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Dany Garcia Wiki, Bio, Relationship With Dwayne Johnson, Age, Net Worth

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Dany Garcia, the ex-wife of the WWE superstar who became actor Dwayne The Rock Johnson, is also the woman behind his million-dollar company. Before moving to Hollywood to manage Rock’s career, Garcia worked in finance and was deputy vice president at the prestigious Merrill Lynch.

Garcia has proven her versatility by becoming even more successful in the entertainment world. Under her leadership, The Rock’s net worth has grown exponentially. By 2016, he was the highest-paid actor in the world with an income of over $64 million.

Garcia is the CEO of Garcia Companies, a media management company, and Co-CEO of Seven Bucks Productions. Amazingly, she is also a professional bodybuilder. Here you will find everything you need to know about Dany Garcia.

Dany Garcia Wiki, Bio, Relationship With Dwayne Johnson, Age, Net Worth
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Dany Garcia Wiki/Bio/Age

Dany Garcia was born in New Jersey on November 29, 1968, the son of Cuban immigrants who struggled with the survival of their families. Garcia revealed that her mother entered the USA at the age of 16 and her father at 14. As a child who grew up in difficult circumstances, Garcia vowed to become a millionaire one day so that she could take proper care of her parents. Almost immediately, at the age of 12, Garcia began working towards her dream. She ran a barn in New Jersey, and in high school, where she was an active athlete, she still took the time to sell business suits.

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After graduating high school, Garcia was accepted to the University of Miami, Florida, where she met her fellow student Dwayne Johnson, who had a soccer scholarship. In college, Garcia continued to work as an athlete and worked hard to keep her dreams of being a millionaire alive.

In 1992, she graduated with an international marketing and finance degree. She immediately began working in the financial sector, rising to VP at Merrill Lynch and executive level at Pierce, Fenner & Smith. She also founded her own asset management company.

Dany Garcia Wiki, Bio, Relationship With Dwayne Johnson, Age, Net Worth

At the same time, she also took the time to advise Johnson, who had started a career in professional wrestling. She spoke with WWE leadership and executives and helped seal deals that would help make The Rock one of the indelible faces of the WWE franchise.

After leaving Merrill Lynch to become a full-time manager of The Rock, Garcia founded The Garcia Companies and Seven Bucks Productions.

Her production company, co-owned by Seven Bucks Productions with Johnson and founded in 2012, has already produced a number of notable films, including Baywatch (which was heavily criticized by critics but was a box-office hit), Jumanji, and the HBO television series Ballers. The company has more than 50 projects, including a re-launch of the cult film “Big Trouble in Little China” and a spin-off of the figure of rock in the film franchise The Fast and The Furious.

In addition to film and television, Seven Bucks has expanded its platform to lifestyle and digital technology by launching a YouTube channel that featured my The Rock.

In April 2016, Dany brought another big name under her media management, Man of Steel and Batman against Superman star Henry Cavill.


Garcia’s biography could not be complete without mentioning that she is perhaps the only female American businesswoman who is also a professional bodybuilder. She began pursuing the passion she cultivated as a teenager in 2011 at the age of 43, after being greatly encouraged by her current bodybuilder husband Dave Rienzi, whom she married in 2014.

Dany Garcia Bodybuilding

In her first national competition, she finished 7th out of 42 women. In 2014 she earned her professional card at the International Federation for Bodybuilding and Fitness (IFBB), an achievement she said left her tough teenage daughter in tears of joy.

Despite her love of bodybuilding, Garcia swore that she would not ignore her other interests, so she juggles between competitions and business meetings in Hollywood, and so far she’s doing really well.

Dany Garcia Net Worth

Dwayne Johnson’s 8-digit annual salaries are proof of how successful Garcia has become. Her dream of becoming a millionaire has come true thanks to her unwavering determination and hard work. “My family is happy and now well provided for,” she told Marie Claire about her once poor family. Dany Garcia is well placed with an estimated net worth of $70 million, a figure that is sure to rise if she continues at this pace.

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Dany Garcia Relationship With Dwayne Johnson

The divorce between Garcia and Johnson has been called one of the most consensual divorces in Hollywood. The couple, who met in college, married in 1997, about 5 years after Garcia left college.

In 2001 they welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Simone Alexandra Johnson, who aspires to become a WWE diva one day, if her father accepts.

Dany Garcia With Dwayne Johnson and Daughter

But if he doesn’t, she could spend screenplays for her film producer mum and actor dad to work with, as she is “very gifted in her writing skills” according to her mother.

The question the interviewers can’t help but ask Garcia is how she managed to stay successful as Johnson’s manager, even though she was married to him before. Garcia has given many answers in the past, often remarking that the divorce was very amicable.

The former CFO told Marie Claire in 2017 how she managed to work with Johnson as his ex-wife;

“Some people go through a separation, and there is no talk, and it’s a dark time, and one person goes away, but it was never us. We made this journey together. We wanted to change the nature of the relationship together. We talked every day, several times a day – not just about business, but about what was happening personally. We spent more than a year looking at the things that weren’t working in our marriage, the reasons for them, and making sure that these elements were clarified and settled and that we had a real understanding of respect. We gave ourselves space to know that there can be emotional outbursts when new people come into our lives. We said, “Okay, we are human, so we are going to work through this. But if you have this agreement that no one leaves the table, you can suddenly start working through it.

Amazingly, Garcia’s current bodybuilder husband Dave Rienzi is the personal trainer of The Rock. It can’t get any better than this in a Hollywood divorce.