Chet Hanks Wiki, Daughter, Girlfriend, Wife, Age, Parents, Bio

Chet Hanks Wiki, Daughter, Girlfriend, Wife, Age, Parents, Bio
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Chet Hanks, son of Hollywood veteran Tom Hanks and his wife Rita Wilson, is an American actor and rapper. Chet is more known for his restless life than for his exploits in the entertainment industry. However, the boy has recently turned over a new leaf and released a confession video in which he explains that his child was the reason he decided to get clean. The media loves this kind of thing, and as a result, Tom Hanks’ lesser-known son has become even more in the spotlight. Follow us as we reveal more about Chet.

Chet Hanks Wiki/Bio, Age, Parents

Chet was born as Chester Marlon Hanks on August 4, 1990 (he has the same birthday as the former president of US Senator Barrack Obama) in Los Angeles, California, USA.

From the age of 16, Chet became known mainly for his fight against drug abuse for the wrong reasons. At the same time, however, he tried to follow in the footsteps of his father Tom and his older brother Colin, who is the most famous of the Hanks siblings due to his consistency in the film industry.

Chet Hanks Wiki, Daughter, Girlfriend, Wife, Age, Parents, Bio
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Chet’s films include Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (2008), Larry Crowne (2011), Project X (2012), Fantastic Four (2015), and many others. On the small screen, Chet appeared in the American version of Shameless, where he played the role of Charlie.

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Besides acting, Chet also has a musical side, rapping under the nickname Chet Haze. He has released several titles, the most popular being “Do It Better”. The song has a video in which Chet is seen trying to seduce a woman in the club and finally making out with her.

Chet has a sibling, a younger brother from his father’s union with Rita Wilson. He was born in 1995 and his name is Truman Theodore Hanks. From his father’s previous marriage to Samantha Lewes, Chet has two siblings; Colin Hanks, born November 24, 1977, and Elizabeth Hanks, born May 17, 1982, both of whom are active in Hollywood.

Chet is also an uncle. His brother Colin, who married New York publicist Samantha Bryant in 2010, has two children; Olivia (born 2011) and Charlotte (born 2013).

Chet’s parents Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson were married in 1988, a year after Hanks divorced his first wife Samantha. Rita is also an actress, and together with Tom, they starred in the 1985 American comedy Volunteers, which probably brought them together.

Tom Hanks converted to her religion, the Greek Orthodox Church, before his marriage to Rita Wilson. After his conversion, Tom said, “I must say that when I go to church – and I actually go to church – I think about the mystery. I meditate on the ‘why?’ of ‘why people are the way they are and ‘why bad things happen to good people and ‘why good things happen to bad people … The mystery is what I believe is almost the great unifying theory of all humanity.

Daughter, Girlfriend/Wife

Chet Hanks has dated a number of women, but the only one who came to prominence in the media was Hazel E, a Love & Hip-Hop: a Hollywood cast member who has a history of dating rappers from Young Berg to Rose Burgundy.

In December 2016, Chet raised his eyebrows when he revealed that he had conceived a child with one of his lovers. Later it turned out that the woman was Tiffany Miles.

In a now-deleted emotional video posted on his Instagram account, Chet told how his daughter helped him get sober.

“I know I haven’t been active on the ‘Gram’ lately because I’ve been getting my life in order, which we all do, and social media is all bulls**t anyway,” the rapper said in the video.

He continued: “I want to share something with you today because it will be shared in the press anyway, namely the fact that I have a daughter. I have a daughter, she is the best thing that has ever happened to me, she is the reason why I have turned my life around and become sober. I’ve been sober – for over a year and a half – of everything.

Chet Hanks
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The rapper also talked about keeping her daughter out of the spotlight by saying

“She’s not something that should be published. She is something I love, something that has changed my life, but the fact is that she will soon be shared with everyone, so I wanted you to hear it from me.

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“It hasn’t been easy making all my mistakes in public but I’m figuring it out. I’m doing the best that I can.”

The baby’s name has since remained hidden from the public. In early 2018, Chet posted a sweet video of himself and his daughter describing her as the person who saved his life.

Hank’s parents have been supportive of him through his struggles. “As a parent, you love your kids unconditionally. You support them every step of the way.” his dad Tom said about him.