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Ugly God Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Family, Facts

Ugly God Wiki, Bio, Girlfriend, Height, Net Worth, Family, Facts
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Ugly God is an American rapper and record producer who became famous by spreading his original music on Soundcloud. By the end of 2017, he had over 528,000 fans on Soundcloud, where he releases his music. With over 33 million spins on SoundCloud and another 15 million YouTube views, the ugly god can be considered an internet sensation.

One of his hit singles, Water, debuted at number 100 on the Billboard hot 100 and made it to number 80 on the charts. The single, which has been streamed over 87 million times since it was uploaded, was produced by the rapper himself alongside Danny Wolf. The huge success of the “Water” single earned him a contract with Asylum Records.

His debut mixtape, entitled “The Booty Tape”, was released in August 2017 and peaked at number 27 on the Billboard 200, since when his fan base has grown at a tremendous pace. The Ugly God was named “2017 Freshman Class” among the 10 members of the XXL. His first-grade freestyle, which he performed together with the rappers Playboi Carti, MadeinTYO and XXXTentacion, was seen over 18 million times on YouTube.

Ugly God Wiki

The ugly god initially called himself “Pussy Bacon”, but he had it changed for social reasons and because of the dissatisfaction of his parents. His first single “I Beat My Meat” was released in 2014 but had to be canceled because the director of his high school did not want to approve it. He uploaded it again during his first year of studies at the University of South Mississippi and it has been uploaded ever since. In 2016 he signed with the Red Dragon Label of iLoveMakonnen.

The ugly god is very funny and does not take his music seriously. The rapper admitted that in the beginning he made music for himself and it turned out that he attracted people’s attention. His tracks are known for being hilarious and having catchy beats that can make any listener nod. His lyrics seem like something your high school class clown would recite in the locker room. His self-deprecating sense of humor and ridiculous lyrics make him popular with his rapidly growing fan base.

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Ugly God Bio

Better known under his stage name Ugly God, Royce Davison was born in Indiana on September 19, 1996. He grew up in Houston and Mississippi and listened to artists such as the Ying Yang Twins and R. Kelly. The Ugly God began rapping and producing the summer before his senior year in high school. His first audience was his classmates and teachers.

He enrolled at the University of South Mississippi, where he majored in computer engineering, but dropped out before graduating. He claims that he is still enrolled at the university, but decided to stop attending classes when he started making money with music. After he dropped out of college, he formed the rap group “Little Dick Clique” with Famous Dex and Wintertime.

Girlfriend and Family

The ugly god has posted pictures of a supposed girlfriend on social media. Her name is Edith, but she is known on social media as “Ugly Goddess”. Her Instagram handle has over 38.1k followers, and judging by her Instagram posts, she must really be into high-end labels.

Very little is known about the ugly god’s family. We know that the rapper’s decision to abolish his former nickname “Pussy Bacon” was influenced by his parents. In his debut tweet in April 2012, the rapper made a reference to the fact that he has a sister. Since then, he has made no reference to the alleged sister or his parents.

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Ugly God’s Height, Net Worth and Other Facts

The ugly god is 5ft 9″ tall and weighs 172lbs. An analysis of his music sales, YouTube, and concert revenues brings the net worth of the rapper to an estimated $400,000. His average annual income is estimated at 100 000 dollars.

  • Ugly God loves animals

Several social media videos in which the ugly god grabs lizards and puts them on his nose bear witness to his fascination with reptiles. This eccentric side of him proved to be good for his publicity and it was this eccentric side that made him stand out in the first place.

  • He started his music career bearing the moniker “Pussy Bacon”

However, he dropped the name to be more marketable and also because his parents objected to the unique name. A wise decision, if you ask me.

  • He thinks he is really ugly

e chose the pseudonym “Ugly God” because he thinks he is really ugly himself. His Snapchat username is @Iamrealugly.

  • Ugly God does not drink and he does not smoke

The rapper is known for his sobriety and he describes drinking and smoking as “whack”. One of the standout tracks in his first mixtape “Stop Smoking Black & Milds” was a campaign against a brand of cigarettes. According to the rapper, he has never been tempted to try either of the vices, even though he is constantly exposed to them.

  • Ugly God wears fake jewelry

Ugly was honest enough to admit that his jewelry is fake, so are his watches and his grill. All fake!