Does Loisa Andalio Have A Tattoo? Parents Family And Net Worth

Does Loisa Andalio Have A Tattoo? Parents Family And Net Worth: Loisa Andalio Tattoo has been the topic of fan speculation as the actress effortlessly flaunts her beautiful tattoos on her social media handles.

Loisa Andalio’s torso is covered in minimalist tattoos. Her flawless figure is enhanced by minimalist tattoos.

Tattoos can be figurative symbolic or ornamental. Many tattoos are religious and spiritual symbols as well as adornments of bravery love and vows.

As a result, let’s take a short look at Loisa’s lovely tattoos and the meanings behind them.

Does Loisa Andalio Have A Tattoo?

Loisa’s Instagram profile features photos and selfies of her stunning tattoos. She has two tiny tattoos on her shoulder as well as a nice graffiti on the side of her chest.

Tattoos aren’t just for show. People buy them because they have a special meaning for them and some engrave them to demonstrate their sincere affection for their special person or pets.

Similarly, Loisa has two tattoos of her chow’s paw prints on her arm. Ronnie her partner gave her the pet.

Dax is the name of her dog. The pair named their puppy Ronnie after the character from the film Fantastica. The actress frequently posts adorable pictures of her dogs on Instagram.

Who Is Loisa Andolia? Parents Family Explored

Loisa Andalio is a gifted Filipino artist who works in the entertainment business. She is a dancer vocalist and actress.

Her parents Leonardo Q. Andalio and Sandie F. Andalio gave birth to her on April 21, 1999. However, there is little information available about her parents.

The actress has kept her parents out of the spotlight in order to shield them from stalkers and paparazzi.

In terms of her romantic life, Loisa has been in a partnership with her partner Ronnie Alonte.

The pair initially kept their relationship private. They are now more open about being a pair and sharing a YouTube channel.

If you want to meet the showbiz highlight pair go to the LoiNieTV YouTube channel and click the Subscribe button. They post videos in which they address fan questions as well as clips from their everyday lives and candid conversations.

In April 2014 Andolia began her journey in the entertainment industry as a contestant on the Philippine television show Pinoy Big Brother. She appeared on the program as a housemate.

The actress made her acting d├ębut as Hazel in the TV series The Good Son. In the Primetime series, My Heart Andalio portrayed Agatha Estanislao the sister of Bela Padilla’s character.

She joined the sing-and-dance girl ensemble 3G in 2013. Similarly, the actress was a member of the Girl Trends girl dance ensemble.

How Much Is The Net Worth Of Loisa Andalio?

Loisa Andalio has a net worth of roughly $17.5 million according to NetWorth. Her money stems from her work as a reality star and actress.

Loisa is not only an actress but also an ABS-CBN music artist. The song “Sasahan Kita” was released in 2018. Loisa also sings cover tunes and plays the guitar.

Loisa used her savings from the show business to construct a home for her family. Loisa has been working nonstop in the entertainment business since leaving PBB’s housemate in 2014.

She has been featured in a number of films including Fantastica and Crazy Beautiful You as well as a number of television shows including The General’s Daughter Good Boy and My Dear Heart.

Loisa eventually purchased a home for herself and her family after years of hard work as an actress and brand ambassador.

Loisa explains in a YouTube video that she worked on each part of the house separately based on how many “rockets” landed. She also mentioned it in an Instagram post.