Who Is Andrew Santino's Wife? All We Know About Her
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Andrew Santino is a super cool guy who makes people laugh for a living! He’s like a superhero of comedy, but instead of a cape, he wears a funny hat and uses jokes as his superpower.

We know Andrew from lots of places on TV. He was on a show called Mixology where he played a character named Bruce. He was also on Netflix in a show called Beef where he played Michael.

But Andrew isn’t just a TV star! He also likes to chat and have fun with his friends on special shows called podcasts.

His podcast is called Whiskey Ginger and it’s like a super fun party where Andrew gets to talk to all sorts of interesting people.

Another podcast he does is called Bad Friends and on that one, he gets to hang out with his buddy Bobby Lee.

Even though Andrew is a famous comedian and podcast host, he likes to keep his home life a little bit more on the quiet side. That’s okay too! Everyone deserves a little bit of privacy, even if they make people laugh for a living.

We do know that Andrew is married but he hasn’t shared much else about his family.

Early Life

Andrew Santino was born on October 16, 1983, in Chicago, Illinois. Andrew grew up in a cool part of Chicago called the River North neighborhood. Andrew was raised by a single mom.

Who Is Andrew Santino's Wife? All We Know About Her
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Andrew went to school in Chicago and eventually graduated from Naperville North High School in 2002. After high school, Andrew headed off to Arizona State University.

What ethnicity is Andrew Santino?

The stand-up comedian is half-Irish and half-Italian. He was born and raised in Chicago, but his family comes from two different places. His dad is half-Italian, and his mom is Irish. That means Andrew has a mix of Italian and Irish in his heritage.

Who is Andrew Santino’s wife?

Andrew is Married, but he has never revealed his wife’s identity. We don’t know her name or what she looks like because Andrew hasn’t shared that information with the world.

Who Is Andrew Santino's Wife? All We Know About Her
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Even though Andrew wasn’t planning on getting married he met someone who changed his mind. He told a friend on a podcast in 2019 that he had been married for four years.

We can’t see pictures of Andrew’s wife on social media but that doesn’t mean she isn’t a big part of his life.

Andrew’s funny adventures and work projects might be all over his Instagram but his wife is probably cheering him on behind the scenes.

She’s like his invisible sidekick, helping him be the best comedian he can be!

Dating History

In 2020, some people thought Andrew might be dating actress Sarah Bolger. They were seen together all dressed up at a movie premiere, even holding hands!

Who Is Andrew Santino's Wife? All We Know About Her
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It looked like a fun night out, but it turned out Sarah was just there as a friend to support Andrew.

Fans also thought Andrew might be married to singer and actress Danielle Brooks. This rumor swirled around for a while but then Danielle got engaged to Dennis Gelin, a real estate agent, on New Year’s Eve 2020.

The two later tied the knot in Miami in January 2021.

Does Andrew Santino have kids?

Andrew hasn’t said for sure if he has any children. In a Tiger Belly podcast back in 2019, he talked about how being a parent is a super big change.

Who Is Andrew Santino's Wife? All We Know About Her
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He said things like having enough money, a safe car, and a nice home are all important before having a kid. It sounds like Andrew wants to be super prepared!

Even though Andrew is a little nervous about being a dad, he also said he does want to have kids someday. The world can be a bit scary sometimes, that’s true!

But maybe Andrew will find someone special to share all those adventures with and then having kids won’t seem so scary anymore.

Is Andrew Santino gay?

Andrew Santino was previously rumored to be gay when he posted a picture with another comedian, Chris D’Elia. He joked that they were “heading away to be married.”

Andrew Santino and Chris DElla

It was all in good fun, of course, but it got some people wondering if Andrew was gay. Andrew later cleared things up and said he wasn’t.

Andrew also played a gay character in a show called “How I Met Your Father.” Some fans might have thought that meant he was gay in real life too.

Andrew is a talented comedian who can play all sorts of funny characters.

Quick Facts

1. What nationality is Andrew Santino? Andrew Santino’s nationality is American.

2. Is Andrew Santino Married? Yes, Andrew has mentioned being married on his podcast.

3. Has Andrew Given Any Hints About His Wife? Yes! He shared that they were friends before getting married and emphasized the importance of communication in their relationship.

4. Is Danielle Brooks Andrew Santino’s Wife? Andrew Santino got married to Danielle Brooks, a talented actress and singer, in 2019.

5. Is Sarah Bolger Andrew Santino’s Wife? Another case of mistaken identity! Sarah Bolger is a friend and colleague, not his wife.

6. Is Andrew Santino Gay? No. He’s played gay characters, but there’s no indication his sexual orientation is anything other than straight.

7. Does Andrew Santino Have Kids? No, Andrew Santino doesn’t Have Kids

8. Does Andrew Santino Talk About His Wife on Podcasts? Yes, he’s shared anecdotes but avoids revealing her name or personal details.

9. How old is Andrew Schultz? Andrew Schultz is 40 years old (16 October 1983)

10. Why is Andrew Santino famous? Andrew Santino is famous because of television series and films such as Sin City Saints, The Disaster Artist, Mixology, I’m Dying Up Here, Beef, and Dave.

11. Does Andrew Santino have Instagram? Andrew Santino (@cheetosantino).


Andrew Santino is like a superhero of comedy. You might know him from his roles on shows like Mixology or Beef, or maybe you’ve listened to his podcasts, Whiskey Ginger or Bad Friends. Andrew’s super chill and keeps his family life private, but we do know he’s married