Dissecting Lil Wayne’s Most Distinguishing Traits, His Baby Mamas and A List of Women He Has Dated
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Dwayne Michael Carter, popularly known as Lil Wayne, has had a good run in his musical career so far. The talented rapper can pride himself on winning 5 Grammy Awards, 4 Billboard Music Awards, 11 BET Awards, 16 BET Hip Hop Awards, 4 Soul Train Music Awards, 2 MTV Video Music Awards, and an American Music Award.

In this article, however, we will shift our focus from the widely acclaimed career of the rapper sterling to some of the characteristics that distinguish him from every crowd. We will also cover Lil Wayne’s dating history, and the women ended up as baby mamas for him. Read on!

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Why Is Lil Wayne Different From Most Music Artists?

To answer the question of Lil Wayne’s most outstanding feature, his teeth would not be left out, as the rapper’s teeth are said to be encrusted with gold and diamonds worth about $150,000! It is also common knowledge that Lil Wayne never shrinks from showing off his teeth as if it were an achievement.

Dissecting Lil Wayne’s Most Distinguishing Traits, His Baby Mamas and A List of Women He Has Dated

Another distinguishing feature of the award-winning rapper is his long dreadlocks. Wayne has been heavily criticized for why he wears his hair like that, but he has not paid attention to such conversations. More than that, the talented singer doesn’t pay attention to his fashion style, as he is often seen bare-breasted with jeans and enough jewelry on his body during his daily activities.

The Long List of Lil Wayne’s Girlfriends & Baby Mamas

Lil Wayne is no stranger to drama and controversy, but he sets a good example when it comes to his family – by that we mean his baby mamas and his children. So far it is known that he takes very good care of his four children and that he maintains a warm relationship with their mothers when he raises them. His baby mamas and some of the women he has dated are listed below.

Antonia Johnson

Antonia, popularly known as Toya, was the crush of Lil Wayne in the nineties. Toya is known throughout America as a TV personality and rapper. She also has business interests in New Orleans and Georgia. Also, this young lady is an accomplished writer, many of whose works have already appeared in print.

Dissecting Lil Wayne’s Most Distinguishing Traits, His Baby Mamas and A List of Women He Has Dated

Toya and Wayne have been officially together since 1996, and she was just 12 years old at the time, and when she was 14, she became pregnant. Lil Wayne welcomed his first child and his first daughter, Reginae Carter, on November 29, 1998.

Fortune favored the young lovers a few years after their daughter was born with Dwayne’s rise to fame. The couple closed the wedding knot on February 14, 2004, which coincided with Valentine’s Day. Barely two years after the marriage, however, they parted ways, citing personal differences, but a few years later Toya revealed that the reason for the end of their marriage was the strain that Lil Wayne’s career placed on their marriage.

Sarah Vivian

Dissecting Lil Wayne’s Most Distinguishing Traits, His Baby Mamas and A List of Women He Has Dated

Not much is known about Sarah Vivian except that she is a radio station who ended up as one of Lil Wayne’s baby mamas. Vivian gave birth to Dwayne III on October 22, 2008. The radio station has managed to stay out of the limelight since her birth, although it was discovered that she and Wayne have a very good relationship.

Lauren Nicole London

Lauren is quite popular in the United States after her appearance on the widely acclaimed television show called 902010. Other notable films and television appearances by the American actress include ATL, The Game, and Entourage. This television personality was in a back and forth relationship with Lil Wayne for some time but eventually gave birth to a son they named Kameron Carter on September 9, 2009.

Dissecting Lil Wayne’s Most Distinguishing Traits, His Baby Mamas and A List of Women He Has Dated

In solidarity with his love for Nicole, the talented rapper added a few lines about her to some of his tracks. Lauren, on the other hand, still claims that Lil Wayne remains a dear friend to her, even though the relationship didn’t work out.

Nivea Hamilton

Hamilton is a widely acclaimed singer, best known for her hit Don’t Mess with My Man, which was nominated for a Grammy Award. In February 2002, she began dating the star rapper and on December 11th of the same year, they became engaged. In a twist of events, however, Lil Wayne broke off the engagement sometime in August of the following year.

Nivea moved on after the separation from Lil Wayne and married Terius Nash in 2004, but the marriage only lasted a few years as they were divorced in 2007. The marriage between Nash and Nivea produced three children – a girl called Navy Talia Nash and twin boys called Christian and London Nash.

Nivea Hamilton

Shortly after her divorce, Nivea rekindled things between her and Lil Wayne, which led to the birth of Neal Carter on November 39, 2009. Sadly, their relationship ended barely a year after the birth of their son.

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Katrina ‘Trina’ Laverne Taylor

Trina is an American hip-hop artist and television personality who began dating Lil Wayne in 2005, and the relationship was a constant rollercoaster of emotions until its end. It was reported that at some point in the relationship they were engaged and Trina would have been one of the singer’s baby mamas, but unfortunately suffered a miscarriage.

Christina Milian

Christina Milian is an award-winning singer and songwriter who has topped the charts in Great Britain and the United States of America with several of her songs. Milian began dating the rap star in 2014 and broke up with him the following year. Their relationship was met with much criticism because their ex-partners were dating at the time.

Is Lil Wayne Married To La’Tecia Thomas?

There are rumors that La’ Tecia has a romantic relationship with the award-winning musician, and sometime in November 2019, the conversation room was flooded with the news that Lil Wayne had proposed to La’ Tecia. This news began to spread shortly after the Australian oversized model displayed a sparkling engagement ring on social media.

Well, we can’t say that this relationship could lead to marriage because Lil Wayne was engaged to the internet personality Dhea Sodano for 7 years, which did not lead to the altar. Regardless of this fact, we hope that he has found the right person and we will ring the wedding bells when the time comes.