Tyler Joseph Tattoos, Wife, Net Worth And Relationship With Jenner Black
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It cannot be said that Tyler Joseph definitely worked and earned his way to the top. He is a producer, songwriter, singer, rapper, and multi-instrumentalist. His duo-music group Twenty One Pilots, which began in 2009 with a few friends and nothing but personal determination and drudgery, has become one of the most popular music groups of our time.

Twenty-one Pilots have released numerous albums of their most popular songs, including Stressed Out and Heathen, which have been nominated for numerous Grammy Awards.

Tyler Joseph Biography

Tyler was born in Columbus, Ohio, on 1 December 1988 to Christopher Anthony Joseph and Kelly Joseph. He had two brothers growing up – Zach Phillip Joseph, who is also a singer, and Jay Thomas Joseph. He also had a sister, Madison Grace Bett. He was home-schooled in his pre-high school days.

Tyler may have chosen the path of athletics as he was inspired early on and his parents were professional athletes. Both his mother and father were basketball coaches at Olentangy Orange High School and Worthington Christian High School respectively. They were also mathematics teachers and headmasters respectively.

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As expected, he played as a point guard for the Worthington Christian High School basketball team during his school years and even finished second in the Division IV State Tournament in 2008. He was offered a basketball scholarship from Otterbein University but turned it down because he was inspired by the music after watching a songwriter play some songs in a high street club.

Tyler began teaching himself to play the keyboard by imitating radio tunes using an old keyboard that his mother had bought him as a Christmas present. In his final year of high school, Tyler recorded and released a debut project called No Phun Intended, which he offered for free listening on his PureVolume account.

The inspiration for Twenty One Pilots came when Tyler was studying All My Sons, a piece written by Authur Miller. It was about a man who knowingly caused the deaths of twenty-one pilots during World War II by selling them defective parts to save his business.

Professional Music Career

The band was born in 2009. He co-opted his friends from high school, Nick Thomas and Chris Salih. Their debut album was born on December 29th of the same year and they started touring for it. On the second album, Regional at Best, only two original members have left: Tyler Joseph and drummer Josh Dun. They released Vessel in 2013 and Blurryface in 2015 and also started touring a total of three times for the two releases.

For their song Stressed Out from their fourth studio album, they won a Grammy for Best Pop Duo/Group Performance in 2017. The same album also reached the No. 1 position in the US Alternative, US Rock Charts, and Billboard 200.

Tyler Joseph grew up in a Christian home and speaks clearly about his faith and how it inspires the lyrics he writes. He could be heard in Joseph Micheal Langston’s (known as Jocef) song Live from his album In Search Of L.O.V.E. Jocef returned the favor in 2011 when he appeared on the song Be Concerned of Twenty One Pilot’s second album Regional at Best.

Twenty One PilotsTyler also took part in a comedic documentary by Five14 Church. The three-episode documentary was entitled The (moderately inspiring story of) Longboard Rodeo Tango. In 2013, he participated in the Church’s Christmas event on Christmas Eve, Christmas with the Stars, in New Albany, Ohio. He has also written some songs for the Five14 church gospel band, Whittaker. In December 2014, he sang backup vocals for the song Sickly Sweet Holidays by Dallon Weekes.

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Tyler Joseph’s Relationship With Jenner Black – Wife

Tyler and Jenna Black dated for a time before they were married. In an interview with Rolling Stone, he said there was nothing great about their story and how they met. He added, however, that he looked forward to getting to know her better every day. They got engaged on 18 July 2014 and married seven months later, on 28 March 2015. They have a little daughter.


The lead singer of the Twenty One Pilots does not talk much about his tattoos. He says he doesn’t want their meaning to be misunderstood, as it usually is once they are on the internet.

However, he admits that he has a three-part tattoo that stands for “something that saved his life”. It is believed that the meaning of this phrase has religious connotations that trace back to his Christian faith.

He and Josh Dun also have an “X” tattoo. Tylers is on his right bicep and Josh’s is on his neck. These were made to show their dedication to fans from their hometown of Columbus, Ohio. They got the matching tattoos on stage during their Lifestyle Communities Pavilion Show in Columbus 2013.

Tyler Joseph Net Worth

Tyler has worked his way up to star status and deserves all the credit. Through his efforts on Twenty One Pilot, their tours, Grammy nominations, and victory, Tyler Joseph’s net worth is estimated at $10 million.