Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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Meet Kayla Nicole, who used to date NFL star Travis Kelce. Travis, known for his incredible performances as a tight end for the Kansas City Chiefs, and Kayla started seeing each other back in 2017. Their relationship had its ups and downs over five years.

Rumors were swirling around about their split, with some even suggesting it was because of money matters. But in January 2023, during an interview on The Pivot Podcast, Kelce cleared the air, saying, “Don’t believe that stuff.”

Now, Kelce is in a relationship with pop sensation Taylor Swift, while Nicole is focused on moving on. She even unfollowed some friends, like Brittany and Patrick Mahomes, on Instagram.

Are you interested in knowing more about Kayla Nicole? She has a journalism background and is making progress in the fashion world.

Key Takeaways

  • Kayla Nicole, known for her relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, has made strides in journalism and fashion.
  • After graduating from Pepperdine University in broadcast journalism, she’s worked for ESPN and Barstool Sports.
  • Nicole, a fashion influencer, models for brands like Revolve and Savage X Fenty.
  • Despite her past, she’s focused on her fitness brand and moving forward in life.

From College Grad to Sports Reporter

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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Before Nicole met Kelce, she already loved sports and even studied to work in that world. In 2018, she shared on Instagram a “friendly reminder” that she graduated from Pepperdine University in 2013 with a degree in broadcast journalism.

She expressed her passion for hosting in a video she posted, where she was wearing a Lakers jersey and reporting from outside the Staples Center in Los Angeles, California.

Career in Sports and Entertainment Reporting

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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After finishing her studies at Pepperdine, Nicole got hosting jobs at sports media companies like ESPN and Barstool Sports. She’s become well-known for reporting from NBA courtsides and NFL sidelines. Besides sports, Nicole has also covered entertainment news.

She had chats with Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler during their 2017 tour for “The House and with Sterling K. Brown during his 2019 tour for “Angry Birds 2,” all for Global Grind.

Work in Fashion Modeling

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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Apart from her media ventures, Nicole has also ventured into modeling and represents various fashion brands like Revolve, Crocs, and Savage X Fenty.

She showcases her modeling work on Instagram, where she also shares her passion for fitness and exercise. Additionally, Nicole runs a fitness brand called Strong Is Sexy.

Kayla Nicole Slides into Travis Kelce’s DMs

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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Although the exact time Nicole and Kelce crossed paths is unknown, Nicole once mentioned that they initially connected through Instagram. In a now-deleted Instagram Story captured by TMZ, she shared, “He had been following me and insta-flirting for a few months.”

She continued, “All double taps and no dm. Soooo after a little liquid courage and a pep talk from @iqueenb (something along the lines of ‘WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR’) I DM’d him on New Year’s.”

An On-Again, Off-Again Relationship

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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After exchanging messages on Instagram, Kelce and Nicole began dating in 2017. Over the following years, their relationship went through periods of breaking up and reconciling.

Their first breakup happened in August 2020. Kelce confirmed the split after fans speculated about it when Nicole removed pictures of him from her Instagram a week earlier.

Amid rumors that Kelce cheated on Nicole with someone named “Becky,” he denied it in a now-deleted tweet. According to a screenshot from TMZ, Kelce wrote on Twitter, “This is fake news… a lie… and not why Kayla and I broke up. Take all your hatred somewhere else please.”

A few months later, in November, they decided to give their relationship another try. Kelce publicly acknowledged their reconciliation during an Instagram Live session with WNBA player Chiney Ogwumike, affectionately calling Nicole “my girlfriend” and praising her as “the absolute best.”

However, in May 2022, they parted ways once again. According to reports from Barstool Sports, the breakup was attributed to Kelce allegedly expecting Nicole to split expenses equally while they were together.

However, during an interview on The Pivot Podcast in January 2023, Kelce disputed claims of being “too cheap,” stating, “Don’t believe that nonsense.” He emphasized that he never claimed to fully support Nicole financially, as she had a stable career of her own.

Kelce further explained, “But you’d be mistaken if you thought I never pitched in or gave her some money for meals, or if she never helped me out either. Over our five-year relationship, small financial exchanges were normal and not a big deal.”

Shifting Friendships and Social Media Scrutiny

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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During her relationship with Kelce, Kayla Nicole became friends with many NFL wives and girlfriends. Some friendships stayed strong, while others faced challenges.

In October 2023, fans noticed that Nicole unfollowed Kelce’s teammate Patrick Mahomes, and his wife, Brittany, on Instagram. This happened after Brittany was seen having dinner in New York City with Kelce’s new girlfriend, Taylor Swift, along with Blake Lively and Sophie Turner.

Amid rumors of a rift between the two friends, Nicole shared with PEOPLE exclusively that the reality of their situation is more complicated. She mentioned that she has addressed the issue privately with Brittany.

“There’s a lot of history and friendship there that doesn’t change overnight,” she explained. “But because things are happening so quickly and publicly, I have to protect myself. That’s all it is. The love is still there.”

