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Drake’s House And Illuminati Facts

Drake’s House And Illuminati Facts
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Drake Graham is no stranger to anyone who has followed the news of entertainment and pop culture. He became famous and built not only a name but also a brand that became one of the most beloved and in some circles the most hated rap artists. There are very few artists who have risen to fame who have not been rumors of being associated with the Illuminati (Freemasons). let’s find out a few facts about Drake’s House And Illuminati Facts

If we were asked to count them it might not be impossible. The Illuminati is a “secret” society that was founded during the Enlightenment. In the past and today, the organization has always had distinguished and influential members and as a result most people in the spotlight have been told that they are associated with it.

Drake’s House And Illuminati Facts
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As its relevance increased Drake also had more than his share of Illuminati conspiracy theories and what seemed like trivial information about Drake became more sought after. So before we delve into the dark and deep rumors and speculations of his association with the Illuminati here is a glimpse of Drake’s house.

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Drake’s House

In Hollywood, it must be a major sin to buy a house that has nothing glamorous about it. Drake certainly wanted to impress and not disappoint when he bought his mansion for $7.7 million. It was purchased from Saddle Ranch owner Larry Pollack in 2012. Drake’s house is located in Hidden Hill California near Calabasas.

Drake’s house puts him in the same neighborhood as Hollywood stars like Kanye West the popular Kardashian clan and many other rich and rich people. His house has a swimming pool tennis court jacuzzi sauna gym pool table home cinema games room bar library and spa.

The swimming pool of Drake’s house is a little famous with its own cave (artificial cave). They say Hugh Hefner’s pool has nothing on the pool at Drake’s house. In fact, it was built to surpass the pool at Playboy Manor. Hugh’s pool is on the left and Drake’s is on the right.

Drake’s House And Illuminati Facts

Drake is officially not a one-house man and since he strongly identifies with his Canadian roots he is building a mansion in Canada the project has been underway since 2014. Drake bought two acres of land to build the house of his dreams for $6.7 CDN. All we know about the new house is that it will have these amazing features: a 44′ x 94′ basketball court a gym with a spa and a massage room.

There will also be a bar with special areas for “champagne and fresh wine” rooms for “important objects” and a jersey museum. Not so fast the list is not yet complete there will also be five bedrooms with private bathrooms a piano room a 34-meter (111-foot) entrance a basement pool and a roof terrace with a spa.

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Drake and Illuminati

Let’s go back to Drake’s association with Illuminati. The Illuminati date back two centuries they literally translate into Latin as “the enlightened” because their members are supposed to be better informed than non-members.

Contrary to popular belief it is a secular and non-religious organization. This group would be filled with authority figures and as such would dominate the government and the media. The 21st century harbors an interesting new phenomenon: not only have government officials religious leaders and media magnates been accused of being part of the elite but the entertainment industry is now suspect.

Not that they helped things they were often seen covering their eyes or using their hands to create the triangle symbol associated with the organization. Many television and film actors and musicians have been associated with the organization including Drake.

In recent days the members of the organization have been likened to Satanists. Drake was accused of using his uncle for a blood sacrifice that helped him get his wealth and fame. Speculation increased with the release of his album ‘View From The 6’ Drake explained that it was a reference to his Toronto postal code +416 but the Illuminati conspirators begged to differ. They said he refers to 666 (the mark of the beast).

There was also speculation that Drake’s OVO label was satanic. He was somehow linked to Moloch an Illuminati horned deity. Apparently, the owl is a symbol of wisdom because it has the ability to see in the dark. It is used as a metaphor because it would illuminate the darkness of the ignorant by educating them. In darker terms, it symbolizes going into the darkness to find wisdom. The symbol on Drake’s OVO tag is an owl so we can see what the conspirators have to work with.

In the end, these are all speculation and until he identifies openly with the Illuminati Drake is just Drake.

Quick Facts About Drake

Date of Birth:October-24 1986
 Age:33 years old
 Birth Nation:Canada
 Height:5 Feet 9 Inch
Birth NameAubrey Drake Graham
Nick NameDrake, Aub
FatherDennis Graham (Drummer who worked with Jerry Lee Lewis)
MotherSandi Graham (nee Sher)(Educator)
Birth Place/CityToronto, Ontario, Canada
ProfessionRapper, singer, songwriter, record producer, actor
Net Worth$60 million
Eye ColorDark Brown
Hair ColorBlack
Shoe Size13 (US)
Weight in KG77 kg
GirlfriendMaliah Michel, Keshia Chante (2000-2002), Nebby (2002-2006), Cat Washington (2006-2008),Bria Myles (2008-2009),Vanessa Veasley (2009) ,Teyana Taylor (2009),Nicki Minaj (2009-2010),Shanell Woodgett (2010),Taraji P. Henson (2010),Amber Rose (2010),Serena Williams (2011),Dollicia Bryan (2011-2012),Rashida Jones (2012),Tyra Banks (2012),Deelishis (2012-2014),Cyn Santana (2013),Zoe Kravitz (2013),Shaye G (2014),Jhonni Blaze (2014),Lira Galore (2014),India Westbrooks (2016),Jennifer Lopez (2016-2017)
Married toN/A
EducationVaughan Road Academy
SistersStephenie (Younger Half-Sister)