Who Is Juliana Carlos’ Husband Chris Carlos? Some Untold Facts About Her
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Chris Carlos is a wealthy Georgia-based investor who is part of one of Atlanta’s best-known and most philanthropic families. He is known as a partner in Republic National Distributing Co, reportedly the second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits in the US.

Carlos is also a philanthropist who supports several local charities and non-profit organizations. In addition, Chris is also a millionaire in his 50s who has been running his family business for years.

Carlos is also known for his relationship with a much younger Instagram model, Julian Carlos. In fact, some time ago, the couple was entangled in a rather ambitious headline involving a famous name from the NBA. Below, read all about Chris Carlos’ true stories; his wealthy family, his life as an entrepreneur, his political stance, his personal affair, and more.

Chris Carlos, The Native Of Atlanta, Is From A Well Off Family

Wine expert Chris was born in August 1965 as Chris G. Carlos. Now 57 years old, Carlos was born in Atlanta.

Chris comes from a family of entrepreneurs, as his grandfather founded the wine company Dixie Wine, later known as the National Distributing Company, in 1935.

The Carlos family also founded the Michael Carlos Museum at Emory University and has donated millions of dollars to non-profit organizations and charities. Juliana’s husband, Chris, is the son of former NDC Chairman and CEO Michael C. Carlos and Talia N. Carlos.

His father was a former NDC Chairman and CEO who died in December 2002 of cancer. Chris also lost his mother to a stroke in May 2011.

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His Education

The owner of the winery business, Chris is a graduate of Woodward Academy. He later studied at the University of FL and obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration.

Juliana Carlos’ Husband, Chris Carlos Is A Well Known Businessman

As mentioned, Chris Carlos is a partner in Republic National Distributing Co, RNDC, the second largest distributor of premium wines and spirits in the USA.

Republic National Distributing Company LLC is known nationwide for the wholesale and distribution of alcoholic beverages. The company offers wines, beers, liquors, and other related products in the United States.

Chris created RNDC from NDC National Distributing Company; he is responsible for expanding his family business, NDC, into South Carolina and beyond.

Republic National Distributing Company currently supplies wine and spirits in nearly a dozen states. It trails only Miami-based Southern Glazer’s Wine and Spirits, which distributes wine and spirits in 35 states.

The University of Florida graduate started his career in winemaking as a merchandiser in Jacksonville, Florida. Carlos joined the National Distributing Company in 1985.

The former business student later gained a comprehensive understanding of the company’s operations as he worked in many of the company’s facilities and in the local business from the ground up. He eventually established NDC’s beer division in Atlanta and served as the company’s executive vice president for the state of Georgia.

Prior to RNDC, Carlos served on the March of Dimes Board of Directors and committees for organizations such as the Ronald McDonald House, Children’s Hospital, and Murphy’s Heart.

Carlos Is Also A Philanthropist 

In addition to his business, Chris is also a philanthropist, supporting local charities and non-profit organizations such as the Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Zoo. His civic and philanthropic endeavors include supporting Emory University’s Carlos Museum and other local nonprofits, including the Atlanta Ballet and the Atlanta Zoo.

The former houses an art collection that includes a world-class collection of antiquities. The museum is named after Chris’s father. Carlos is also a trustee of the Atlanta Ballet.

He was also once awarded “Philanthropist of the Year” by the Atlanta Chapter of the Association of Fundraising Professionals.

Chris Carlos And Julian Carlos’ Relationship

As reported, Chris and his wife, Juliana, met in early 2019 on a date arranged by friends; a “blind double date”. They two dated for about a year and announced their engagement in August 2020.

Juliana once released a video of Carlos asking her to marry him during their holiday at the Four Seasons Resort Punta Mita in Mexico. The couple got married during Christmas 2020.

They are now reportedly splitting their time between Atlanta and Florida. Juliana and Carlos have a significant age difference; the former is in her 20s and the latter is in his 50s. Chris’s wife, Juliana, also has a YouTube channel where she posts make-up tutorials.

Chris Has Two Ex-Wives

Before Julian, Chris was the husband of Mary Lee Hodge and model Nicole Carlos, respectively. He also has three grown-up children from his first marriage to Merry, who is a businesswoman.

Who Is Juliana Carlos’ Husband Chris Carlos? Some Untold Facts About Her

And some of them have children of their own. Chris’s children with Merry often appear on his IG account along with Julian. Carlos’ second wife, Nikoleta Jokic Carlos, is a former Hawaiian Tropic model. Apparently, they also have a son together.

Chris Carlos And His Wife Were Asked To Leave The 2021 Game Between LA Lakers And The Atlanta Hawks 

In February 2021, Chris Carlos and his wife Juliana had to leave a basketball game in the middle of it after shouting at Los Angeles Lakers star LeBron James. After the incident, Carlos’ wife took to Instagram to complain about how security and officials escorted them out of the VIP seats.

Carlos and Juliana attended the Hawks and Lakers game on Monday night. The couple was watching the game when Carlos’ spouse alleged that LeBron James had started an argument with her husband Chris.

Juliana knew that they had allegedly insulted each other. She then stood up to protect her husband from the basketball star. However, security and cleaners quickly stopped them and asked them to leave.