Before Super Bowl LVIII, Kayla Nicole reunited with some wives of San Francisco 49ers players. Some fans interpreted this as a dig at Kelce, given that the Chiefs were playing against the 49ers in the big game.

Nicole’s Letter to Black Girls

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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On October 9, Kayla Nicole shared a heartfelt message on Instagram, addressing the backlash she’s faced from online trolls due to her past relationship with Kelce. In the video, she read an open letter she wrote to Black girls.

“It’s always been crucial for me to use my platform to bring women together, especially Black women, rather than creating divisions,” she expressed to the camera before starting her message.

“Dear Black girl, they might label you a traitor just because you’ve fallen in love. You’ll wish those closest to you would defend you, but you’ll quickly learn that people don’t protect what they don’t appreciate. They’ll criticize you, calling you too much, too bold, too loud, and then turn around and say you’re not enough.”

Nicole continued, saying, “They might claim you deserve the criticism and shame because of your Blackness as if you should have known better. They might even try to measure your worth by your wealth. But Black girl, remember, your true value lies beyond all that. It resides deep within your heart.”

Nicole’s Fitness Journey Takes a Holistic Turn

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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In October 2023, Kayla Nicole shared with PEOPLE that she’s thrilled to be restarting her fitness brand, Tribe Therape, which emphasizes “feel-good fitness.” She plans to integrate the techniques she’s gained from therapy into the workout routines she shares with her followers.

“It’s all about prioritizing mental health in our workouts, which is personally very important to me,” she explained. “I believe that when your mind is in a good place, your body naturally follows.”

After her “major breakup” and significant life changes, Kayla Nicole experienced a notable weight loss in a short period. She found herself struggling with sleep and eating. Despite receiving compliments on her appearance, she felt miserable and depressed.

“I was posting content, and people were saying, ‘You look fantastic. Share your secrets.’ But inside, I was hurting. I was depressed,” Nicole confessed. “Even though I had a great physique, with a six-pack and all, I had never felt so awful in my life.”

“That’s when I started therapy and realized that physical fitness is just one aspect. Mental well-being is equally crucial. You might have a perfect body, but if your mind isn’t healthy, you won’t feel good.”

Moves On From Athletes, Seeks Partners in Power

Who Is Kayla Nicole? All About Travis Kelce's Ex-Girlfriend
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During an interview on the Behind the Likes podcast in January 2024, Kayla Nicole mentioned her interest in dating “men in positions of power” who aren’t athletes.

“I won’t rule it out completely, but I feel like I’ve moved on from dating athletes,” she explained. “I’m attracted to men who hold influential positions, and I think they’re also attracted to me.”

Nicole expressed her desire to enjoy sports games with her future partner still and share that passion.

“I’d love to be with someone like an executive from a record label or a movie producer, so we can enjoy sporting events together,” she said. “For me, the ideal date night would be sitting courtside at a Lakers game; that’s the type of guy I’m into.”

Quick Facts

1. What does Kayla Nicole do for a living? Kayla Nicole is a multi-talented individual who has worked as a sports journalist, reporting from the sidelines for the NBA and NFL. She’s also a fashion influencer with a strong social media presence.

2. How did Kayla Nicole meet Travis Kelce? The couple’s meet-cute happened virtually! Travis Kelce started messaging her on Instagram before she made the first move by sliding into his DMs.

3. How long were Kayla Nicole and Travis Kelce together? Their relationship lasted for five years, but it wasn’t always smooth sailing. There were reports of on-again, off-again periods before their final split in 2022.

4. Does Kayla Nicole have any connection to other athletes? While she has stated she’s currently “done” dating athletes, She has remained friends with some NFL WAGs.

5. Is Kayla Nicole on social media? Yes, she has a strong social media presence, particularly on Instagram where she boasts over 750,000 followers.

6. What is Kayla Nicole passionate about? Beyond sports and fashion, She is vocal about using her platform to speak her truth and empower others.

7. Does Kayla Nicole have her business ventures? She’s an entrepreneur with her fitness brand, showcasing her interest in health and wellness.

8. Were there any rumors surrounding the breakup with Travis Kelce? There was tabloid speculation about the reason for the split, but both Kayla and Travis have denied them.

9. Is Kayla Nicole dating anyone currently? Since her public relationship with Travis Kelce ended, She has kept her dating life private.

10. Does Kayla Nicole have children? Yes, She does have children. She shares two children with her estranged husband, Luhkye. After their separation in 2023, the children currently live with their father. Kayla has clarified that this is a shared custody arrangement, and she maintains a relationship with her children.

11. Who is Kayla Nicole, and what is her background? Kayla Nicole, known for her relationship with NFL star Travis Kelce, is a Pepperdine University graduate in broadcast journalism. She’s worked as a sports journalist for ESPN and Barstool Sports, while also making strides in fashion and fitness.

Wrapping Up

Kayla Nicole’s journey from sports journalism to fashion influencing showcases resilience and determination. Despite past challenges, she’s focused on personal growth and empowering others through her platform, embodying strength and authenticity in every step forward.