Who Is Crystal Blease? Age, Birthday, Son, Girlfriend, Polo G
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Crystal Blease is an American entrepreneur who is making waves on TikTok and YouTube. But that’s not all – her Instagram is full of stunning modeling shots and lifestyle snaps that have grabbed everyone’s attention. And when news of her relationship with rapper Polo G hit the headlines, her fanbase skyrocketed even more.

She is a savvy entrepreneur running a few businesses. Crystal is also a big name in the online world, creating fun and exciting content and teaming up with brands like Fashion Nova. She is known for her past relationship with Polo G, with whom she shares a child. These days, she’s happily involved in another relationship.

Key Takeaways

  • Crystal Blease an American entrepreneur and social media sensation gained fame through TikTok, YouTube, and Instagram.
  • She’s known for modeling lifestyle content and brand collaborations notably with Fashion Nova.
  • Previously in a relationship with rapper Polo G, she now dates Lil Perfect.
  • Crystal manages online stores and shares insights into her life and interests with her large following.

Who Is Crystal Blease?

Who Is Crystal Blease? Age, Birthday, Son, Girlfriend, Polo G
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Crystal Blease hails from Chicago, Illinois, USA. Her parents are originally from Belize. They split up when she was just three and she spent her upbringing with her dad. She has quite the extended family, with lots of half-siblings from her parents’ later marriages.

Crystal is a Virgo. She is American, with African-American roots. She comes from a wealthy and accomplished Christian family, so she practices Christianity.

How old is Crystal Blease?

As of April 2024, Crystal Blease is 23 years old, born on September 26, 2000, making her a Virgo.

What does Crystal Blease do for a living?

Who Is Crystal Blease? Age, Birthday, Son, Girlfriend, Polo G
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Crystal is a social media star and businesswoman. She is famous on Instagram for posting her modeling shots and lifestyle pics to over 708 thousand followers as of now.

Blease loves beauty and fashion, and she’s all about promoting products from brands like Fashion Nova and Pretty Hair Weave. Plus, she’s got a massive following of over 230 thousand fans on Twitter.

Crystal has a huge audience on TikTok, where she shares videos about dancing, lip-syncing, and giving beauty and fashion advice. Right now, she’s got around 753 thousand followers on TikTok. She also has a YouTube channel that she started in August 2021, with over 193 thousand subscribers. On there, she does pranks, gives fashion and beauty tips, shows off her travels, and shares bits of her daily life.

Beyond her social media hustle, Crystal runs a couple of online stores. There’s Shop Bratitude, where she sells beauty products and clothes, and Crystal Couture, where you can find all sorts of beauty goodies.

Crystal Blease Family

Who Is Crystal Blease? Age, Birthday, Son, Girlfriend, Polo G
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Crystal hails from the United States and proudly identifies as African-American. She’s pretty tight-lipped about her family, so details about her parents are scarce. But what we do know is that since she was a little girl, she’s been obsessed with all things cosmetics and skincare.

Growing up in Chicago under the care of her father, who is originally from Belize in the Caribbean, Crystal’s family went through a split when she was just three. After the separation, she lived with her dad and stepmom. Despite the early split, Crystal’s upbringing was filled with love and support. Her dad was her rock, and she formed a close bond with her stepmom too. In a YouTube video, Crystal mentioned having 17 half-siblings from both her mom’s and dad’s sides.

Her childhood was marked by lots of attention and affection from her parents, who always made sure she had everything she needed to pursue her passions. This nurturing environment likely played a significant role in shaping the confident and successful woman Crystal is today.

As for her education, Crystal hasn’t spilled many beans. We do know she completed high school, but where she went remains a mystery.

What happened between Polo G and Crystal?

Crystal used to be Polo G’s girlfriend, and they were together from 2018 to 2021. We’re not sure why they split, but Crystal hinted on Twitter that Polo G cheated. There is also talk that she might have been involved with one of Polo G’s friends after they broke up.

Does Polo G have a kid with Crystal?

Who Is Crystal Blease? Age, Birthday, Son, Girlfriend, Polo G
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Yep, the American rapper has a son with his ex-girlfriend. Polo G and Crystal Blease’s little boy is Tremani Legend Bartlett, born on July 6, 2019. He is four years old as of April 2024, and he is already making waves on Instagram.

Even though Polo G and Crystal split up, they are both still involved in raising their child.

Is Crystal Blease dating anyone?

After her breakup with Polo G, the online entertainer started dating American rapper and internet personality Lil Perfect, also known as Jazz. They went public with their relationship in 2021 and have been making lots of YouTube videos together ever since. Crystal Blease’s partner, Lil Perfect, identifies as queer.

Net Worth

Who Is Crystal Blease? Age, Birthday, Son, Girlfriend, Polo G
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As of 2024, Crystal Blease’s net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. She has earned this tidy sum through her diverse career as an entrepreneur, savvy investor, Instagram sensation, beauty guru, YouTuber, TikTok influencer, and overall social media star.

Crystal Blease’s measurements

Lil Perfect’s girlfriend stands at 5 feet 5 inches (165 centimeters) tall. She weighs around 128 pounds (58 kilograms) and has measurements of 36-26-37 inches (91-66-94 centimeters).

Quick Facts

1. How old is Crystal Blease? She was born on September 26, 2000. she would be 22 Years old.

2. When is Crystal Blease’s birthday? She celebrates her birthday on September 26th every year.

3. Does Crystal Blease have a son? Yes, She has a son with rapper Polo G.

4. What is Crystal Blease known for? She is known for being a social media influencer and the former girlfriend of rapper Polo G. She is also the mother of their child.

5. Where is Crystal Blease from? She was born in Chicago, Illinois, but currently resides in Houston, Texas.

6. Are Crystal Blease and Polo G still together? No, Crystal and Polo G are no longer together.

7. What is Crystal Blease’s zodiac sign? Her zodiac sign is Virgo.

8. What makes Crystal Blease Famous? She is mainly famous for being a big deal on social media, where she has a huge following. Plus, her connection with rapper Polo G has also helped boost her fame.

9. What is the body measurement of Crystal Blease? Her body measurement is 36-26-37 inches.

10. Is Crystal Blease in a relationship? Yep, she’s dating Lil Perfect, the singer known for Lost Yor Love.

Wrap Up

In the whirlwind of social media Crystal Blease shines bright blending entrepreneurship with captivating content creation. Her journey from modeling to brand collaborations and personal relationships reflects the dynamic landscape of modern fame. With a loyal following and entrepreneurial spirit Crystal continues to inspire and entertain.