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Who Is Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz? Things You Should Know

Who Is Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz? Things You Should Know
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Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz is a young equestrian who has gained recognition as the daughter of actor David Boreanaz. David is well known for his role as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth, a homicide investigator, in the Fox series Bones, which aired from 2005 to 2017.

David Boreanaz is an actor who has gained fame for his roles in several television series, including Bones and SEAL Team. In SEAL Team, he played the role of Jason Hayes, a US Navy SEAL Commander-in-Chief and Special Warfare Operator. David has been married to Jamie Bergman, a former Playboy model, since 2001, and the couple has a daughter together named Bella.

Bella, the daughter of David Boreanaz and his wife Jamie Bergman, has already accomplished a lot at a young age, indicating a bright future ahead. Learn more about her life as the child of a famous TV star, her relationship with her father, and other interesting details.

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Bella, who was born on August 31, 2009, is of Italian-Slovenian descent and has the wisdom of her father to guide her.

Who Is Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz? Things You Should Know
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Although her father’s American ancestry is primarily from Pennsylvania and New York, three-quarters of his family tree can be traced back to Europe.

Bella’s father is half Italian and a quarter Slovak. The remaining quarter of his ancestry can be traced back to Pennsylvania, where there are roots in Irish and German immigration. He also has some French and Swiss heritage.

Bella’s maternal grandparents are from Salt Lake City, Utah.

David Boreanaz And His Wife Struggled To Conceive Their Daughter Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz

David Boreanaz has mentioned that he and his wife had been trying to conceive Bella for a couple of years before they were successful. The actor, who was born in Buffalo, New York, shared this information in September 2009.

“We’ve been trying to have another baby for a couple of years now so we are beyond excited, we’re over the moon.”

As his wife prepared to give birth to Bella, David Boreanaz, who stars in the CBS show SEAL Team, shared: “I’m expecting a baby.”

“Jaime’s pregnant, we’re doing construction at the house, and I’m just pulling my hair out. I didn’t go to Comic-Con because the baby would come at any minute. We’re just waiting and waiting. It’s nerve-wracking, extremely, [but] I finally just decided that it’s going to come when it’s going to come.”

During this time, David Boreanaz’s wife Jemima was on bed rest, and he had to stay close to home in case she went into labor. In an interview, David mentioned that he stayed within a 20-mile radius around the corner and didn’t allow himself to travel beyond that limit. He had previously worked as an extra in the TV series Bones.

The Meaning Behind Bella’s Name; It Was Originally Something Else

Bella’s original name was Bardot Vita Boreanaz, but her parents, David and Jaime, later changed it to Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz. Bella’s middle name, Bardot, was inspired by an event that occurred two weeks before her birth.

Who Is Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz? Things You Should Know

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Before Bella was born, David Boreanaz saw a photograph by Douglas Kirkland of Brigitte Bardot, taken in Spain in 1967. He was struck by the photograph and mentioned it on Live with Regis and Kelly, just two weeks before Bella’s birth on August 31. Bella’s middle name, Bardot, was inspired by this photograph of the famous actress.

David Boreanaz has described the photograph of Brigitte Bardot as conveying energy and having a stirring effect on him. He recalled the event, saying:

“I walked in and she was doing this little kind of a pose and it caught my eye…it was a reflective shot through a mirror – quite a shot, so it kind of hit me hard. It was the energy. The essence of that photograph kind of got me moved. It hit me hard,”

Bella’s father, explained

Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz As A Child 

In 2013, David Boreanaz said that Bella was adventurous and playful, much like he had been as a child. He described her as being very social and fond of jumping from one sofa to another chair. He also mentioned that she had a bit of a mischievous streak at the time.

Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz As A Child
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Boreanaz has noted that Bella, even from a young age, has been independent and free-thinking, much like her father. He also admitted that she has been able to get her way easily while growing up in the Boreanaz family.

David Boreanaz has revealed that his daughter Bella could get away with anything because she knew how to act like Daddy’s little girl.

Bella Is A Dancer Turned Equestrian

When Bella was younger, she took ballet lessons and also played softball. Around the same time, her older brother Jaden was a high school hockey player. Bella has also enjoyed riding horses.

Bella is now seriously involved in horse riding and has become a horsewoman.

Bella’s involvement in horse riding began in 2017, when her family leased her a horse named Charm so she could learn both jumping and dressage. By 2019, she had a new horse called Romeo.

