Home Media personality Brittney Smith Bio, Age, Height, Feet, Family And Quick Facts

Brittney Smith Bio, Age, Height, Feet, Family And Quick Facts

Brittney Smith Bio, Age, Height, Feet, Family And Quick Facts
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To not take anything away from Brittney Smith: the first thing you notice about her is that she’s a breathtaking beauty. However, she has the drive and determination that make her beauty seem like a mere bonus and nothing more.

Brittney has proven over the last ten years that she is a good manager, partner, mother, and Internet sensation. Since November 2008 she has been in a steady relationship with YouTube star Jason Atwood. Many of Atwood’s fans and hers would argue that she is the reason why he has remained relevant.

Brittney has gained a large fan base in social media, especially with her Instagram. However, she doesn’t have an independent career in social media, as most of her appearances are on her boyfriend’s YouTube channel.

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Brittney Smith Bio, Age

So, the first thing you need to know about Brittney She’s a girl from Ohio. The social media icon was born Brittney Danielle Smith on February 16, 1991.

Brittney has not revealed it, nor is there any information online about her school and academic education. After school, however, Brittney took a job as a dentist’s assistant.

Besides Roman’s YouTube channel RomanAtwoodVlogs, Brittney Smith also has her self-titled channel on the platform. However, she is not very active there. Her two most popular vlog videos are Killing My Kid Prank and Anniversary Prank Backfires!

Her boyfriend Roman, an incorrigible joker, had tried to play a prank on Brittney on her anniversary in 2013. He set up a hidden camera in the room and told Brittney that he was cheating on her. Brittney seemed to cry at his confession. Then she also revealed to him that she had cheated on him, too. Roman believed what she said and was visibly upset when Brittney revealed that she had turned his prank on him. He was unaware that she had seen him set up the camera. The video was uploaded to Roman’s prank channel on YouTube in 2013 and has since recorded over 90 million views.

In November 2014, Roman tried to play a trick on her to make her believe that he had killed her child. He dressed up a mannequin the size of her child in a Spiderman costume that Brittney had just seen him wear. Just as she was walking up the stairs, Roman seemed to have thrown her child over the railing by mistake. Brittney was petrified only to find out it was a prank. This Vlog Post also has over 50 million views. Since then, they’ve collaborated on hundreds of videos.

Family, Quick Facts

The identity of her parents remains a secret to each of her followers. Speaking of family, however, she has a sibling, a sister named Veronica.

Shortly after the birth of her sister, Brittney became pregnant by Roman and had to quit her job and move in with him. The couple’s first child was a son named Kane Alexander Atwood. She also had her second child in 2017, a daughter named Cora Atwood. She is also very close to her stepson Noah, whom Roman had through a previous relationship.

The parents of Brittney Smith separated when she was a little girl. Like most people, Brittney Smith had a difficult time as a teenager. She even went through her gothic phase, probably to cope with the pressure.

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Nevertheless, she still has a very good relationship with both her parents. She has proven her maturity and open heartiness by getting along with her father’s new partner. She attributes one of the best memories of her childhood to the fishing trip with her father.

Smith met Roman Atwood at a hospital. Her sister Veronica was pregnant by a man named Chase Gilroy, who happened to be Rome’s best friend. Brittney Smith had accompanied her sister to the hospital during labor, and it was there that she met Roman. The two have been together since 2008.

People called Brittney online and accused her of being a gold digger. They say that she is unfairly riding on the wings of her boyfriend’s success. But Brittney doesn’t feel the need to answer her haters because she knows that’s not the case. She has been with Roman long before he even had a YouTube channel. The couple has been together for a long time, although they are not officially married.

She has two tattoos on her fingers. One is the letter “R”, which stands for “Roman”, and the second is a heart that symbolizes her love and devotion to her boyfriend. She also has another one, which looks like a Chinese alphabet, on her neck and two matching bow tattoos on her lower legs.

Brittney loves fitness but has admitted that she has a weakness for pizzas. Her favorite car, which she says she would like to have in the future, is a Mercedes G-Wagon

Brittney Smith Height, Feet

Brittney’s beauty is only enhanced by her petite stature. This blue-eyed, black-haired North American woman Brittney Smith Height is 5 feet 3 inches (1.60 m). Her feet and shoe size are unknown.