Aurora man Arrested for killing his wife: James Toliver Craig charged with first-degree murder
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Aurora man Arrested for killing his wife: James Toliver Craig charged with first-degree murder: James Toliver Craig was arrested for something very serious and this has made the people in Aurora very upset and sad.

Craig is accused of killing his wife by poisoning her. He has been charged with first-degree murder because it was premeditated. The Police started investigating after his wife got very sick and died.

Update on Aurora Man’s Arrest

James Toliver Craig a 45-year-old dentist from Aurora Colorado has been arrested for the suspected murder of his 43-year-old wife. The community is shocked and saddened by this news.

Craig’s wife became very sick and was taken to the hospital on March 15th because she had severe headaches. Unfortunately, she passed away on March 19th. The police started to investigate her death because they suspect she may have been poisoned. After she was taken to the hospital her health got worse quickly and doctors could not save her. They declared her brain-dead and took her off life support on Sunday morning which led to Craig’s arrest.

James Toliver Craig has been taken to jail and accused of committing first-degree murder. The police have set his bail at $1 million. The Aurora Police Department is leading the investigation and the Major Crimes Homicide Unit detectives are looking into the case.

People who know James Toliver Craig and his wife are very surprised and sad to hear about what happened. They didn’t think anything was wrong with the couple and they always seemed happy. Many people are calling it a tragedy and feel very sad about it.

James Toliver Craig Arrested of Killing His Wife

The police found out that the woman who died was poisoned. They started looking into what happened because they were suspicious about the way she died. The Aurora Police Department is investigating the case. The police have been investigating the death of Craig’s wife and have charged him with first-degree murder. The detectives in charge of the case are from the Major Crimes Homicide Unit. According to Aurora Police Division Chief Mark Hildebrand, the murder was planned.

Aurora Police Division Chief Mark Hildebrand said that more information will be shared as the investigation continues. The news of the incident has left many people in Aurora feeling shocked and sad.

This is a difficult situation because someone has died and it is very sad. The Police are still investigating and haven’t told us why it happened or any more information about it. People in the community are really surprised and sad after hearing that Craig has been arrested. He and his wife had been married for a long time and they lived in the same neighborhood as many of the people who are shocked by the news.

Some people who lived near Craig said that he was a friendly and outgoing person. But others said they did not know him well. The Police are still investigating and they have not told us any more information about what happened.

We don’t know yet why the murder happened or how the victim got poisoned. The Police need our help to find out more information. If you know anything that can help please let them know. In summary, many people in Aurora are feeling sad and upset about the death of James Toliver Craig’s wife. The situation is very shocking and difficult to understand.