Who Is Jaidyn Alexis? Age, Birthday, Nationality, Kids, And Blueface
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Jaidyn Alexis is an Instagram model, entrepreneur, social media influencer, and singer from the USA. She gained popularity through her romantic involvement with American rapper Blueface. Her modeling photos on Instagram have also caught the attention of many. Want to know Jaidyn Alexis’s age?

Jaidyn Alexis started her social media journey in 2019. Alongside being a social media star and entrepreneur, She is also a singer. Her first single “Stewie” came out in June 2023. Alexis is the founder and CEO of Blueface Skin & Body LLC located in Glendale California USA.

Key Takeaways

  • Jaidyn Alexis, a multifaceted personality, rose to fame through her association with rapper Blueface and her modeling endeavors on Instagram.
  • At 25, born on October 2, 1998, Jaidyn is an American with a diverse heritage, hailing from Los Angeles, California.
  • Apart from her social media influence, she’s a singer, entrepreneur, and founder of Blueface Skin & Body LLC.

Who Is Jaidyn Alexis?

Jaidyn gained fame as the girlfriend of rapper Blueface, also known as Johnathan Jamall Porter. Their relationship has been in the spotlight, especially since they had their second child.

Jaidyn shared a photo of their baby’s little foot on August 6, 2022. They named their daughter Journey Alexis Porter.

What is Jaidyn Alexis’ age?

As of January 2024, the Instagram sensation is 25 years old born on October 2, 1998, under the zodiac sign of Leo. Jaidyn is an American citizen with a mixed heritage. Her mom has black white and Asian roots while her dad is of Mexican descent. She comes from Los Angeles California USA.

Who Is Jaidyn Alexis? Age, Birthday, Nationality, Kids, And Blueface
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Jaidyn Alexis is a social media influencer, model, entrepreneur and singer. She has got a big following on Instagram where she posts her modeling and lifestyle photos.

She is active on TikTok with more than 509 thousand followers where she mostly shares dance and lip-sync videos. Jaidyn also uses the platform to promote her music. Plus she has a Twitter account (X) with over 355 thousand followers.

The American social media star is also a business owner. She is the founder and CEO of Babyface Skin & Body LLC a beauty and wellness company started in 2020. The company is based in Glendale California USA.

She’s also a rapper—her first single “Stewie” dropped on June 22, 2023. The next year she released “Workout” along with other tracks like “Post Opp” and “Barbie.”

Her hit song “Barbie” released on December 1, 2023, has racked up over 10 million views on YouTube. She shares her music videos on Blueface’s official YouTube channel. Plus she’s currently signed with Blueface’s music label MILF Music where she’s also a business partner.

What is Jaidyn Alexis’ net worth?

Reportedly according to sources like News Unzip, Facty News, and 247 News Around the World, the singer’s net worth falls between $1 million and $2 million. Her music career business ventures and endorsements on social media are said to be her main sources of income.

Who Is Jaidyn Alexis? Age, Birthday, Nationality, Kids, And Blueface
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Who is Jaidyn Alexis dating?

As of the latest update the American rapper is believed to be single. However, she was previously engaged to Johnathan Jamall Porter also known as Blueface. They were high school sweethearts and had an on-and-off relationship.

The engagement took place on October 22, 2023, while they were attending a Los Angeles Rams game at Sofi Stadium in Inglewood California USA. However shortly after rumors surfaced about their split when Blueface removed all their photos including the engagement pictures from his Instagram page.

Jaidyn confirmed the rumors of their breakup when she shared her New Year’s resolutions stating that she was single. Blueface later mentioned that they were business partners and admitted that he proposed to Jaidyn just to make her happy feeling that she didn’t like him.

Are Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis back together?

They’re not in a relationship anymore. Blueface Jaidyn and Christean Rock (Blueface’s ex) have been making waves on social media for less positive reasons. In December Jaidyn and Christean joined forces causing damage to Blueface’s home.

Who Is Jaidyn Alexis? Age, Birthday, Nationality, Kids, And Blueface
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Jaidyn and Blueface have two kids together: a son named Javaughn J. Porter born in 2019 and a daughter named Journey Alexis Porter born in August 2022. Blueface also has another son named King born in September 2023 with rapper Christean Rock.

Quick Facts

1. Did Jaidyn Alexis have a baby? Blueface just became a father to a new baby girl with his ex-girlfriend Jaidyn Alexis.

2. How old is Jaidyn Alexis now? She was born on October 2, 1998. She is currently 25 years old.

3. When did Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface meet? Blueface and Jaidyn first met in high school.

4. How long have Blueface and Jaidyn Alexis been together? Blueface and Jaidyn are engaged after ​nine years of dating off and on.

5. How many kids does Jaidyn Alexis have with Blueface? Jaidyn and Blueface are blessed with two beautiful children: a son named Javaughn J. Porter and a daughter named Journey Alexis Porter. Javaughn came into the world in 2019, followed by the arrival of their daughter, Journey, in August 2022.

6. Did Blueface buy Jaidyn Alexis a house? Blueface bought Jaidyn and their children a four-story house with an elevator for Christmas.

7. What is Jaidyn Alexis’ Nationality? She is American.

8. How much is Jaidyn Alexis’s Net Worth? Her Net Worth is around $1 million and $2 million.

9. Does Jaidyn Alexis have Instagram? Her Instagram (@officialjaidynalexxis)

10. Why did Jaidyn Alexis and Blueface break up? She was just fed up with Blueface antics.


Jaidyn Alexis, the versatile social media star, has captivated audiences with her modeling, music, and entrepreneurial ventures. Despite past relationships with Blueface, her career continues to thrive, making her a prominent figure in both the entertainment and business worlds.