Where Is Skylar Staten Randall Now? Inside Her Personal & Professional Life
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Skylar Staten Randall is the daughter of celebrity photographer Brian Randall. Skylar’s father, Brian, is also known as the boyfriend of Hollywood star Sandra Bullock. Skylar is now in her 20s and, according to some, has been trying modeling for some time.

An interesting fact in her life is that she once almost became Sandra Bullock’s official daughter. Some still claim that this is still possible. Bullock’s fans had begun to show a great interest in Skylar, seeing the growing closeness between her and the actress. Her scary childhood also intrigued and endeared her to followers, who often wanted to know about her usual activities.

Recently, however, she seems to have severed all ties with her famous photographer father and even her famous relationship with Bullock. What is the reason for this? Find out in the article below.

Skylar Staten Randall’s Tragic Upbringing 

Skylar Staten Randall was born in September 1993 in LA, California. Randall’s biological mother, Jeanine Staten, died of a drug overdose in 2004. Ginny died in a coma when her body went into a septic state from heroin addiction. She was admitted to hospital on 6 December 2003 but eventually lost her life on 7 January 2004.

Rogue Valley Medical Center waived Janine’s huge medical bills as a gesture of kindness to her mother, who worked tirelessly in the community and later died of a heart attack herself while delivering blueberry muffins to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. This is a Catholic voluntary organization that cares for the vulnerable.

Once, when Skilara was about 10 years old, her mother met a man from a record company. Through this, she met stars like Kevin Costner, Charlie Sheen, and Robert Downey Jr.

Skylar Staten Randall’s grandfather and Bryan’s father, the late Gary A Randall, served in the United States Air Force and was later honorably discharged. Staten’s grandfather, Gary’s career included working for ESCO, Portland Bottling Company, and 41 years with Alsco American Linen.

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Skylar Staten’s Mother Loved Her But Had Her Struggle With Drug Addiction

Shortly before her death, Skylar’s mother, Ginny, had rented a house in Medford, Oregon, with her daughter and husband Michael Blankenship, a drug addict and heroin dealer. A family member reveals that Jenny loves her daughter, but she has a demon on her back. According to the same person, Randall’s mother had so much talent and hope. She dreamed of becoming a Hollywood screenwriter. At one point, Sky’s mum worked for MTV and met a high-ranking person from DreamWorks Records.

Randall’s father Brian had left her and her mum alone when “the relationship fell apart”. Later, a family member, who did not want to be named, said that Staten and Bullock’s now boyfriend fell in love, got engaged, and had a baby, but then everything fell apart.

After her mother’s death, Skylar Staten Randall grew up under the care of her grandmother Pierrette until her death two years later. Her father then took her to Los Angeles, where she attended high school. Sky then moved to Arizona to attend college. After graduation, she moved back to LA. Brian did not start caring for Sky until she was 14.

Randall gained custody of his daughter in 2007 after her grandmother Perry died in February of that year. In the last phase of her life, Skylie’s mother was with a guy called Michael Blankenship, whom she met in Narcotics Anonymous and later visited methadone clinics. The couple started a relationship in 2001.

Skylar Staten’s Father Abandoned Her And Her Mother

Skylar Staten Randall has had a problematic relationship with her photographer father. In September 2015, the Daily Mail reported that Randler’s father and Sandra Bullock’s current boyfriend is a former drug addict whom police have targeted with allegations of being a rogue father.

When Skylar Staten Randall was an infant, her father Brian was sued for unpaid child support.

Randall’s father Brian also went through rehab for drug addiction and left his daughter with her mother, even though the woman, his ex-fiancée, had developed a heroin addiction that eventually took her life. He later admitted on Facebook that he had taken LSD when he and his ex-wife conceived in Skylar Staten Randall.

Before his career as a photographer, Bryan was a fashion model. He even appeared in the pages of Paris Vogue, and Skyla’s father was photographed for Hugo Boss and Saint Laurent. In addition, in 2011 Bryan Randall appeared with supermodel Cindy Crawford in Harper’s Bazaar Singapore.

Skylar’s Father, Bryan Randall’s Was Irresponsible And Had A Terrible History

The Oregonian was undergoing treatment for substance abuse in the early 1990s, while his then-fiancée, Janine Staten, was pregnant with Skylar Staten Randall. Several sources and family members confirm that Brian was not present during his daughter’s early life. In addition, past official documents show that he was ordered by the court to pay ten months of unpaid child support totaling almost $2000.

Additional documents obtained from an Oregon court showed that the authorities ordered him to pay monthly child support of $187, as well as $1870  in child support which he had defaulted on in the past.

In addition, he was arrested by the police in Multnomah County in 1993 for driving under the influence and three years later, in 1996, for a probation violation.

