Home Media personality CJ So Cool Age, Net Worth, House, Girlfriend, Kids, Quick Facts

CJ So Cool Age, Net Worth, House, Girlfriend, Kids, Quick Facts

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CJ So Cool is the online nickname of YouTube star Cordero J. Brady. Known for his quick and hilarious reactions to fashionable videos He never holds back his opinions. His content also includes his own original comedy videos and prank videos.

However, YouTube’s celebrity has faced strong criticism from his YouTuber’s colleagues who accused him of stealing the videos to which he reacts. He faced even worse criticism in May 2016 after downloading a video in which he intentionally fed his own children with laxatives and laughed at them when they started suffering from gastric disorders.

The YouTube comedian was obviously intended to “entertain” but viewers and in fact, the entire online community did not find him funny even from a distance. The video was followed by petitions from various quarters asking that the children be taken away from him.

CJ So Cool Age, Net Worth, House, Girlfriend, Kids, Quick Facts

Since the creation of his YouTube channel in 2014 he has suffered from hackers and some major recoveries. However, it has managed to maintain its relevance in the YouTube community and has accumulated more than 4.7 million subscribers and this number is no minor feat in the dynamic world of online entertainment.

CJ So Cool Bio, Age

He was born Cordero James Brady on March 29 1989 in Gary Indiana. He grew up in Las Vegas with his younger brother Anthony “Jinx” Brady who is also a YouTuber.

CJ So Cool Age, Net Worth, House, Girlfriend, Kids, Quick Facts

CJ So Cool started his career on YouTube very early while he was still in school. However, after so many years he only managed to collect about 35,000 views. He finally created another account in 2014 and with the help of his brother Anthony “Jinx” Brady he was able to improve its content.

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Before starting on YouTube CJ worked in a casino as a dealer in card games. However, when he started getting feedback from his recordings on YouTube he finally took up a full-time professional career on YouTube.

CJ So Cool Girlfriend, Kids

CJ So Cool currently has a long-time girlfriend named Charlene “Royalty” Johnson. Royalty as she is commonly known online regularly reports on the CJ channel. She is also an online personality in her own right with more than one million Instagram members.

CJ and Royalty met at Planet Hollywood Casino in Vegas long before he became famous on the Internet. She is credited with having played a major role in his rise to the top echelons of vlogging on YouTube.

CJ So Cool has a daughter named Camari from a previous relationship. Camari was born on November 6, 2011. The YouTube star also has three stepchildren, Leonidas, Karnation, and J’aaliyah, who are the children of the royal family from an earlier relationship.

Net Worth, House

For a regular social media user, numbers can only be used to build self-esteem. However, this is not the case for professionals. For a YouTube star like CJ So Cool, numbers are everything.

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In addition to making money by watching monetized videos on YouTube, he also makes money by sponsoring videos on his other popular social media channels. With millions of subscribers, viewers, and fans, CJ So Cool currently has an estimated net worth of $1.5 million.

Cj So cool House

YouTuber currently lives in Las Vegas with his family. The mansion is worthy of a celebrity because it extends over 4 acres with 12 bedrooms, 10 bathrooms, and 2 guest houses. He also owns several luxury cars among other assets. He is obviously living the dream and it is thanks to the fortune he has amassed online.


CJ So Cool was determined to find employment and applied for various positions at restaurants, including Chuck E Cheese and Denny’s. Despite the long shifts he worked, CJ maintained a positive attitude – using his natural wit and humor to entertain his colleagues.

CJ was inspired by his friends to pursue his dream of making people laugh, and so he created a YouTube channel on December 26th 2014. However, it wasn’t until some time later that CJ began actually posting videos on the platform.

Starting out, he began building playlists to watch at a later date. To ensure success in this venture, his first action was to gain knowledge of editing and recording. Fortunately for him, his younger brother Desmond Anthony Ladonn Brady (Jinx) had the necessary skillset that proved invaluable during this process.

CJ’s first foray into the world of YouTube was on June 22, 2015 when he uploaded his CJ Shoe Collection video. This video has since been viewed 800,000 times and established a strong foundation for him to build upon. However, it wasn’t until CJ released the Let Me Explain These Kids Vlog that he achieved true success with over 1 million views in less than one month after its release.

CJ’s brother, the Jinx, was a major influence on his older sibling when it came to content creation. After getting inspired by Jinx’s YouTube reaction videos, CJ decided to focus on similar content and saw an incredible surge in views within a short amount of time – going from thousands of views to hundreds of millions!

Quick Facts

The youtube star is very devoted to his family. Even if he made a mistake with the infamous joke where he put his children’s health at risk CJ So Cool turned out to be an enthusiastic father and a loving partner.

He is a YouTube addict who admits to being addicted to YouTube. Since he makes so much money on the platform why not?

CJ So Cool 1

CJ So Cool affectionately calls its millions of fans “Wolfpack”.

He suffered a major setback in 2015 when his YouTube account was hacked. However, he was not discouraged and took on the task of re-downloading old and new videos. CJ So Cool is really dedicated to his job!

CJ So Cool Contact details

James Brady, more commonly known as CJ So Cool, is a renowned American YouTuber. His channel consists of various types of videos including reaction videos to popular viral content, try not to laugh challenges and pranks as well as vlogs. CJ So Cool has become a household name due to his entertaining and engaging video content that continues to draw in viewers from around the world.

CJ So Cool, a YouTuber with highly sought-after contact information, was born in Gary, Indiana. Before becoming famous on YouTube he had worked as a dealer for casino games such as craps, blackjack and poker. He is also well known for his service in the United States Navy.

The popular YouTuber CJ So Cool has been listed in the category of top YouTubers with regard to contact details, due to regular searches for his phone number. While we have already provided this information, it is also beneficial to know about CJ So Cool’s social media handles. The details are as follows:

CJ So Cool House Address

CJ So Cool Address is 2654 W. Horizon edge Pkwy suit B5 – 137, Henderson, NV, United States, Nevada.

Quick Facts of Cordero James Brandy

Full NameCordero James Brandy
Date of Birth1989 /03 /29
NicknameCJ so Cool
Marital StatusMarried
BirthplaceUnited States of America
ProfessionYouTube Star and Social Media Personality
Active Year2010 to Present
Eye colorBlack
Hair colorBlack
SpouseRoyalty and Jinx
Height6 Feet
Online PresenceYoutube, Twitter, Facebook
Net Worth$400,000