Chimezie Metu Height, Weight, Body Measurements, Biography
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Nigerian-American basketball player Chimezie Metu, a second-round draft pick out from Southern California, has consistently produced excellent statistics since his time as a high school baller, where he was recognized as a four-star recruit. He continued his athletic and outstanding performance in college, where he played on the same team as Jordan McLaughlin. He averaged 12.3 points and 6.3 rebounds in 27.0 minutes with a shot count of 53 percent.

With college basketball behind him, Metu agreed to be included in the 2018 NBA Draft. Subsequently, the San Antonio Spurs of the National Basketball Association (NBA) secured his services in the second round of the draft. However, the terms on which they agreed were not disclosed. Learn more about the NBA star as he leads his thriving career to the top.

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Chimezie Metu Biography

Although his birth took place in Los Angeles (on March 22, 1997), he only stayed in the city until he was six years old before his father, a Nigerian, took him to his home country where he stayed for another six years. During his stay in Nigeria, football was the sport in which he invested his time, as the country is not so popular in basketball. Metu returned to the States in time to enroll in Lawndale High School in Lawndale, California. His high school gave him the opportunity to advance in his basketball career and in the end he was ranked as a four-star recruit. As such, offers flew in from various schools, including Oregon, Arizona State, Harvard, and many others. On May 12, 2014, Metu signed up for the USC Trojans, where he continued to play basketball for his school team.

College Career

His college career was not free of remarkable achievements. In addition to Taj Gibson’s record of most blocks by a 54-block USC rookie, Chimezie Metu averaged 6.4 points and 3.6 rebounds per game, all in his freshman year of college when he played evenly in 34 games starting with 2. He played for 10 minutes in his school’s defeat of Providence in a game that was played in the first round of the NCAA 2016 Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament for the NCAA.

In his second year, the talented baller competed in all 36 games, averaging 14.8 points and 7.8 rebounds per game. He was also part of the team that played in the 2nd round of the NCAA Division I Men’s Basketball Tournament 2017. The 2017 Pac-12 Most Improved Player, 2nd Team All-Pac-12, and All-Academic Honorable Men’s Men’s Basketball Tournament were the titles he took home after the tournament.

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In his junior year, he started 33 of 34 games with an average of 15.7 points and 7.4 rebounds per game. In early 2018, Chimezie Metu and his teammate Jordan McLaughlin were named 1st Team All-Pac-12. Later he boycotted the National Invitational Tournament 2018 to stay away from any form of injury and to be in good shape for the big league. Metu then declared for the NBA Draft 2018.

Before being called up for the big league, Chimezie Metu had a brief run-in with the law after he was named in a federal document for allegedly receiving $2,000 from a sports agency. The problem, which occurred on February 23, 2018, was resolved after the USC intervened to clear his name. He studied law, history, and culture as his major at USC.

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Chimezie Metu NBA Career

His NBA career began after his draft on June 21, 2018, when the San Antonio Spurs drafted him with the 49th pick during the 2018 NBA draft. After his selection was completed, the Spurs put him on their roster for the 2018 NBA Summer League and after he proved himself, the San Antonio Spurs officially signed him on September 4, 2018. However, the terms of the agreement between the two parties remained a mystery.

Height, Weight, and Body Measurements

Born in the USA, Power Forward has everything you need to fit into the game of basketball, where a good height and general physical fitness are of utmost importance. According to his 2018 NBA draft records, Chimezie Metu stands tall at 6ft 8.5inches (2.08m) and weighs 99kg (219.6lb), which fits his huge frame.

Again, his standing range extends to 9 feet 0 inches, while his wingspan is 7 feet 0.5 inches. His hand length and width are indicated as 9.00 and 9.25 respectively.