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Leland Chapman Wife, Siblings, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Sons, Daughter

Leland Chapman Wife, Siblings, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Sons, Daughter
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There is no doubt that Leland Chapman is one of the most popular names in the bond business. The American bail bondsman and bounty hunter has long been a leader in bail and escape bond insurance.

Leland Chapman and his family have decades of experience in arresting fugitives and criminals for financial rewards and are known for providing bail bondsmen, agency owners, and their employees with assistance in the recovery of refugees.

Because of his work, Leland Chapman has established himself as a professional boxer, kickboxer, and extreme fighter. He gained much public attention after his family’s bounty hunting business became a reality TV series – “Dog of the Bounty Hunters”. While Chapman played the lead role in “Dog: The Family Speaks” in 2006, he is also known for his appearance in the 2013 TV documentary – “Dog and Beth: On the Hunt”.

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Leland Chapman Wife, Siblings, Girlfriend, Net Worth, Sons, Daughter

Leland Chapman Bio, Age

Leland Chapman was not sure if he, like his father Duane Chapman, was destined for a career as a bounty hunter and bail bondsman when the family moved to Hawaii in 1988. The family is said to have settled in Honolulu, the capital and largest city of the state, “because a bounty hunter needs the scumbags of big city life to expand his business.

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It was at this time that Leland Chapman joined the family business. He dedicated his time to training to become a real bail bondsman and bounty hunter and learned from his father everything he needed to succeed in the bail bond business. Leland and Duane hunted many fugitives together.

As Leland blossomed in his career, he later decided to test his ability to do things without his father’s instructions. Leland left the company to work as CEO of Da Kine Bail Bonds on the Big Island.

Over time, Leland’s fame in the bail bond business grew. It was only reasonable for him to open his own bail bond company. So he started Kama’aina Bailbonds

Leland Chapman Bio

Born as Leland Blane Chapman, the bail bondsman will celebrate his 41st birthday on 14 December 2017. He was born in 1976 in Groom, Texas.

Leland started boxing, kickboxing, and mixed martial arts (MMA) at the age of 18. His last competition was a few years ago. He injured his left knee during the fight and after an operation was ordered to stop the fight or risk not being able to use his leg. Although he no longer fights in competitions, he helps train other fighters and still trains to stay in shape.

Leland Chapman Wife, Girlfriend

It is known that Leland Chapman was once married to Maui Chapman. The marriage began in 1995 and crashed in 2005. Although they are best acquainted with the circumstances surrounding the separation of Leland and Maui, the rumor is that it involved extramarital affairs.

After their separation, it was rumored that Leland Chapman had a romantic relationship with Lynette Yi. It is believed that they meet at an event show and that Lynette Yi was not in love with the bail bondsman. Leland’s fans made a lot of noise about Yi being a gold digger.

Leland Chapman married his current wife, Jamie Pilar Chapman, sometime in 2016.

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Siblings, Sons, Daughter

Leland’s father is currently married to his fifth wife, Alice Elizabeth. From all his marriages Duane Chapman has 12 children; 9 sons and 3 daughters. The daughters are Lyssa, Barbara Katie, and Bonnie.

Duane Lee, Nicholas, Tucker Dee, Garry, Wesley. Christopher Michael, Zebediah Duane, and Jame Robert are his sons.

Leland, Duane Lee, and Lyssa have all worked with Duane and Beth as bounty hunters.

Leland Chapman has fathered three children, a daughter Leiah Breanna and two sons, Dakota and Cobie Chapman. While Dakota was from Leland’s high school girlfriend Raina, Cobie was from his ex-wife Maui Chapman.

It is believed that his daughter is from his ex-girlfriend Lynette Yi.

Leland Chapman Net Worth

Several figures were given as Leland Chapman’s net worth. Some sources estimated its value at $500,000, others said it was much more than that $2 million.

Therefore, it would be gloating if Celebily were to authenticate any of these figures as Leland Chapman’s net worth. It’s safer to simply point out that much of his property comes from the path he has chosen as his profession.