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Wiz Khalifa Net Worth: How Much is Wiz Khalifa Worth?

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth: How Much is Wiz Khalifa Worth?

Wiz Khalifa a name synonymous with chart-topping hits and a unique style has a net worth of $70 million as of 2023. Wiz Khalifa, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter has been in the game since his debut album “Show and Prove” in 2006. His financial portfolio is as diverse as his music with earnings not just from his albums but also from acting and other business ventures.

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth: How Much is Wiz Khalifa Worth?

Wiz Khalifa Net Worth: How Much is Wiz Khalifa Worth? Wiz Khalifa the Pittsburgh-born rapper who burst onto the scene in 2006 has amassed a net worth of $70 million as of 2023. His journey to financial success wasn’t an overnight sensation. It was in 2011 when he started raking in the big bucks grossing $11 million that year alone.

Over the years he is earned more than $20 million annually making him the 30th richest rapper in the world. His total career earnings stand at an impressive $150 million. From music to endorsements and other ventures Wiz Khalifa’s financial portfolio is as diverse as his artistic range.

Quick Facts About Wiz Khalifa Net Worth

Net Worth$70 million
Major EarningsMusic, endorsements, acting
Breakthrough Year2011
Annual EarningsOver $20 million
Total Career Earnings$150 million
Notable InvestmentsKhalifa Kush cannabis brand
Real EstateOwned a $3.4 million home in Encino, sold for $4.5 million
Record LabelTaylor Gang Entertainment

Who is Wiz Khalifa?

Wiz Khalifa born Cameron Jibril Thomaz on September 8, 1987, is an American rapper singer songwriter, and actor. He gained fame with his debut album “Show and Prove” in 2006 and later signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2007. Wiz is known for hits like “Black and Yellow” a tribute to his hometown of Pittsburgh and “See You Again” a song that topped the charts and was a tribute to late actor Paul Walker.

Outside of music he has acted in TV shows and films and even has his own cannabis brand Khalifa Kush. he is a multi-talented artist with a diverse career that spans music acting and entrepreneurship.

Real Estate

Wiz Khalifa has made some significant moves in the real estate market. In 2019 he purchased a home in Encino California for $3.4 million. This 5875-square-foot residence boasts “transitional modern architecture” and includes six bedrooms 5.5 bathrooms an office a lounge and a theater room.

In 2022 he put this Encino home on the market for $4.5 million. Around the same time, he spent $7.62 million on another property just a few miles away. The rapper has also made some custom changes to his properties including adding a basketball court next to the guesthouse in his Encino home.

Who Are Wiz Khalifa Parents?

Wiz Khalifa born Cameron Jibril Thomaz was raised by his parents Laurence Thomaz and Peachie Wimbush-Polk. His father Laurence served in the U.S. military which led to the family frequently relocating. Laurence divorced Wiz’s mother when Wiz was just three years old but remained an influential figure in his life.

Wiz credits his father as one of the reasons for his success. His mother Peachie has been a constant presence in his life often accompanying him to red-carpet events. She has been his biggest fan and cheerleader from the very beginning.

Who Are Wiz Khalifa Siblings?

Wiz Khalifa had an elder sister named Dorien ‘Lala’ Thomaz who sadly passed away on February 20, 2017, at the age of 32. The cause of her death has not been publicly disclosed. Dorien was a transgender woman and her passing was a significant emotional event for Wiz.

He also has a half-sister named Lauren Thomaz although not much is known about her. Wiz’s relationship with his siblings has been relatively private but the loss of his sister was a moment that deeply affected him.

Who Is Wiz Khalifa Dating?

Wiz Khalifa has been in the public eye for his music as well as his relationships. While the information about his current dating status is not explicitly available he has had high-profile relationships in the past most notably with Amber Rose. The two were married and had a son together but later separated.

Wiz Khalifa has also been linked to other celebrities and models over the years. His personal life has been a topic of discussion but as of now, there’s no confirmation on who he is currently dating.

Who Is Wiz Khalifa Married to?

Wiz Khalifa was previously married to Amber Rose a model and socialite from July 8, 2013, to 2016. The couple shares a son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz. After their divorce, Wiz Khalifa has been in various relationships. As of now, he is in a committed relationship with Aimee Aguilar an Instagram model and entrepreneur.

The couple has been together since 2019 and seems to be going strong. Aimee has even made small cameos in popular shows and runs a clothing brand called Oasis Swim.

Does Wiz Khalifa Have Kids?

Wiz Khalifa has one child a son named Sebastian Taylor Thomaz born on February 21, 2013. The boy affectionately known as “Bash” is the product of Wiz Khalifa’s previous marriage to model Amber Rose. The couple celebrated their son’s 10th birthday recently marking the occasion with a special celebration.

Wiz Khalifa and Amber Rose have been co-parenting harmoniously since their divorce and continue to share special moments with their son. Sebastian is the center of their world and both parents shower him with love and affection.

Wiz Khalifa Career

Wiz Khalifa whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz started his musical journey with his debut album “Show and Prove” in 2006. He initially signed with Warner Bros. Records in 2007 and later moved to Atlantic Records in 2010. His breakthrough came with the single “Black and Yellow” which not only topped the charts but also earned him two Grammy nominations.

Over the years he has released several successful albums like “O.N.I.F.C.” in 2012 and “Blacc Hollywood” in 2014. His song “See You Again” a tribute to late actor Paul Walker became a massive hit topping the charts for twelve non-consecutive weeks. Apart from music Wiz has acted in TV shows and films and has his own cannabis brand, Khalifa Kush.

How Old Is Wiz Khalifa?

Wiz Khalifa whose real name is Cameron Jibril Thomaz was born on September 8, 1987, making him 36 years old as of 2023. The rapper has been in the music industry since 2006 and over the years he has gained not just fame but also experience.

His age reflects a career that has spanned over a decade and a half during which he has released multiple hit albums singles and even ventured into acting. Wiz Khalifa’s age is a testament to his staying power in an industry known for its fast turnover.

How Tall is Wiz Khalifa?

Wiz Khalifa’s height has been a topic of discussion with various sources providing different figures. However, most credible sources suggest that he stands at around 6’3″. Wiz Khalifa is tall, and his lanky build often makes him appear even taller especially when he is on stage or in music videos.

It is worth noting that Wiz Khalifa himself has claimed heights ranging from 6’2″ to 6’4″ but the general consensus leans towards 6’3″.

What is Wiz Khalifa Ethnicity?

Wiz Khalifa has a mixed ethnic background that includes African-American Native American and European heritage. This blend of cultures has likely influenced not only his personal identity but also his musical style. Born as Cameron Jibril Thomaz Wiz Khalifa has a diverse ethnic background that adds layers to his persona making him a unique figure in the music industry.

What is Wiz Khalifa Nationality?

Wiz Khalifa born Cameron Jibril Thomaz is an American rapper. He was born on September 8, 1987, in Minot North Dakota U.S. His nationality is American and he has spent a significant part of his life and career in the United States particularly in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania where he gained prominence in the music industry.


How much is Wiz Khalifa net worth?

Wiz Khalifa net worth is $70 million

What was Wiz Khalifa’s breakthrough year financially?

2011 when he earned $11 million.

How much does Wiz Khalifa earn annually?

Over $20 million.

Does Wiz Khalifa have any notable investments?

Yes, he has his own cannabis brand called Khalifa Kush.

Is Wiz Khalifa involved in real estate?

Yes, he has bought and sold properties most recently a home in Encino for $4.5 million.

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