Selena Gomez Hair, Body, Outfits, House
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Selena Marie Gomez is one of the most popular singers and actresses in the USA. She gained fame through her performances in the children’s series Barney & Friends, but her big breakthrough came in 2006 when she appeared in Wizards of Waverly Place on the Disney Channel. Furthermore, she has always been the fans’ favorite because of her music. However, these are not the only things Miss Gomez is known for. Everything else about her attracts the attention of her fans and many music lovers. From Selena Gomez’s unique hairstyle and curvy body to her stylish outfits and a spectacular house with striking architecture, she is an icon to be reckoned with. Here is a descriptive review of her hair, her body, her style,  and her house…

Selena Gomez Hair

For the 24-year-old actress/singer long hair is the right thing and she has been seen in many different long hairstyles. The only time she was seen with hair that did not go beyond her shoulders was in 2009 when she was still growing her dark forehead skin. Since then she has been quite fond of long curls, plaits, or braids that reach down to her bosom. As an almost round-face celebrity, her long hair offers her many stylish options to choose her face and body type. From the double side falling down to the single-sided trimming falling on her shoulders while the other side falls just below her bust, Selena Gomez’s hair is something to imitate. Some of the hairstyles that she particularly likes are the following;

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  •  Long straight – formal or casual, with the split in the middle on the side (2/3 split)
  •  Long wavy – Casual and formal with cracks in the middle of the head
  •  Up-do – Long formal or casual, often braided braids
  •  Long Curly Hairstyle – Casual and formal hairstyles that can curl down or only at the bottom and tips.

Selena Gomez Hair, Body, Outfits, House

She is a natural brunette with thick dark brown hair and boasts features of her Mexican father and an Italian mother. The long thick hair, curls, waves, and plaits are the ideal choice. They can also be straightened to give a clean, official look, loosened for an informal event and meeting place, or rolled up for a formal dinner.

Selena Gomez Body and Style

Selena Gomez has performed in many styles and fashion events. She has also won awards for her simple but sophisticated style. Her size 36-28-35 is perfect for all size 8 dresses, which is the ideal body type that models and most women dream of achieving during their training. She weighs 59 kg and is 165 cm tall. She wears size 7 (US) shoes and size 36 bras. For an actress who is known to be nutritionally conscious, Selena pays more attention to her figure and tries hard to maintain her body type and bra size. She does not win fashion and style awards for nothing. Her black/dark brown hair, slim neckline, and average size give her many options when it comes to accessories. She loves tight formal outfits when she goes out at events.

The singer also dresses in casual street clothes, including hoods, when she storms out for a moment or relaxes.

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Selena Gomez House

As a well-decorated star, Selena has many houses in different places in the USA. Recently she listed her house in Calabasas, California (pictured) for a cool $4.495 million. In 2014, she bought the five-bedroom house, which stands on three acres in a gated community, for $3.69 million. There’s a rumor that she’s leaving the house because of the stalker plague. It is not yet known if she has bought another mansion elsewhere, but she will probably stay in California somewhere near LA. Her Calabasas villa also had a heated swimming pool and a large backyard where she often held parties.


Selena Gomez is a beauty who can be seen on the big screens, and her roles attract many fans to the Hollywood cinema scene. She has appeared in many movies and has had an acting career since childhood. Her music career as a pop star has also blossomed, and she appears from time to time at various hot spots. Her style is an inspiration for models and other actresses as well as for many young women.