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Rick Cosnett Gay, Body Measurements, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Bio

Rick Cosnett Gay, Body Measurements, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Bio
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Fans of CW’s The Vampire Diaries would recognize Zimbabwean-Australian Rick Cosnett for his recurring role as Dr. Wesley Maxfield, a role that lasted 12 episodes from 2013 to 2014. Cosnett then joined another CW show, The Flash, in which he played the lead role of Eddie Thawne. Rick’s incredible acting quickly made him a fan favorite. Unfortunately, Cosnett’s character didn’t last as long as they would have liked because he died in the first season finale, which is sad for The Flash fans.

On the positive side, his fans were able to see their favorite superhero back in action as an FBI analyst in the new ABC series Quantico. However, his “openly gay” role somehow surprised his fans.

Judging by the originality of the gay scenes, it’s hard to believe that this is Cosnet’s first gay role. As always with actors who have just played gay roles, Cosnett fans can’t help but wonder if there is any chance that their ex-superhero is gay in real life.

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Curious fans have been researching Cosnett’s past dating experiences and we suspect that you are one of them, so here you are. Follow us as we try to research facts about Cosnett’s personal life that could mean he is either gay or heterosexual.

Rick Cosnett Gay, Body Measurements, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Bio

Rick Cosnett Gay

Cosnett’s Quantico character, Elias Harper, is not only openly gay but is also described as very funny, accomplished, and brilliant. He is a former criminal lawyer whose brilliance lies in the fact that he was recruited by Quantico as an analyst for the FBI. Harper always loves to be right, but he is soft and kindhearted in away.

To answer the big question correctly, it is very likely that Cosnett is NOT gay, and we have some facts that could prove it. We stumbled across Cosnett’s 2014 interview with Flare.com and Briony Smith did well to ask him some questions about his love for women.

When asked what he likes to see in a woman, Cosnett said he loves to see a woman wearing what comes naturally to her. He also revealed his celebrity crush on Emmy winner Toni Collette. A gay man wouldn’t have a crush on a woman, would he?

Rick Cosnett Married/Girlfriend/Wife

A relationship with a woman would make it even more credible that Cosnett isn’t gay, but unfortunately, this information is hidden from the public, as Cosnett seems to be private about his love life. However, because the women who were in his life are not known, this doesn’t make him gay.

Interestingly enough, Rick is a romantic when asked by flare.com about the one thing he can’t live without when he says “love”.

Rick Cosnett Gay, Body Measurements, Married, Girlfriend, Wife, Bio

We all hope that he moderates his privacy and gives us all an insight into his romantic life. Until then, there is not enough reason to call Cosnett a gay man just because he played a gay role.

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Body Measurements

Height: 5 feet 11 inches (180). Cosnett is one of those men who love the hunky look, and mine does well on him.

However, the exact numbers of his biceps and triceps have not been released to the media.


Rick was born Richard James Cosnett on 6 April 1983 in Chegutu, Zimbabwe. He later moved to Australia, where he studied BFA Acting at the Queensland University of Technology. Rick has two sisters. His cousin is the legendary English actor and film producer of Hugh Grant.

Cosnett began his acting career in the theatre before trying his hand at film and television. At the beginning of his career, he worked in an underground bar in Australia, where he “cleaned up all sorts of things you don’t want to clean up”.

Cosnett made his professional acting debut in Forensic Investigators where he played the recurring role of Mal Henshall in 8 episodes. He made his feature film debut in the Australian film The Bet in 2006 and since then he has been more active on the small screen, only appearing in short films.

Rick’s secret fantasy is to one day appear in a Broadway musical.

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