Dr. Jamie Naughright Bio, Family, Relationship with Peyton Manning
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Dr. Jamie Naughright is an American health and wellness expert and former Director of Health and Wellness at the University of Tennessee. She received her doctorate in health education and wellness from the same university many years ago. Naughright came into the spotlight after her sexual assault lawsuits against former NFL star Peyton Manning. The case has now been reopened again and again for over two decades. Learn more about her biography, her family, and her relationship with Peyton Manning below.

Dr. Jamie Naughright Bio

Jamie Naughright was born in 1971 in Hackettstown, New Jersey, to American parents. Her father James Naughright worked for forty-three years in the Long Valley Fire Department; he also owns a Long Valley general store and worked as a butcher. There is not much information about their childhood life. She has American citizenship and is of white ethnic descent.

After completing her basic education, Jamie Naughright enrolled at the University of Tennessee, where she earned a bachelor’s degree in physiology with a minor in soccer training in 1993. At the same university, she also earned a Master’s degree in health education and promotion and a Ph.D. in health education and wellness.

Dr. Jamie Naughright Bio, Family, Relationship with Peyton Manning
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Naughright began her career as a student coach during her Masters’s studies; she worked for women’s soccer teams and was a certified assistant to the men’s soccer team. She was later promoted to Director of Health and Wellness for the men’s sports team in 1996. Naughright worked under the former athletics director of the University of Tennessee, Mike Rollo, and left the position in 1997.

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As we mentioned earlier, Naughright was born to James Naughright and his wife. There is not much information about their mother and siblings as Jamie has not shared this information with the media. Since she has not shared such information, it will be difficult to tell if she is her parents’ only child or not.

Naughright married in 1996 and later changed her name to Jamie Whited. Although not much is known about who her husband was, we can conclude that she was married for nine years before they parted ways. The couple had no children from the marriage.

Since their divorce, there has been no news about Jamie’s later relationships. She has kept her private life away from the media so as not to mix with rumors and controversy. Nughright currently resides in Florida, in the United States.

Her Relationship with Peyton Manning

Dr. Jamie Naughright Bio, Family, Relationship with Peyton Manning
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If you are wondering what relationship Dr. Jamie Naughright has with the superstar of American football. Well, the answer is not far-fetched. It’s undeniable that Peyton Manning is one of the greatest cornerbacks in NFL history. He was born and raised in New Orleans, Louisiana in the United States of America and played as a professional for the Indianapolis Colts and the Denver Broncos of the National Football League. During his seventeen-year professional career, Manning has been a Super Bowler twice and a Super Bowl MVP once. He has won the NFL Championship MVP five times, been called to the Pro Bowl fourteen times, and received the Bert Bell Award three times.

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Prior to his NFL career, Manning played college football with the University of Tennessee Volunteers. During his time there, Dr. Jamie Naughright worked as the university’s athletics coach. In February 1996, Naughright filed sexual harassment charges against Peyton Manning and later against Manning and his father, Archie Manning. She claimed that in 1996 the former NFL quarterback maneuvered his naked rectum and testicles over her head while she examined him for a possible injury.

However, Naughright left the university in 1997 after the settlement; she received $300,000 from the University of Tennessee. Surprisingly, this was not the first time she made such an accusation. She has reported 33 sexual assault lawsuits against coaches and coaches and athletes in Tennessee in the 1990s. After the case died, Naughright also filed a lawsuit against Donna Karan in 2010, claiming that she encountered a spinal injury during physical therapy in the designer’s bedroom.