Home Celebrity Meet Joseph Herbert Jr., Jo Koy’s Son; Who Is His Biological Mother?

Meet Joseph Herbert Jr., Jo Koy’s Son; Who Is His Biological Mother?

Meet Joseph Herbert Jr., Jo Koy’s Son; Who Is His Biological Mother?
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Joseph Herbert Jr. is known to us all as Joe Coy’s son. His father, Jo Koy or Joseph Herbert Sr, is a Filipino-American comedian who first came to media attention after doing stand-up on the Jay Leno show.

When you’re a star, it’s only natural that all your relatives become famous too. Similarly, Joe’s son, Joe Junior, is an object of curiosity among his millions of fans.

Today, in this article, we take a closer look at the life of Joseph Herebert Jr. and find out some interesting facts about him. In addition, we will also find out who is his mother.

Who Is Joseph Herbert Jr.’S Biological Mother?

Born on 21 April 2003 in the United States of America. He is the only child between Joe Coy and his ex-wife, whose name is Angie King.

As for Joseph’s ethnic origin, he is of Filipino and Caucasian descent on both parents’ sides. Interestingly, Jo Koy’s father is Caucasian, but his mother is Filipino, and the same goes for Joseph Junior’s mother.

Herbert Junior lives in California with his father and grew up in the same state. Since his parents were divorced, they are raising him together under a custody arrangement.

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Detail On Joseph Herbert Jr’s Parents’ Relationship

Joe and Angie enjoyed the bliss of marriage for a few years before they finally decided to separate for good. It is reported that the former flames parted amicably. Moreover, not much is known about the initial phase of their relationship. All that is known is that they started dating sometime in the early 2000s.

The only reason why it is not known is that Kooy does not like to talk about his personal life. He has made his position on privacy clear in many interviews. Kooij simply does not like the media or even his fans digging into his life.

On the other hand, Herbert Jr’s mother Angie King, like his father, has also not revealed anything about her relationship with Joe.

Joseph Herbert Jr’s Mother And Father, Despite Separation, Are Still Close Friends

If there is one couple that is a true example of the goals of ex-couples, it is Joe and Angie. Not only have they maintained a cordial relationship over the years for the sake of their son, but they also still have great respect for each other.

In many cases, ex-spouses tend to be hostile toward each other, but not in this case. What is exemplary about Joe and King’s relationship is that they are still seeing each other as a couple. They even spent the entire 2020 quarantine together in Joe’s home.

When news broke that they were spending time in the same house with their son, people thought they were back together. But on the contrary, the duo decided to live under the same roof only because they did not want their son to travel from Joe’s house to King’s house and so on and so forth during the raging pandemic.

In 2020, when Coy appeared on a segment of Windy City Live, he revealed that he and his wife were living together at home. In addition, his ex-wife also appeared on the show. Take a look!

Because Koy’s baby, Joseph Jr, is definitely a lucky guy. His parents may not be related by marriage, but he has never felt the need for them to be.

Joseph’s Jr. Education

The Herbert family is devoutly Catholic. Joseph also attended a Catholic junior school. He attended St. Mel’s School in Woodland, California. He completed the second grade in 2017.

After entering junior high, both his father and mother expressed their joy on social media. Coy shared a video of a comedy sketch-like scene in which he is seen crying as his son heads off to college.

It must be something to see your child grow up. One day you take him to kindergarten and the next moment he’s graduating from college.

He Often Appears In His Father’s Live Shows

Unlike other children of stars who rarely appear in public with their famous parents, Joseph usually appears with his dad on live shows.

And Koya’s son is usually the center of his jokes. One of his special comedy programs is about a single father with a teenage son. In the special, we see Koja’s fatherly side and other intimate details about their relationship.

Also, in an interview with LasVegasSun, Koy talked about how his son is a big part of his appearances as well. He said, “My son, oh man, I feel like every year I have 25 to 30 minutes of material talking about him. He just keeps growing up.”

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Is Joseph Jr. Dating?

Judging by his Instagram account, which has more than 52,3 thousand followers, he doesn’t seem to have any girlfriend or boyfriend. He is busy with his studies, so maybe he is not interested in dating, or maybe he hasn’t met the right person.

Whatever the case, he is enjoying his single life and living the life that many dreams of. However, this does not mean that he is like one of those spoiled rich kids. His mum and dad have raised a great man who is humble and knows where he comes from.

Quick Facts About Joseph Herbert Jr. 

NameJoseph Herbert Jr., Lil Joe
Date of Birth21-Apr-03
Age16 years
FatherJo Koy
MotherAngie King
Grand FatherMsgt. John C. Herbert
Grand MotherJosie Harrison
AddressLos Angeles, United States
EducationHigh School