Her Achievement As Equestrian

It’s worth noting that the Inter-School Equestrian League is a competition for young equestrians in the United States, and the hunter category is a type of horse show competition in which riders and horses are judged on their form and style while jumping over fences. The goal is to create a smooth, balanced, and effortless performance.

Who Is Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz? Things You Should Know

After winning the Interscholastic Equestrian League Overall Freshman Hunter, Bella’s mother celebrated her daughter’s achievement on Instagram, writing:

🎉 Bella is the 2021-2022 Interscholastic Equestrian League Overall Freshman Hunter Champion (even though she’s in the 6th grade). We are so incredibly proud of you Bella! Go Eagles 🦅 Thank you @futurity_farms!! #equestrianteam #hunters #seasonchampions

In the same year as her win in the Interscholastic Equestrian League, Bella’s horse Candy Crush also won the USHJA Outreach Horse Certificate of Merit Award. This award is given to horses that have achieved a gold level in the USHJA Outreach program.

Bella has also achieved success as a professional equestrian in other competitions, including winning her high school’s overall first-grade division.

She Was Also On The Show Bones 

Like her mother and brother, Bella has also made an appearance on an episode of Bones. She appears in an episode called “The Movie in the Making,” where she plays one of the children in Christine’s class when Brennan visits her to talk about his work. In addition to this cameo role, Bella has also appeared in a community production, playing the role of Oliver Twist in 2019.

Her Elder Brother Jaden Rayne Boreanaz Is A Musician And Singer

Bella’s brother Jaden Rayne Boreanaz was involved in the Traveling Hockey Players program in the early 2010s and spent the summer of 2012 at Heartland Hockey Camp in Minnesota. As a high school hockey player, Jaden won regional competitions and advanced to the state championships in 2017.

Jaden Rayne Boreanaz
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Bella’s older brother is currently a singer and musician who has released several singles to date.

Jaden began releasing his music in 2021 and can be found on Spotify under the name Jaden Rayne. He has approximately 3,679 listeners per month. In addition to his music career, Jaden is also the owner of the clothing line Pulse Los Angeles.

Parents’ Relationship; Her Father Cheated On Her Mother  

Bella’s parents, David and Jamie, met at a Playboy party in 2001 and married later that year in November. Jamie Bergman, Bella’s mother, was born on September 23, 1975 in Salt Lake City, Utah and is a former model and actress. She was featured as Playboy Playmate of the Month in the 45th-anniversary issue of the magazine in January 1999.

Jamie and David have been together since the early 2000s, but their relationship faced a significant challenge in the late 2000s.

Who Is Bella Vita Bardot Boreanaz? Things You Should Know

In the late 2000s, David Boreanaz admitted to cheating on Jamie Bergman with an unidentified woman. This occurred around the time that Bella was due to be born, and David also paid the woman money to keep the affair out of the public eye, including from his wife.

After his lover started demanding more money and threatening him, David Boreanaz decided to come forward with the affair. In addition to this scandal, it was also revealed that Boreanaz had an affair with Rachel Uchitel, a former lover of Tiger Woods.

During the affair with Rachel Uchitel, there were reportedly open text messages between the two when they were cheating on Jamie Bergman, Bella’s mother.

Despite the challenges in their relationship, Jamie and David Boreanaz were able to reconcile and save their union. David has stated that his infidelity brought him and Jamie even closer together.

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How Rich Is Bella’s Father, David Boreanaz; What Is His Net Worth?

David Boreanaz has been successful in the entertainment industry since the early 90s, and his net worth has grown significantly over the years. He is considered to be one of the wealthier TV actors, with an estimated net worth of around $30 million.

Before his successful role on the TV series Bones, David Boreanaz was already a regular on another popular show, Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Although the exact salary he earned for this role is not publicly known, it is likely that he received several hundred thousand dollars for his portrayal of Angel.

David Boreanaz
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David Boreanaz also received income from his self-titled spin-off, Angel. However, his highest salary came from his role on Bones, where he was paid $250,000 per episode. He appeared in more than 200 episodes of the show from 2005 until its final season, and also earned additional income as a producer in the later seasons.

In addition to his acting and producing work, David Boreanaz may also have gained additional wealth through a 2019 lawsuit against Fox. The studio paid out $178 million to Boreanaz and other stars of Bones, as well as additional plaintiffs.