has become very well-known.

Stan Walker’s Children

Stan Walker and his wife Lou Tyson have shared that they are going to have another baby. This means that their son Te Puuwairua will be a big brother and they will have two children.

Stan Walker’s Social Media

Stan Walker’s social media name is @stanwalker on Instagram and @1stanwalker on Twitter.