Who Is Cecily Strong Dating? All About SNL Star’s Relationship History
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Cecily Strong is an American comedian who hit the big time back in September 2012 when she joined the crew of NBC’s Saturday Night Live. She’s not just a comedian though, she is also a talented writer and actress. You might remember her from Weekend Update, where she shared the desk with Seth Meyers and then Colin Jost. Now, aside from her awesome career, fans are dying to know about her love life. Who is Cecily Strong’s partner?

Cecily Strong is famous for her amazing acting talent. You might have seen her in shows like Schmigadoon and movies like Ghostbusters. She’s also rocked the stage in productions like Chicago Just for Laughs. While Cecily usually keeps her personal life under wraps, she spilled the beans in her memoir that she’s got a special someone in her life. So, who’s the lucky guy dating Cecily Strong?

Key Takeaways

  • Cecily Strong, renowned for her comedic prowess on SNL, has a thriving career in acting and writing.
  • Her dating history includes relationships with Jack, an Italian man, Mike O’Brien, and speculation about Michael Che.
  • Strong’s openness about her personal life, including struggles during Jack’s COVID-19 diagnosis, adds depth to her public persona.
  • Despite rumors, there’s no confirmation of Cecily Strong being pregnant or having a baby.

Who is Cecily Strong’s partner?

Who Is Cecily Strong Dating? All About SNL Star’s Relationship History
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Curious about Cecily Strong’s love life? She has been linked with a few guys romantically. Let’s take a look at her dating history.

Jack (2019- present)

Wondering if Cecily Strong is seeing someone? Yep, she’s dating a guy named Jack. In an essay she wrote for Vulture from her memoir, “This Will All Be Over Soon,” she spilled the beans on how they met. It was at a Christmas party in 2019. Here’s what she said:

“I talk to the man with the mustache. He’s very cute. I have social anxiety, and I’m drunk and tired, so I have no idea what we talk about. He comes home with me.

The next morning I’m a little more shy. He is less shy. Can I give you my number? He asks. I handed him the pink flamingo pen my psychiatrist gave me that week. I find an old receipt, and he writes ‘Jack’ and his phone number on the back.”

Cecily and Jack made their first public appearance together on International Women’s Day in 2020. They were seen at the SheBelieves Cup where the Women’s National Team played against Spain.

In the same year, Cecily faced a tough time when Jack got Covid-19. Already grieving the loss of her cousin Owen to brain cancer, she was terrified of losing Jack too. She wrote:

“I’m upset with him for not understanding why I constantly need to know he’s okay. I’m upset with myself for needing to constantly know he’s okay. I’m upset with friends talking about missing their f.ing birthdays; what if Jack dies? What if I die? Owen just d—. I can’t say it or write it. I’m so low and I’m so afraid.”

Jack is known to travel internationally, and it’s believed that he and Cecily are living together in New York City.

Italian man (2016)

Back in 2016, the Saturday Night Live star spilled the beans about dating an Italian guy. She didn’t spill the beans on his name, but she mentioned they met in Seville, Spain. Turns out, the Italian guy was studying to be a diplomat at the time they were dating. But, alas, it didn’t last long.

Mike O’Brien (2014)

Who Is Cecily Strong Dating? All About SNL Star’s Relationship History
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The American actress got romantically involved with Mike O’Brien, a writer from Saturday Night Live. She knew dating a colleague wasn’t the smartest move, but she went for it anyway. In an interview with Cosmopolitan, she said:

“Yeah, it’s probably not the smartest move. But my dad, who’s a business guy, gave me the green light. It happens. The upside is I never feel like I’m talking too much about work.”

Michael Che (2022)

Who Is Cecily Strong Dating? All About SNL Star’s Relationship History
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Rumors swirled about the former SNL star dating another SNL host, Michael Che. The speculation kicked off after their joint performance on December 17, 2022, which also happened to be her last day on the show.

During their final Weekend Update segment, the actress, in character as Cathy Anne, hinted they were an item. But Che quickly shut down the rumor, clarifying that Cathy Anne was just a neighbor in the sketch. On The Howard Stern Show, Che even mentioned he wouldn’t date a famous woman.

Is Cecily Strong pregnant?

Has Cecily Strong had a baby? Well, since as far back as 2014, there have been rumors swirling around about her being pregnant, but as of now, there’s no baby on the horizon. People have been speculating because of her weight changes, and also because she’s played pregnant characters on TV shows.

Quick Facts

1. Who is Cecily Strong? She is an American actress, comedian, and author best known for her hilarious performances on the NBC show Saturday Night Live.

2. Is Cecily Strong Married? Nope, She’s Never Tied the Knot with Anyone!

3. Does Cecily Strong Have Kids? The American comedian hasn’t had children yet. But there have been rumors about her being pregnant several times.

4. Is Cecily Strong currently dating anyone? Yes, She is currently engaged to a man named Jack whom she met in late 2019.

5. Who has Cecily Strong dated in the past? Her most public relationship was with Saturday Night Live writer Mike O’Brien, from 2014 to 2015.

6. How did Cecily Strong meet her fiancé Jack? They met at a Christmas party in 2019. She described the encounter as both awkward and charming in an essay for her memoir This Will All Be Over Soon.

7. Where did Cecily Strong announce her engagement? She shared the news during an appearance on Late Night with Seth Meyers.

8. Did Cecily Strong and Mike O’Brien Get Engaged? Nope, They Just Dated; There Was No Engagement!

9. Are Cecily Strong and Mike O’Brien Still a Couple? No, They Reportedly Split in 2015.

10. Are Michael Che and Cecily Strong Getting Married? No, They’ve Never Been a Couple. They Just Had a Professional Relationship While Working Together on SNL.

11. Who is Cecily Strong’s partner? Cecily Strong is currently dating Jack, as revealed in her memoir. She’s been romantically linked with individuals like an Italian man, Mike O’Brien, and faced speculation regarding Michael Che.


Cecily Strong’s journey in comedy and acting is complemented by her intriguing dating life. While fans speculate about her relationships and personal life, Strong remains focused on her career, leaving much to be discovered about her off-screen adventures.