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Are The Property Brothers Gay and Why Do People Think Their Show Is Fake?

Are The Property Brothers Gay and Why Do People Think Their Show Is Fake?
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For anyone who has had the pleasure of watching the reality television series Property Brothers, one of the biggest shows on W Network in Canada and on HGTV in the United States, it is easy to fall in love with the work of identical twin brothers Drew and Jonathan Scott.

The duo, who are the series’ main stars, put their talents together to help couples and families find and live in their dream homes. Drew is a real estate professional known for his negotiating skills, while his brother is a licensed contractor whose skill can be seen in his ability to give old and worn homes a new look after renovation.

Why People Think The Show Could Be Staged

It cannot be denied that the Property Brothers exhibition is very interesting and is also well followed. However, quite a few fans of the reality series haven’t stopped wondering if the identical twin brothers behind it faked the whole thing. This is because of the constant dramatic events in the series and the similar patterns every episode always seems to follow.

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As you would expect from reality TV shows today, some aspects of the show are fake, but other aspects play out the way they are shown on TV. These include fake parts of the show:

Property Brothers House Renovation

Needless to say, much of the renovation is genuine, but there are some parts that the brothers do not make. Of course, they finish their projects, but it’s not the whole thing that is demolished and rebuilt.

To be part of it, you have to decide which part of your house should be repaired and which part should be left out. For example, you can choose to have your bathroom or kitchen repaired. It is very unlikely that you will be able to have both places finished for you.

A Few Scenes Are Re-shot For Dramatic Purposes

The idea of a reality TV show is to make sure that everything you see is real. In the Property Brothers show, however, there are numerous times when scenes are re-shot whose main purpose is to add drama.

For example, it has been reported that there was a time when the wind was bringing down a metal chimney before the scene was shot. The team decided to recreate the whole thing and incorporate the surprise of the brothers and the other workers into the final shoot. According to them, the idea behind it is not to deceive the audience, but to make the show more interesting.

Property Brothers House Hunting

In the show, real estate expert Drew Scott spends much of his time looking for dilapidated homes to buy and have his brother rebuild. Later, he shows potential home buyers these houses that have everything on their wish list but are financially unable to complete the deal.

This sequence has been shown in the show for a long time, and it is assumed that everything happens according to a script. Most of the customers already have the houses they are looking for in their minds, so buying a house is just for the sake of drama.

Customers are asked to provide addresses of houses they are interested in or at least to limit them to their financial possibilities. For those who have not yet started their search, the real estate brothers reveal that it is becoming increasingly difficult.

The Sidekick Is Not Necessarily Real

Another aspect of the show that is occasionally included in the script is that Property Brothers always have a second client for a house. The supposed second client is added to make things a bit more dramatic, as an uncomplicated transaction may seem boring to some viewers.

Drew Scott Does Not Have a Hand In All the Deals

As originally indicated, some of the home buyers who appear in the exhibition have already found the properties they are looking for. Therefore, it is not self-evident that many of these clients do not use Scott as an intermediary. He only comes to a deal in the not-so-many cases where customers who do not yet have houses come by. But even in such cases, the properties must be located in areas where he has a license.

What We Know About The Property Brothers Personal Lives

For some reason, many viewers of the Property Brothers show believed that Drew and Jonathan were gay. The first reason why many find it easy to believe this is that they are very good-looking and very charming. Another reason why fans would not be accused of thinking they are gay is that they have managed to keep their relationship and private life out of the public eye.

The rumor finally penetrated the brothers’ ears and they were forced to deal with it. They repeated that they were not gay and were in heterosexual relationships. The whole rumor was finally put to rest in 2017 when it became clear that the two men were preparing to get married.

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In 2018, Drew Scott married creative director Linda Phan, who works at Scott Brothers Entertainment. It was said that the two knew each other for many years before they decided to walk down the aisle. Jonathan Scott, however, was engaged to his girlfriend Zooey Deschanel. The speculation that they might get married soon was sparked by an Instagram post on which he left a comment that he wanted to dance with her now and always in the future.

Before Zoey, Scott was first married to another woman named Kelsy Ully, who worked as a dispatcher for the WestJet crew. He married his long-time girlfriend in Canada in 2007 before moving to the United States. After they moved south, the relationship broke up when they separated in 2010 before they finalized their divorce proceedings in 2013.