Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Blake Lively’s family is deeply rooted in showbiz, but this is just one of the many cool facts about the talented actress. So before we get into the subject of Blake Lively’s body measurements, let’s check out a few more facts about the gossip girl actress.

She was born on August 25, 1987, as Blake Ellender Brown with actor Ernie Lively (née Ernest Wilson Brown, Jr.) and Elaine as a talent scout.
Although she was born into an acting family, she had her own dreams. When she was younger she wanted to study at Stanford University. She actually went to her first audition to reassure her brother who, although she could not do anything with her life. In the end, she landed her breakout role in Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants.Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Here’s an interesting one, Blake was such a badass in her audition for Sisterhood Of The Travelling Pants that they had no choice but to hire her. Apparently, she just walked in, gave them a headshot and walked out (microphone broken).
Blake was never able to refer to any of the characters she played on the screen, she admitted they were all very different from her as a person.Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

The actress loves to simply cook and she claims that it is due to her greater love of food. Above all she loves to bake, her husband, the very pretty Ryan Reynolds, calls her kitchen the Blakery because she bakes there all the time.
Well, here’s an interesting game for Blake Lively- and Gossip Girl fans, she knows her Gossip Girl co-star, Penn Badgley, since she’s 11 years old.Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Some of her favorite musicians are Ray Charles, Britney Spears, and Justin Timberlake. She must have a very interesting taste in music.
She met her husband, Ryan Reynolds, on Green Lantern’s set and at the time they started catching feelings, he was still married to Scarlett Johansson, how scandalous!
The star just loves going to Disney Land, but who doesn’t?

Well, that’s it for today at this point, it’s now time we dealt with the subject at hand, starting with Blake Lively’s greatness.

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Blake Lively’s Height

She is one of those people who have always been on the high side of the altitude spectrum, there is even a sweet little story that confirms this claim. Blake was quite a little genius and she started primary school at the age of 3, but what really helped her get her foot in was the fact that she was unusually tall for her age. She was actually admitted to school at the age of 6.Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

So it is only natural that she grows up to 1.80 m tall. Isn’t that obvious? Well, apparently not, in 2009 she has to make some speculations about her size, ‘ First of all I’m not 5 feet 2 inches, I am 5 feet 10 inches tall,’ she said. It is quite surprising that people would peg her for someone that short given the fact that it is kind of obvious that she is tall.Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Still, on the subject of Blake Lively’s height, the star indicated that her size was a limiting factor when it came to her love of high heels. Here’s what she said about Access Hollywood 2012,‘ I love really high heels, so it becomes a problem sometimes. I just feel like huge … you don’t want to feel like the man.’

Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Well, thank God her 1.80 m tall husband gives her the feeling that she has every bit of the woman she is. Here are the names of some remarkable celebrities as tall as the actress. Taylor Swift, Johnny Depp, Tyra Banks, and Adriana Lima all share the size of Blake Lively.

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Blake Lively’s Weight

Since we first saw her on screen, the star has maintained her slender and slim form, even pregnancy and childbirth could not completely change her wavering body. They already know that she has reached rock star status when it comes to losing her baby weight, and here’s a little insight on how she takes care of the business.Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

Blake admitted she’s on some pretty intensive diets: “I didn’t make gluten or soy once you’ve removed soy, you realize you don’t eat processed foods. So that’s basically what I did. No processed foods and then exercise. For them, the most difficult part of all was not training, but not soy.Blake Lively’s Height, Weight And Body Measurements

She pointed out that while it may seem simple, it is not a trivial feat because soy is a common ingredient in almost everything, even organic foods. The star currently weighs 63 kilograms.

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Blake Lively’s Body Measurements

In addition to Blake Lively’s height and weight, here is a summary of all her body measurements.

Height: 5 feet 10 inches

Weight: 63 kilograms

Bra Size: 32 C

Breast Size: 35 inches

Waist Size: 26 inches

Hip Size: 36 inches

Feet/Shoe Size: US 9, EU 39-40, UK 7

Quick Facts About Blake Lively

Date of Birth: 25 August 1987
 Age: 32 years old
 Birth Nation: United States of America
 Height: 5 Feet 10 Inch
Name Blake Lively
Father Ernie Lively
Mother Elaine Lively
Nationality American
Birth Place/City Tarzana, Los Angeles, California
Ethnicity White
Profession Model
Net Worth $16 million
Eye Color Blue
Hair Color Brown
Body Measurements 35-26-36
Weight in KG N/A
Married Yes
Married to Ryan Reynolds (m. 2012)
Children James Reynolds
Education Burbank High School
Awards Teen Choice Awards 2011
Movies The Age of Adaline 2015
TV Show Gossip Girl 2007 – 2012
Sisters Robyn Lively, Eric Lively, Jason Lively, Lori Lively