Ennid Wong joins the fight between Karely Ruiz and Yanet García for the reign of OnlyFans in Mexico

Ennid Wong joins the fight to become the queen of OnlyFans in Mexico. Both Karely Ruiz and Yanet García have millions of followers on their networks, who enjoy the content they release. Something that has made them the most successful women on the adult content platform, Now Ennid has gained popularity for her slender figure, but also for showing her love for the UANL Tigers on several occasions, which has generated more interest. among the fans of the Monterrey team.

Ennid is succeeding on Onlyfans so much so that there are many followers who have proposed she has a date with the content creator, who revealed the enormous amount of money she has been offered. ” The last time they offered me $10,000. It was the last thing. You know what you’re going for. I’m not going to tell you stories,” she revealed in an interview with Erick Fematt Rodríguez, better known on social networks as La Mole.

The video did not take long to go viral, mainly on TikTok, where several users spoke about it with comments such as ” With that, I buy a car and many other things ” or “10 thousand dollars? I don’t know, Rick”.