Juliana later discussed the argument on Instagram. She told Insta that her husband Chris has been watching games for 10 years and may have had a problem with LeBron. However, she insisted that she had no problem with the shooting guard.

Julian explained that she only had an argument with LeBron because she thought the Lakers’ number six was saying something to Chris. Ms. Carlos claimed that after she confronted the Ohio-born basketball player, he told her: “Sit the f**k down, b**”. However, security camera footage later showed that LeBron did not use such words.

Although a clip of the incident shows James calling Chris Carlos an “old steroid bottom”, reports The Athletic. Also after the game and the incident with Carlos, the NBA champion took to Twitter to address the clip, writing, “Karen was MAD MAD!!!”.

Juliana Apologized For The Incident On Her Instagram

Later that month, in February, Juliana posted an apology on her Instagram story, addressing the in-game incident. Explaining her behavior, Carlos’ wife said in her Ig story: “Carlos’ wife explained her actions,

“To say things escalated quickly at yesterday’s game is an understatement, and I want to apologize for losing my cool and removing my mask in the heat of the moment.”

She added that what should have been a quick conversation between two adults got out of hand and her natural instinct was to defend the man she loved.

In a further letter, Juliana Carlos, although admitting that she had become abusive and used abusive language, said that she was ready to take full responsibility. As for James, he claimed that he and Chris had had a laugh during the game, but later he said that Carlos had “crossed the line a bit”.

The four-time NBA champion and four-time NBA Most Valuable Player also played down the incident. He said the fans did not deserve to leave during the game and blamed alcohol for their behavior.

Chris Carlos Has Not Liked LeBron James From The Beginning; He Once Dissed Him Through His Locked Out Instagram

Carlos obviously didn’t like LeBron from the start.

So after the February 2021 incident, Chris posted some images on his now-private Instagram page showing him sitting behind the basketball player during the 2017 game.

In another post from the same game, Chris said that LeBron “almost sat his big ass on his wallet and phone”. LeBron had also previously spoken out about Chris’s political donations to Republican interests.

The Atlanta-born NDC heir had also turned against ex-President Obama online. In 2016, Chris shared an offensive meme in which he wrote: “He could become the worst president in the history of this country.

Chris’ Another Basketball Controversy

The 2021 incident between Juliana and Chris was not the first time a wine merchant and his partner had clashed on the basketball court.

Already in January 2017, Kris’s ex-wife Nicole Jockisch Carlos was heavily criticized when she attended a game between the Eagles and the 76ers with more than extra cleavage.

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Chris Carlos Supports The Republicans

Chris is obviously a strong supporter of the Republican Party. He once donated thousands of dollars to Republican David Perdue in the Georgia Senate elections, along with other Republicans.

Although Perdue was unable to win. Even from 2014 to the present, Carlos has donated almost USD 30 000 to Perdue’s campaigns, including more than half of that amount spent (for nothing) in the last electoral cycle.

According to the Open Secrets website, Chris has also donated money to people like Donald Trump, Rudy Giuliani, and many other Republican officials and organizations.

Chris has also donated many thousands of dollars to the Republican National Committee, with each donation bringing the total to 2800 dollars. On the other hand, there have also been occasions when Chris has donated to the Democrats; however, this is not enough.

These include his one-off donation of 500 dollars to John Lewis in 2008 and more than 5 000 dollars in two separate donations to Democrat and current Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. According to other sources, the Chris family has also donated around USD 10 million to political causes.

How Rich Is Chris Carlos; His Net Worth And Other Likewise Details

Chris Carlos is considerably wealthy; this is a man with deep pockets. A long-time employee of his family business in Georgia is reported to have a net worth of $80 million.

He was born with a financial security blanket that has allowed him to donate generously to what appear to be mainly conservative political interests. In addition, he lives with his wife Julian in a $25 million penthouse in Miami.

The RNDC co-owner also owns several properties across the US. It is worth noting that he is a partner in the Republic National Distributing Company, the second-largest wine and spirits distributor in the United States. It is reported to have revenues of almost USD 11 billion.

Perhaps to give a better idea of Carlos’s extravagance, the New York Times published an article in 2007 about Georgia households that distribute water. At the time, the Times described him as “a wealthy investor who is a member of one of Atlanta’s best-known and most philanthropic families”. He reportedly used 440 000 gallons of water in one month during the drought.

Quick Facts About Chris Carlos

Full Name:Chris Carlos
Born Date:26 Oct, 1964
Age:57 years
Lucky Number:11
Lucky Stone:Garnet
Lucky Color:Purple
Best Match for Marriage:Capricorn, Cancer, Pisces
Profession:Businessman, Investor, Philanthropist, Entrepreneur
Height:5 feet 9 inches (1.75m)
Marital Status:married
Married Date:December 1, 2020
WifeJuliana Carlos
DivorceMerry Leigh Hodges, Nicole Jockish Carlos
Net Worth$80 million
Eye Colorbrown eyes
Hair Colorblack-white hair
Birth PlaceAtlanta, Georgia
EthnicityWhite Caucasian
EducationWoodward Academy, The University of Florida
FatherMichael C. Carlos
MotherThalia Noras Carlos
KidsMichael Carlos, Catherine Marie Carlos, Jordon Nicole Carlos, Michael Jr
InstagramChris Carlos Instagram
IMDBChris Carlos IMDB