Who Is Marcus Butler? Here’s Everything You Must Know About The YouTuber

You see, technology and social media have indeed brought power back to the people. All it takes now to be “heard” is the right navigation through the freely accessible and free social media platforms. Many people have understood this and used it to their advantage, including the popular YouTuber named Marcus Butler.

Who Is Marcus Butler?

On December 19, 1991, a small English baby was born in Shoreham-by-Sea, England, who carried the name, Marcus Lloyd Butler. His mother, sue_kay10, as she is called on Instagram, is so loved and proud of her children and husband that she constantly puts it on display.

It is known that Marcus Butler has two beautiful sisters who give birth to Heidi and Natasha, but what is not known is his level of education. Some sources claim that the guy attended Shoreham College and graduated in 2007. Well, education isn’t everything in life, as they say, and that’s also true for Marcus, whose claim to fame is based on his videos.

Marcus Butler

He started creating and editing mixes of different footage and posted them on his YouTube channel. But when his viewers constantly suggested and requested a separate channel for his content, he gave in and Marcus Butler TV was born. Unable to rest on his laurels, he went one step further and began collaborating with other equally popular people on YouTube, creating much more compelling content as his fame grew. Among his outstanding personalities are Tyler Oakley, Zoella, and Joey Graceffa.

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Things You Must Know About The YouTuber

1. Interestingly, Marcus got a TV spot in the British show Release the Hounds in the cast alongside Alfi Deyes, another YouTuber. This opened up an avalanche of TV show appearances for him, including Good Morning Britain.

2. Marcus is also an author. His first and only book to date, Hello Life! was published in July 2015.

3. He has a passion for music and was part of a five-piece band. Together with his bandmates (Caspar Lee, Joe Sugg, Jim Chapman, and Alfie Deyes) Marcus Butler collected donations for a comic relief campaign. In 2016 he released a title entitled I’m Famous with Conor Maynard.

4. The YouTuber is a big fan of basketball and soccer. He has played a handful of games for charity.

5. As a model Marcus is a 6-foot tall chunk with a bodyweight of 75 kg (165 lb). His dreamy blue eyes never stop captivating and captivating his fans, especially the folk lady. This archer has light brown hair, which makes him all the more charming. Most of the time you can catch him in an outfit of Adidas, All Saints, or Alexander McQueen. Also, Marcus Butler is straight in all shades.

6. He was in a relationship with his childhood friend, a lifestyle and fashion blogger, Niomi Smart, until December 2015, shortly after their second year as a couple. Niomi was studying law after her university education when Marcus took her to blog. She used this to demonstrate her skills in fashion, beauty, and cooking.

Who Is Marcus Butler? Here’s Everything You Must Know About The YouTuber

In no time she had gained many fans and supporters and even launched Eat Smart, her cookbook of homemade recipes of delicious goodness. Of course, he also introduced her to Instagram. Before the split, “Narcus” (as they were popularly known) opened a snack delivery company called SourcedBox, and they assured their fans and customers that business would continue with the help of a good friend.

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About a year later, in 2016, Marcus turned to social media to introduce his fans to the new queen of his heart, Stefanie Giesinger (a model). Stefanie was Germany’s next top model at the time, and the duo had met at the amfAR gala on the French Riviera in May 2016. The really shocking thing about this new friend was her amazing resemblance to Niomi.

7. At the time of writing, the YouTuber has 4.4 million subscribers on its channel of the same name and 3.4 million followers on Instagram. On Twitter, it boasts another 3.46 million subscribers. He also has two other channels on YouTube, although he no longer updates one of them.

Only Marcus, the second channel is reserved for his daily activities, which are also fun. No wonder everyone wants to advertise with him, and his net worth is estimated at $750,000.