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What Is Ty Pennington Doing Now, Is He Ever Coming Back To Extreme Makeover?

What Is Ty Pennington Doing Now, Is He Ever Coming Back To Extreme Makeover?
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In a world where most people only think about themselves and their well-being, Ty Pennington became a celebrity almost overnight through his pro bono reality TV programs for DIY enthusiasts. It all started with TLC’s Trading Spaces in 2000, but while he owes much of his later fame and background experience to the Trading Spaces, it was actually the Extreme Makeover of ABC: Home Edition (EM: HE) that gave him his edge as his fame and fortune skyrocketed with the program between 2003 and 2012.

After Extreme Makeover was canceled, Ty continued his life and career, although he gradually retired from the television world over the years. Since then, many have wondered why they no longer see the multi-talented actor as they once did. More importantly, people (especially fans blessed with fond memories) are wondering what Ty is doing now and if he will ever return to their favorite show, Extreme Makeover, when it airs again in February 2020. Here you will find everything you need to know.

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Who Is Ty Pennington?

Although Ty Pennington has become so popular today, no one can imagine that he once was just the street urchin next door? The TV star grew up in Atlanta, Georgia, along with his parents and siblings. He was born on October 19, 1964, as Gary Tygert Burton and is the son of Yvonne Burton and her ex-husband. Not long after his birth, his parents separated and as a result, his mother left him along with Ty and his older brother Wynn Burton.

Yvonne, who was a school psychologist, continued to raise her boys until she found love again and remarried. After their second marriage, Ty and Wynn were adopted by their mother’s new husband, which resulted in their family name “Burton” being changed to “Pennington”, which is the legal name of their stepfather.

He attended Sprayberry High School in Marietta, Georgia, and then Kennesaw State University, where he studied art and history. However, to fully pursue his passion, Ty Pennington continued to study graphic design at the Art Institute of Atlanta.

More recently, Ty has been telling a story about how her mother was barely home, forcing him and his brother to fend for themselves. He said that this way they only had to learn how to prepare a good meal for themselves. This is how he grew up in the world of DIY, which eventually made him what he is.

How Did He Become Famous?

Over the years, Ty Pennington has taken on several roles as an actor, television presenter, artist, writer, carpenter, and philanthropist. But as we mentioned earlier, he first became known through the reality show Trading Spaces on The Learning Channel (now TLC), where he worked as a carpenter between 2000 and 2003. He was then commissioned to host the reality series Extreme Makeover by ABC: Home edition.

Pennington’s career as a model began during his final semester of college when he had an encounter with a model scout who guided him through the industry. Over time, Ty walked the catwalks of major cities such as Germany, Canada, Italy, Japan, and Thailand, where he also lived for some time.

Pennington is also a successful book author who has published more than three bestsellers. His bibliography includes a reference work on home improvement entitled Home Repair Secrets Plus Cheap and Easy Projects to Transform Any Room (published in 2003). You may also be interested to know that Pennington is the brain behind the quarterly magazine “Ty Pennington at Home”, which he published in 2007.

Why Extreme Makeover: Home Edition Went Off-Air

Just as Ty Pennington’s meaning went up and down with the Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, the reason the show ended contains a lot of clues as to what became of the versatile star. Millions of fans of the show were deeply upset when it was not shown again in 2012. If only these angry fans knew what was happening backstage to see an end to the show, they might have been more understanding than they were at the end.

At first, it was quite heartwarming to see how families who had problems at home helped to avoid becoming homeless, but many viewers never knew what happened after the cameras were gone. For example, many of the beneficiary families were unable to pay the bills that their new big houses caused later – such as taxes and utility bills. One example is a family in Lake City, Georgia, who was selected in 2005 to benefit from EM: HE. When they were unable to maintain the house, the family had to take out a $450,000 mortgage, which they invested in a construction company that eventually failed.

There have also been cases where the houses have been foreclosed on. In such cases, members of the community who gave their hours of work to build the house became angry. Some cases even led to legal disputes. A good example of this is a case where Ty Pennington and his team rebuilt the house inhabited by two families (the Higgins and the Leomitises). The Higgins were a family of orphaned boys who lost both parents in 2004 and were taken in by the Leomitises through church association.

When they applied to EM: HE, their small home was converted into a nine-bedroom building to accommodate the Higgins more comfortably. But after the camera teams left, the Higgins claimed that the Leomitises had started an orchestrated campaign to kick them out of the house. So they sued the leomitists for using them to get help. They also joined the ABC Network because they had made them false promises.

As such a pattern continued to attract cases of EM: HE beneficiaries, ABC had no choice but to cancel the show, and their contract with Ty Pennington ended. They realized that simply building a home for a disabled family was not enough, as their needs were often more than just their domestic challenges.

What Has Ty Been Up To Since The Show Ended?

Immediately after the end of Extreme Makeover, ABC launched a new program called “Revolution” to replace it. The new program was designed to expand Extreme Makeover’s offerings; it was designed to help families with disabilities to do more than just build a house by helping them in areas such as health, skills acquisition, physical fitness, and more. Ty Pennington joined a team where he helped with the interior design. Other members of the “Revolution” team were Dr. Jennifer Ashton, Tim Gunn, Harley Pasternak, and Dr. Tifanie Davis. But the show only lasted half a year, as it debuted in January 2012 and ended in July of the same year.

The “Revolution” ended due to very low ratings. The low ratings, in turn, were due to too many cooks spoiling the broth, as many online comments claim. The following year, Ty started a furniture store in partnership with Sears. His fans were happy to get their hands on their hero’s furniture. After that, in 2014, Ty also moved to TNT, where his cooking skills became an asset when he became one of the hosts of a reality show called “On The Menu”, which featured only 10 episodes and a summary.

In 2015, Ty Pennington started a new job at The Food Network, where he (together with Amanda Freitag) was the host of the American Dinner Revival. However, this lasted until early 2016, when the show was closed.

In 2017, Philadelphia-based real estate big shot Peter Rotelle founded a new land development company called Studio E. Rotelle hired Ty Pennington to host the company’s syndicated show of the same name. He was also involved in the revitalization of the Trading Spaces in 2018. Ty Pennington has also been involved in pro bono work with the Abod Shelters Foundation around the world, particularly in Africa. Abod Shelters is a charity that provides shelter for homeless people around the world.

What Led to Ty Pennington Death Rumors

There was a time when the rumor started that Ty was dead. But after thorough research and the stalking of the popular American TV presenter Ty Pennington we can confirm that he is still alive and well. The report we gave about him above proves that this rumor was another famous death prank.

In the meantime, other celebrities like Taylor Swift, Avril Lavigne, Britney Spears, Justin Timberlake, Nick Jonas, Justin Bieber, and many others have had their fair share of the death rumors.

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Is He Returning To The New Extreme Makeover?

Hooray!!! Here’s good news for all fans of Extreme Makeover; the show that makes you cry will be back on air in February 2020. This time it will be broadcast by HGTV. But this time it’s not Ty Pennington who will host the show, although he is one of the many stars expected to be guests. Sure, that’s the answer for those of you who want to know if your favorite Ty is coming back.

This time the show will be hosted by Jesse Tyler Ferguson. Ferguson is the man who has been starring as “Mitchell Pritchett” in the ABC mockumentary family sitcom “Modern Family” since 2009.