Home Model Blac Chyna Children: How Many Children Does Blac Chyna Have?

Blac Chyna Children: How Many Children Does Blac Chyna Have?

Blac Chyna Children: How Many Children Does Blac Chyna Have?

Blac Chyna Children: How Many Children Does Blac Chyna Have? Blac Chyna is a proud mom of two adorable kids. She has a son named King Cairo Stevenson born in 2012 whom she shares with rapper Tyga. Her daughter Dream Kardashian came into the world in 2016 and is the child she shares with Rob Kardashian. These two siblings despite the age gap share a close bond and are the apple of their mom’s eye.

Blac Chyna Children: How Many Children Does Blac Chyna Have?

So you’re curious about Blac Chyna’s kids? Well, let me spill the tea for you! Blac Chyna is a doting mom to two kids who light up her life.

First up is King Cairo Stevenson her son with rapper Tyga. Born in 2012 King is the older of the two and is often seen as the protector of the family.

Then there’s Dream Kardashian born in 2016 whom she shares with Rob Kardashian. The dream is described as incredibly smart and perfect by her mom.

These two siblings share a tight bond and are often seen in matching outfits melting hearts on social media. They’re not just siblings; they’re best friends and their mom couldn’t be prouder!

Quick Facts About Blac Chyna Children

NamesKing Cairo Stevenson and Dream Kardashian
Birth Years2012 and 2016
FathersTyga and Rob Kardashian
BondClose Sibling Relationship
Social Media PresenceOften Featured on Blac Chyna’s Instagram
Fashion SenseKnown for Matching Outfits
ActivitiesEnjoy Playing Together
Mom’s ViewConsidered as Her Most Precious Gifts

Who is Blac Chyna?

Ah, Blac Chyna the woman of the hour! She is a model entrepreneur and social media star who’s been in the limelight for various reasons. Born as Angela Renée White she gained fame as Blac Chyna and has been a controversial figure in the entertainment industry.

She is been romantically linked with high-profile names like Tyga and Rob Kardashian with whom she shares her two children. But don’t just label her as someone’s ex.

She is a businesswoman who’s carved her own path. From launching her own makeup brand to starring in reality shows She is a force to be reckoned with.

Who Are Blac Chyna Parents?

Digging into Blac Chyna Parents huh? Well not much is widely known about her parents but what we do know is that they played a significant role in shaping her into the woman she is today.

Her mother Tokyo Toni is often seen on social media and has a personality as vibrant as her daughter’s. Her father’s identity is less public but it’s clear that family means a lot to Blac Chyna.

She often credits her parents for her strong work ethic and ambition which have propelled her to stardom.

Who Are Blac Chyna Siblings?

As far as the public knows Blac Chyna hasn’t been very vocal about her siblings. While She is a public figure She has kept this part of her life under wraps.

It’s not clear whether she has any brothers or sisters but what’s evident is that she values family especially when it comes to her own children. So while we may not know much about her siblings we do know that family is a big deal for her.

Who Is Blac Chyna Dating?

Ah, the million-dollar question! Blac Chyna’s love life has been a rollercoaster, to say the least. She has had high-profile relationships with Tyga and Rob Kardashian but as of now, it’s not clear who She is currently dating.

She is been pretty tight-lipped about her current relationship status keeping fans and the media guessing. But hey who can blame her? After all the public scrutiny she faced it’s understandable that she’d want to keep some things private.

Who Is Blac Chyna Married to?

Hold your horses! As of now, Blac Chyna isn’t married to anyone. She was once engaged to Rob Kardashian but that ship has sailed.

She is been linked to other people post-Rob but nothing has led to wedding bells. So for now She is a single lady focusing on her career and her two beautiful children.

Blac Chyna Career

Blac Chyna’s career is as colorful as her personality. Starting off as a stripper she quickly rose to fame and ventured into modeling. But she didn’t stop there.

She is also an entrepreneur with her own makeup brand Lashed and has appeared in reality TV shows. She is a master at turning the spotlight onto her ventures making her a savvy businesswoman. Love her or hate her you can’t deny that she knows how to make headlines and money!

How Old Is Blac Chyna?

Curious about how many candles are on Blac Chyna’s birthday cake? Well, she was born on May 11, 1988, which makes her 35 years old as of 2023. She is been in the public eye for quite some time now and it’s fascinating to see how She has evolved over the years both as a public figure and as a mom.

How Tall is Blac Chyna?

Wondering how tall is Blac Chyna? Blac Chyna stands at a height that perfectly complements her larger-than-life personality.

While the exact measurements might vary depending on where you look She is around 5 feet 2 inches tall. Not exactly towering but she sure knows how to stand tall in life!

What is Blac Chyna Ethnicity?

Blac Chyna is African American and She is proud of her heritage. While She is a woman of many talents and controversies her ethnicity is a part of her identity that she embraces.

She is often seen celebrating her roots and has been vocal about issues that affect the Blac Chyna community in America.

What is Blac Chyna Nationality?

Born and raised in the United States Blac Chyna is an American citizen. She hails from Washington D.C. and has made a name for herself in the land of opportunities.

Her nationality is as American as it gets and She is a true representation of the American dream having built her empire from the ground up.


Who are the fathers of Blac Chyna children?

King Cairo’s father is rapper Tyga and Dream’s father is Rob Kardashian.

How old are Blac Chyna children?

King Cairo was born in 2012 and Dream was born in 2016.

Do Blac Chyna children have a good sibling relationship?

Yes, they share a close bond and are often seen playing together.

Are Blac Chyna children active on social media?

They are frequently featured on their mom’s social media accounts.

What does Blac Chyna enjoy most about motherhood?

She loves the bond she shares with her children and considers them her most precious gifts.

Source: Celebily.com