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Wiz Khalifa’s House And Cars

Wiz Khalifa’s House And Cars

In addition to his musical prowess, the artist has made his $14 million fortune with his top-ranked albums and also by supporting brands like Raw Papers a company that produces smoking papers. As one would expect from a Hollywood star he has made extravagant purchases and even if Wiz Khalifa’s house can be described as affordable we will not fail to discover some of the rapper’s guilty pleasures.

Not only is he one of the best rappers of his time having already earned the title of “the highest-paid rapper in the world” but Wiz Khalifa has also managed to stay in the spotlight and even more so recently when it comes to non-musical issues.

Wiz Khalifa’s House And Cars

Wiz Khalifa’s House

Wiz Khalifa purchased a $900000 custom home in 2012 located in Canonsburg Pennsylvania. Canonsburg is a small town about 18 miles from Pittsburgh where the star settled as a child. The luxurious eco-friendly house occupies 2.8 acres of land with the addition of a guest house. The house itself has five bedrooms four full bathrooms and a half bathroom as well as its kitchen which has many stainless steel appliances.

Wiz Khalifa’s House And Cars

His living room is also very glamorous and stylishly furnished. The main suite is by far the most unusual and remarkable part of the house. It consists of a high ceiling covered with Douglas fir panels and Brazilian-style koa floors.

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Wiz Khalifa’s house is not only beautiful on the inside on the outside it boasts an irrigation system garage floors with triple aggregate floors for drainage also with cedar siding and Hardi panels. It was there that Wiz Khalifa decided to take root with his current ex-wife Amber Rose. After a somewhat nomadic childhood, it is logical that he should choose the place that seemed most familiar to him to live there.

Wiz Khalifa’s House And Cars
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The artist was supposed to move into her “love nest” with her intention at the time but now the house is nothing more than a very large bachelor apartment because their marriage ended in 2014 when the artist’s wife caught her with twins. No, he wasn’t holding twin babies he was having a threesome. Wiz defended himself by saying that their marriage was already over before that because of Amber’s infidelity.

The divorce was less of mutual action but the custody battle for their son Sebastian lasted a little longer. The artist even acted out when he posted pictures of Amber Rose’s house that looked very unhealthy to show that she was unfit for sole custody.

Wiz Khalifa’s House And Cars

In March 2015 the couple reached an agreement and decided to share custody of their son. The former couple now has a good relationship they even went to a strip club to celebrate their divorce. They both want their son to grow up in loving environments.

Wiz Khalifa Cars

Wiz Khalifa’s house certainly did not disappoint nor did his cars. The artist has more than a few cars let’s start with the one that seems to be his favorite.

Wiz Khalifa’s House And Cars

The 2010 Wiz Khalifa Dodge Challenger was what he loved most after grass from the moment he bought it and we know how much the star loves his grass. The car is equipped with a 305 hp V6 engine (power). The car also has some surprising features such as automatic climate control keyless entry keyless start side airbags a revised braking system and a revised front and rear suspension.

Wiz Khalifa car

The artist named his car Charlie. In addition, Charlie Wiz recently bought a Rolls Royce Ghost so now he can comfortably say that his Rolls Royce is not the only thing that rolls. In fact, it’s a quote from Wiz Khalifa and a very intelligent quote as well. It’s one of the cars the artist was able to keep in his divorce.

Wiz Khalifas Luxury Car Porche

In addition to these ‘sweet rides,’ the artist has a Porsche 991 the car is sky blue and the artist had it since his marriage to Amber Rose on more than one occasion his ex-wife was spotted in the probably very expensive car and both had also been spotted in the car together.

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Without a doubt, we can say that the artist lives a glamorous life judging by his house and cars.