Where is Daniel Saunders, Garcelle Beauvais ex-husband?

Daniel Saunders is a celebrity husband who rose to fame as the former spouse of Garcelle Beauvais. She is a Haitian-American actress, writer, TV personality, and former model. Beauvais is notable for her participation in RHOHB and the sitcom “The Jamie Foxx Show”.

Saunders met the love of her life in New York and it was love at first sight for both of them. The couple then became engaged to be married just a few months later. Husband and wife even became parents to a son, but eventually, everything stopped working.

What happened after the divorce? Did Daniel have relationships with others? Was he a good father to his kids? Read on to find out more about Daniel Saunders, the ex-husband of Garcelle Beauvais. Find out also about his birthday, love life, children, wife, and so on!

Daniel Saunders Age, Nationality, And Ethnicity

The celebrity spouse was born on 3 September in the United States of America. However, since he has not revealed his birth year, we don’t know anything about it yet. Although looking at his appearance and the age of his ex-wife, we can assume that he is around 50 years old.

In addition, Saunders is of African-American ethnic origin and American by nationality. Apart from these facts, his origins and early news are a mystery. As he also does not make public appearances and prefers to stay behind the camera, information about him in the media is scarce.

Who Is Daniel Saunder’s Ex-Wife, Garcelle Beauvais?

Garcelle Beauvais is a Haitian-American actress, writer, TV personality, and former model, most famous for her participation in the sitcom “The Jamie Foxx Show”. She has also starred in several films, TV series, and shows such as NYPD Blue, Coming to America (1988), White House Down (2013), Spider-Man Homecoming (2017), and others.

The actress started her career at a young age and continued to pursue her goals. At the age of seventeen, she started modeling and working with agencies. Later, she also entered the world of acting and established her name in Hollywood.

She also has a jewelry line called Petit Bijou and is the author of a children’s book called “I am the Mixed One”.

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Daniel Saunders was Married to Garcelle Beauvais For Nine Years

The couple met in New York when the actress was starting her modeling career. As soon as they bumped into each other, they felt a connection and started dating without hesitation. Despite this, the former couple has not disclosed either the date of their meeting or the date of their marriage.

The lovebirds were deeply in love at the time, so they decided to tie the knot after just a few months. Eventually, the girlfriend and boyfriend went to the altar to become husband and wife.

Two years after the wedding, the former abusers became parents to a son. Garcelle also told PEOPLE that she always wanted to have a boy first and then a girl, so in a way she got her to wish.

Unfortunately, their lovely marriage did not last. As things did not work out between the couple in the days that followed, they separated when their child was only four years old. The couple eventually ended their cohabitation and officially divorced in 2000.

Was Daniel In a Relationship With Anyone After the Divorce?

As a celebrity husband who likes to keep his personal life out of the media, there is no information that he was engaged to anyone after his divorce from his first wife. He has not spoken about an engagement or about a relationship with another woman after Garcelle Beauvais.

On the other hand, his ex-wife married CAA talent agent Mike Nilon in 2001. She also gave birth to twin brothers, Jax Joseph and Jai Thomas Nilon, on 18 October 2007.

Daniel Saunders Has a Son and a Grandson

As we mentioned earlier, Daniel became a father to a son, Oliver Saunders. He is the only child of Mr. Saunders, who was born on 22 February 1991. After Oliver’s parents divorced, the child lived with his mother, but Daniel was also involved in his upbringing. He used to visit his son and continues to have a great relationship with him. It looks like his mother and father parted on good terms!

With this in mind, Daniel is now not only a father but also a grandfather. His son Oliver exchanged vows with his fiancé-wife Sam Kovid during a private wedding ceremony on 24 May 2020. On 22 February of the same year, the couple had already welcomed a son, Oliver junior.

Saunders still visits his son and grandson during celebrations and meetings. Oliver seems to like his dad very much, as he constantly shares pictures of him on Instagram.

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Oliver Struggled With Drug Addiction

Although Saunders’ son’s life now looks quite orderly, it was not always the same. He was addicted to drugs and was even expelled from five schools because of his behavior. However, his parents were always there to help and support him.

Where is Daniel Saunders, Garcelle Beauvais ex-husband?

After Daniel and his ex-wife found no way to get him back on track, they sent him to the Valley Wilderness camp. Fortunately, after just five months at the camp in Colorado, he became sober and later started a career as a rapper.

What Is The Net Worth Of Daniel Saunders?

Daniel Saunders is said to be a producer, but there is no confirmed proof of this. He came to the limelight because of the popularity of his ex-wife, but his profession was not much talked about. However, according to some sources, he has a net worth of around $1 million.

Meanwhile, his ex-wife is a successful media personality who has amassed a fortune during her career and continues to do so. She is a multi-millionaire with total assets of $8 million. She has also purchased a new beach house for a holiday in Ventura County, California, worth $765 000.

Quick Facts About Daniel Saunders

Full Name:Daniel Saunders
Profession:Celebrity Husband
Country:United States of America
Marital Status:divorce
DivorceGarcelle Beauvais
Net Worth$8 million
Eye ColorLight Brown
Hair ColorBlack