Home Media personality Bethany Mota Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Height and Family

Bethany Mota Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Height and Family

Bethany Mota Bio, Net Worth, Boyfriend, Age, Height and Family
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If you are a fervent devotee of YouTube, then Bethany Mota should not be new to you. She is one of the most popular influencers of the social platform and has more than 10 million subscribers, and counting. Bethany Mota is like a role model for girls in their teens and early twenties. She is intensely involved in the fashion industry, teaching girls how to dress and creating craft content for her channel.

Bethany Mota Bio (Age)

Bethany Mota was born in Merced County, California, on November 7, 1995, the daughter of her parents Tammy and Tony Mota. Bethany has an older sister named Brittany. She is of Mexican and Portuguese descent. Bethany was home-schooled until the third grade, after which she was sent to a public school until the sixth grade to mingle with her peers. Living with other children was not as good as Bethany recalls that she was bullied. Just before she started making videos, she took acting and dancing lessons.

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This young, talented virgin is one of the most talented and popular celebrities on social media, especially on YouTube. She launched her channel Macbarbie07 in 2009 and started publishing videos where she buys her clothes online and reached thousands of viewers. Her videos were just one way to deal with the stress associated with bullying. She started to have fun with them and get daily subscribers, and soon what started as a hobby became a career for Bethany.

The videos she shot attracted retailers who used her channel to market their merchandise, and it wasn’t long before Google monetized her channel based on the number of hits she received on each upload. She made not only merchandise deliveries but also do-it-yourself videos that were mainly about fashion. Today, Bethany Mota owns a fashion line at Aeropostale, and her collection consists mainly of casual clothing and accessories for young adults. Most of her designs are ideas suggested by fans, which shows that she not only has a personal relationship with her fans but also listens to them.

As a singer, she released her first single in 2014, entitled “Need You Right Now Now”. Although she did not lead the US hit parade, her single made it into the Danish Top 40 of the record charts, and in 2015 she wrote her own song “Be Who You Wanna Be”. She was nominated for the Nickelodeon Teen Choice Awards 2014 and was a guest juror on the 13th season of Project Runway.

In the same year 2014, she was also nominated for Dancing with the Stars and appeared alongside Derek Hough. The couple finished the show in fourth place. Following the publication of her memoirs, she became a brand ambassador for UNICEF Kid Power in 2016. Bethany has appeared on many television shows, including Good Morning America, Home & Family, and Not Too Deep with Grace Helbig.

Bethany Mota Net Worth

Bethany Mota is known for radiating positive vibrations in her videos. The motivators, as she likes to call her subscribers, all agree that they love her for her relentless positivity. The young adult has successfully gained 12 million subscribers on YouTube alone, 7.5 million on Instagram, and 4.5 million on Twitter.

She has currently a net worth of about $2.5 million and enjoys about 72 million hits every time she uploads to her channel. Her official music video, which was uploaded to her channel in 2017, was viewed just over 4 million times.

Sibling, Parents, Family

Bethany Mota keeps her family life secret, so not much is revealed. We do know, however, that she comes from a small family with her parents, Tony and Tammy Mota, and her older sister, Brittany Mota. Although not much has been said about her mother Tammy Mota, a handful is known about her father, Tony Mota.

He is his daughter’s manager and can even be seen on some of her videos. We believe that this is his way of showing that he is proud of his daughter and fully supports her career. In 2016, Bethany and her father were sued for breach of contract in a skincare line.

The product line refused to pay the amount agreed in the contract because it did not keep its part of the deal, namely to promote its product in front of the camera and give positive reviews. Her father and her lawyer stated that the lawsuit was just a way to avoid paying his daughter what she was entitled to.

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Personal Life – Who is Bethany Mota’s Boyfriend?

Bethany Mota has like other celebrities quite interesting dating history. In 2013 she and Ryan Potter were in a serious relationship. Just so you know: Ryan Potter is an American actor known for his role in Super Ninjas. But their flame ended earlier than expected.

In 2016 Bethany started dating Dominic Sandoval, a professional dancer, and actor. Sandoval was the winner of So You Think You Can Dance Season 3 and also owns a YouTube channel that has a fan base of about 3 million subscribers. As an actor, he has appeared in Agents of Secret Stuff, Alvin and the Chipmunks, Battle of the Year, and Smosh: The Movie. Occasionally he appears as a guest at Bethany’s station.

Bethany Mota Height

Fans always want to know the body measurements of their favorite celebrities. You’ll find lots of Q&A videos on YouTube, and that’s why we’re here to put an end to your Google searches and your regular emails. Bethany Mota, even though she looks like she’s on the higher side, Bethany Mota is actually 5 ft 4 in (1.63 m) tall and weighs 117 lbs (53 kg).