Ashton Irwin Bio: 5 fast Facts You Need To Know

Ashton Irwin Bio: 5 fast Facts You Need To Know
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Well, you know that Ashton Irwin is one of the members of the band 5 Seconds of Summer (5SOS). Let’s go a little further. You also know that he sings, but drums most often for the group, as he has either written or co-written most of the band’s songs. But is that all there is to know about Ashton? There is more about who he is, and in this song, we take a look at the facts of his life.

For those who don’t know: The 5SOS band has been around since 2011. The Australian group, who hail from the capital of New South Wales, Sydney, gained international recognition when they toured with the pop boy band – One Direction – in 2013.

However, the birth of the pop-rock band dates back to the years before 2011, the year the band was founded. Back then, the first three members of the group – Luke Hemmings, Calum Hood and Michael Clifford – were considered YouTube celebrities. They were celebrated for publishing videos of themselves singing songs by superstars. The video they made for Chris Brown’s Next to You was a big deal. Everyone knew it was only a matter of time before the boys would become a worldwide sensation, it came faster than expected.

Ashton Irwin Bio

The things that are known about Ashton Irwin’s early life, his family background, and his origins are largely insignificant when compared to the fame he gained as a member of the pop-rock group 5 Seconds of Summer. Although he is widely known as Ashton Irwin, you have to squeeze “Fletcher” between the two names to get his full name.

Ashton Irwin
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Ashton Fletcher Irwin was born on July 7, 1994. For all we know, his birthplace was in Hornsby, Australia. It is said that the 5SOS drummer and singer were raised by his mother, Anne Marie Irwin, together with his two siblings Lauren Dawkins (sister) and Harry Dawkins (brother). Nothing is known about the star father of 5SOS; if we are to believe what has been circulated, it is because the bond between him and Ashton’s mother broke long ago.

As Ashton Irwin is becoming more and more famous, we can only hope that this will trigger further revelations about who he was. The following facts first cover the most important things you should know about the musician.

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5 Fast Facts You Need To Know Ashton Irwin

1. His Music Career Started In High School

Ashton was still a lad when he played drums for the first time in front of an audience. That shows that his passion for music is as old as he is. Yet it dawned on him when he started attending Richmond High School – he was made for a career in music. Since then, music has been his priority. So far he has achieved a lot with 5SOS, received numerous nominations, and won many awards. Nevertheless, it is believed that his best is yet to come.

2. He Was Once a Member of a Band Called Swallow The Goldfish

It is true, Ashton Irwin is best known as a member of 5 Seconds of Summer. But before he joined the pop-rock band, he was already familiar with what it means to be a member of a band called Swallow The Goldfish.

3. He’s The Last To Join 5SOS

Ashton Irwin Bio: 5 fast Facts You Need To Know
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According to the drummer he first received an invitation from Calum Hood to join 5SOS. He once jokingly described the invitation as romantic and said that Calum had got down on his knees and suggested he join the group. Ashton joined the band after it was formed. He became a member and drummer of the group sometime in December 2011.

4. Ashton Has Been Battling Depression and Anxiety

Apparently, the 5SOS star has psychological problems, it has been fighting depression and anxiety for a long time. Sometime in 2015, he revealed that he hopes that the music he makes with 5SOS will inspire and encourage young people who, like him, suffer from anxiety and depression or are going through other difficult personal problems.

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5. He Probably Never Dated Kendall Jenner

In August 2014, news circulated that Ashton Irwin was having a romantic affair with the famous American model and TV star Kendall Jenner. But then the drummer recently concluded that he never had a romantic relationship with Jenner. When he pointed out that he and Jenner had been seen together, he said that it was a staged business arrangement that was common in show business.