Fort Hood Soldier Killed: Meet Alejandra Ruiz Zarco the Mother of Ana Basaldua Ruiz
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Fort Hood Soldier Killed: Meet Alejandra Ruiz Zarco the Mother of Ana Basaldua Ruiz: Alejandra Ruiz Zarco who is the mother of Ana Basaldua Ruiz said that her daughter was sexually harassed one week before she died.

Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz was 20 years old and worked as a combat engineer in the 1st Cavalry Division at Fort Hood Texas. Sadly she was found dead on March 13.

There is uncertainty surrounding the cause of death of the 20-year-old girl, but a prevalent belief among many is that it was suicide.

An investigation is being conducted by the police to determine the events, and the family of the girl is cooperating with the investigation. Her mother said that she wasn’t feeling well before she died.

The girl’s family has shared some new information but we still don’t know for sure what caused her death. The investigation is still happening and we need to wait for more information.

Meet Alejandra Ruiz Zarco: The Mother of Ana Basaldua Ruiz

Ana Basaldua had a mom named Alejandra Ruiz Zarco who has been speaking up for her daughter. Ana was only 20 years old when she died on March 13, 2023.

Ana’s mom Alejandra said in an interview with Noticias Telemundo that Ana was sexually harassed by some people she worked with including a boss before she died. Ana’s family including her mom thinks that the sexual harassment she experienced at work might have caused her to take her own life if that’s what happened.

Ana’s dad Baldo Basaldua talked to her on Saturday. During their conversation, Ana told him that she was feeling very unhappy and wanted to die. She said that everything in her life felt wrong. Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz told her mom that she was being harassed but she didn’t say what was making her uncomfortable.

We don’t know if Ana told anyone in charge at Fort Hood about the harassment she was experiencing during the 15 months she worked there. We hope that we will find out exactly what happened to Ana after more investigation into her death.

Ana’s mom Alejandra Ruiz Zarco and dad Baldo Basaldua are working hard to make sure that Ana gets the justice she deserves.

Ana Basaldua Ruiz’s Death at Fort Hood

A 20-year-old soldier named Ana Fernanda Basaldua Ruiz passed away and it looks like it was a suicide at Fort Hood military base.

Ana’s parents say that she was treated badly by some people at the base including being sexually harassed and abused.

It is thought that Ana may have died by suicide but we don’t know for sure yet. People are still investigating to find out exactly what happened to her. Ana was a soldier who worked as a combat engineer for 15 months. Her parents were proud of her and kept in touch with her during her service.

Ana spoke differently a week before she died and said that she was not feeling okay. People started talking about how Ana’s death reminded them of Vanessa Guillen’s murder at Fort Hood the previous year. Vanity Fair says that in 2020 there were 39 deaths at Fort Hood. These included 13 suicides five murders and 11 cases that still need to be figured out. People are still investigating these deaths.

Let me give it a try: “It is important that people pay attention to what happened to Ana at Fort Hood. This way we can make sure that similar problems are dealt with and that everyone is safe and treated fairly.” The military is in charge of keeping their soldiers safe and happy. They have to fix any problems with bullying harassment or violence that happen at Fort Hood.

Ana’s family is receiving a lot of love and support from people who are sending prayers and kind messages to them. It is making them feel better during this difficult time.