Explained: The Scandal TikTok Video of Marlene La Puñetona

Explained: The Scandal TikTok Video of Marlene La Puñetona
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Explained: The Scandal TikTok Video of Marlene La Puñetona: The video of Marlene La Puñetona that became really popular on social media is not available anymore. But lots of people are still talking about it and sharing it online. Marlene La Puetona is a popular social media star who has lots of fans on TikTok and Instagram. People like her because she’s fun pretty and makes interesting videos.

Marlene has become really popular on TikTok and lots of people have shared short videos of her using hashtags like #lapuetona and #puetona. But there’s some scandal involved in how she became famous so quickly.

The Controversial Viral TikTok Video of Marlene La Puñetona

At first, Marlene’s fans thought that her dancing videos were the ones that became really popular. But it turns out that the video that got famous is not very nice to watch and a lot of people who saw it didn’t like it. They were wondering why someone would post something like that on the internet for everyone to see.

Some people who haven’t watched the video are curious to know why it’s causing controversy and why people are criticizing Marlene Santana. Sources say that Marlene’s video shows her doing something private with a man but we don’t know who he is yet. It’s also not clear who posted the video but it became very popular on social media.

However, the video was removed from social media and it’s hard to find now. Some people who haven’t seen it yet are looking for a way to watch it. Even though the video was taken off social media lots of people have already downloaded it and are sharing it secretly. They know that what they’re doing is not allowed on the internet. People are using different words to search for videos online.

Meet Marlene La Puñetona: The TikTok Star Who Became Famous

Marlene is famous for her TikTok account where she posts short videos of herself doing things like lip-syncing dancing and making jokes.

Marlene collaborates with famous creators like AdamRayOkay to make funny videos for her fans. She’s also a professional model and shares pictures of clothes and accessories on Instagram.

Marlene was born on October 18 1995 which means she’s 27 years old. She’s Mexican and lots of people like her because of her lip-syncing videos on apps like TikTok. TikTok is where she makes most of her money and became famous.

We don’t know much about Marlene’s Instagram account yet but we’re trying to find out more. The original unedited video that made her famous is not available anymore. But some short videos and pictures can still be found on social media sites like YouTube.

We don’t know who posted the video or when it was made but it became very popular on the internet very quickly and lots of people saw it. As we said before the video was removed. But some people on TikTok saw this as a chance to make their own videos using short parts of the famous video to lip-sync to.

Lots of people are curious about the man who was in the video with Marlene. Some people think he’s her boyfriend while others think he’s just a friend. But we don’t know for sure who he is yet.