Also in 2012, Bryan was subject to a restraining order for throwing dog excrement on a neighbor’s door.

Bryan Randall Came Back In Skylar Staten Randall’s Life

Skylar Staten Randall’s mum, Janine, often fell on hard times and she and Skylar lived with close friend and former roommate Eric Engelbach. Eric told Daily Mail Online that Janine had never spoken about Brian, he just wasn’t in the mother-daughter duo picture. He simply disappeared from their lives. Engelbach, who is also the manager of the restaurant, added that Brian was not present at all. He said that Skylar’s grandmother Perri, who raised her, did a lot of the work in raising the little girl. Eric described Skylar as a good girl and a very smart child.

Engelbach, who last lived with Staten and Skylar in 2001, said that Brian only got custody of Sky because Janine and Perri died.

Skylar’s uncle and Brian’s brother Anju said in 2015 that Bullock’s beau had been clean and sober for “a very long time”. Another friend added that it had been ten years since the Portland-born boy had touched drugs. It was only after the death of Randall’s mother, Stephanie, that Brian started to become more masculine. He is now the owner of Bryan Randall Photography.

Skylar Staten Randall’s Father, Bryan Randall Relationship With Sandra Bullock

Randall’s father, photographer Bryan, met Bullock in 2015 after the actress hired him to photograph her son Louis’ 5th birthday party in January 2015. As time went on, the couple became closer and closer. She once went on a double date with Jennifer Aniston and her then-husband Justin Theroux.

The Ocean’s Eight actress has an 11-year-old son, Luis Bardo, and a nine-year-old daughter, Laila, with her long-term boyfriend Brian, whom she adopted in 2010 and 2015.

Skylar Randall Is Not Close With Her Father’s Girlfriend, Sandra Bullock 

In July 2019, Radar Online’s informants reported that Skylar Staten Randall broke up and refused to live with her father Brian, and his Academy Award-winning wife Bullock in their $16 million Beverly Hills mansion.

Instead, the 28-year-old chose to live in a two-bedroom apartment and visit dealers’ bars. Radar added that Sky has completely cut herself off from the celebrity world – and barely talks about Brian and Sandra. She has never wanted their help either, emotionally or otherwise. Skylar prefers not to be with them in public. The Vikenarian has reportedly stated that she wants to live a normal life and does not even use Brian’s surname.

Although neither Bullock nor Randall have any feelings towards each other, people assume that Skylar’s difficult upbringing and the tragic death of her mother are somehow linked to her reluctance to live in a luxurious mansion.

Sources have revealed that Sandra always hoped to be best friends with Skylar.

However, this is not the first time that the “Bird Box” star has found it difficult to maintain a good relationship with her partner’s children. After her divorce from ex-husband Jess James, the actress has reportedly stopped contact with James’ daughter Sunny. After her 2010 divorce from James, which was caused by his infidelity with several lovers, Bullock even broke off relations with her entire family.

A friend of Skylar’s said in August 2019 that Brian’s daughter keeps her distance because she has no feelings for this Hollywood. The close friend added that Sky feels that her father and stepmother’s circle of friends leaves her cold, “even if it cuts her skin”.

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Two Years Earlier Sandra Was Excited To Adopt Skylar Staten Randall

While sources are saying that Skylar wants to stay away from the attention of his current stepmother-to-be, some tabloids, on the other hand, claim the opposite reality.

In November 2017, the US publication Star reported that the Speed star was going to adopt his boyfriend Bryan Randall’s then 23-year-old daughter, Skylar. An insider said that Sandra had tried to keep the adoption a secret, but she had already practically adopted Janine and Brian’s daughter. The source also mentioned that Staten had moved into Sandra’s home in Beverly Hills.

The Bullock family member added that Skilara loved being with Sandra’s children. It is alleged that Sandra also treats him as one of her own. Skylar has even allegedly started calling her “Mum”.

What Is Skylar Staten Randall Doing In The Present?

Skylar Staten Randall’s retirement not only to the general public but also on social networks seems to suggest that she is indeed seeking a break from media attention. Or she is having difficulties communicating with anyone in the entertainment industry.

Even her Facebook – has only managed to cover a small part of her life; nothing more than a few posts. However, at the beginning of 2020, she shared a snapshot of herself; something she had not done for a long time. Given this, it seems that the 28-year-old could gradually open up to the rest of the world over time.

For now, she is hopefully quite content to live just five miles from her father and Bullock’s million-dollar home.

Quick Facts About Skylar Staten Randall

Full Name:Skylar Staten Randall
Profession:Celebrity kid
Country:United States of America
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBrown
FatherBryan Randall
MotherJanine Staten