The Suicide of Katelyn Nicole Davis: Here’s What We Know So Far
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The suicide of Katelyn Nicole Davis is truly a depressing and pathetic story. The tragic end of the 12-year-old girl, who apparently could not find meaning in life, is still considered one of the most terrible deaths of our time.

Issues related to suicide and social media have attracted so much attention around the world lately, with Katelyn Nicole Davis’s suicide being considered one of the most insane but very touching deaths captured on camera.

As many have pointed out, the death of Katelyn Nicole Davis has drawn the necessary attention to suicide prevention, online bullying, child abuse, poverty, offline bullying, and child neglect.

There is so much to know and learn from the suicide story of a beautiful American teenager. Just read on to find her and other lesser-known facts.

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Brief Bio of Katelyn Nicole Davis  

Until her tragic death on 30 December 2016, Katelyn Nicole Davis was a 12-year-old girl born on 20 February 2004 in Rome, Georgia, in the United States of America. She is the daughter of Tammy Michelle Rogers and Matthew Reed Davis. She is an American of American nationality and belongs to the Caucasian ethnic group.

Katelyn Nicole Davisgrew up without her father at her side. According to the teenager, her father refused to pay child support, but he would play video games for hours. Her mother, as she once told in one of her videos, is married to Anthony Lee Rogers, with whom she gave birth to her young stepbrothers Abigail Lee Rogers and A.J. Lee Rogers.

Katelyn Nicole Davis attended Cedartown Middle School but did not receive a higher education because her mother did not have the money to support her through school. The only time she had any hope of making it to college was after she joined the National Leaders Association for Young Leaders, which promised to put her through college, but her stepfather allegedly told her she was “too stupid to get involved in something like this” and eventually burned the papers in her face.

The Suicide of Katelyn Nicole Davis

The incident took place in the evening hours of December 30, 2016, a fateful day when the twelve-year-old filmed herself walking from her room to the courtyard of her family’s home.

The entire video, which is 42 minutes long, shows the teenage girl preparing a noose, hanging it from a tree, and then taking her own life by briefly strangling herself. The suicide was streamed live on Live. me, a popular app for teenagers, and posted under her user name “ITZ Dolly”.

In the video you could hear Davis, clearly demoralized by fear and stress, crying and asking for forgiveness for the act she was about to commit. She then confessed that she was physically and sexually abused by a member of her family named Anthony Lee Rogers Sr.

After Katelyn Nicole Davis hanged herself, her lifeless body was captured by the camera for about 20 minutes. The live stream was cut off abruptly by repeated calls on her phone, and by the time the neighbors learned what had happened, it was too late to save her life. She was later taken to Polk Medical Center but was pronounced dead after a short time.

Katelyn Nicole Davis’s last video was not the first disturbing video to appear on her timeline. Previously, in the last month of her young life, she had broadcast live dozens of disturbing videos, so many of which captured her other suicide attempts.

Her last suicide attempt before her actual death was due to a drug overdose, but she was resuscitated in the hospital. Just days before her death, she was caught on camera cutting her thigh, lap, and wrist – she screamed out loud because she was depressed and tired of life.

Here’s What We Know So Far

1. Davis had a Tough Childhood 

As her blogs would have us believe, Katelyn Nicole Davis grew up in a house that was almost in ruins. Her mother, Tammy Rogers, is out of work. In fact, the teenager once revealed that her mother struggled with hard drugs and also sold prescription drugs just to get food on the table. The teenager also claimed that her mother physically abused her and forced her to sleep on the wet floor and take care of her younger siblings.

Katelyn had no positive male role model in her life. The only man who could have been was her stepfather, the very man she accused of hitting her with a studded belt and sexually abusing her.

2. She Dedicated much of her time to Seeking Attention from Older Men

Davis’s regular activities on were a clear indication that she wanted to escape the reality in which she lived. Investigations after her death revealed that most of her fans were older men who took advantage of her vulnerability.

She is said to have had an online friend named Luke Callahan, a 19-year-old Internet user who lived in Massachusetts. It was discovered that Luke was a “predator” who took advantage of her at the slightest opportunity.

A few days before her tragic death, the Georgia-born teenager quit with Luke and revealed that he forced her to do some things she wasn’t prepared for. In her suicide video, the so-called online boyfriend was the last person she apologized to for not being “good and pretty enough” to go out with a guy.

As collected, there is ample evidence to suggest that Luke may have sexually molested her and may also be indirectly responsible for Katelyn’s sudden slide into suicidal depression.

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3. The Suicide of Katelyn Nicole Davis Gave Rise to an Outpouring of Emotion on the Internet

Many internet users, especially Facebook users, mourned the death of the 12-year-old girl shortly after news of her death spread. The Facebook community was also inundated with tributes from her friends and strangers. A Facebook memorial page titled “Justice for Katelyn Nicole Davis” was later created in her honor.

On Twitter, a user with the handle @mollzzz_17 simply wrote: “Rest in peace Katelyn”. Fly high with the angel’s baby It was really heartbreaking. 30.12.16 #RIPKatelyn”, while another Twitter user – @4evAmyWinehouse – added: “The passing of Katelyn Davis makes me inexpressible, my heart is shaken. #RIPKatelyn #ItzDolly #DiaryOfABrokenDoll Fly high & find peace”.

4. Katelyn’s Suicide Video Stirred a Great Deal of Concern Shortly After her Death

Weeks after her death, Katyn’s suicide video was still circulating online, causing many people from several countries to call and demand that it be deleted from Facebook. Initially, Polk County Police Chief Kenny Dodd admitted that he was unable to prevent people from sharing the disturbing video, but after a long time the viral distribution of the video was restricted and the 43-minute video was subsequently removed from the Internet.

Although the tragic end of Davis affected millions of people, few people expressed concern that the authorities could not get into details involving cyberbullies like Luke Callahan, Anthony Rogers, and other masked bullies.

5The Police Is still Investigating Circumstances Surrounding her Death

As gathered, the police are still investigating the cause of her death. Originally their focus was on the nature of her death, but the department has since shifted its investigation to the reasons why she took her own life.

Meanwhile, the Georgia Bureau of Investigation has conducted an autopsy to determine the official cause of her death, and it appears that the police have not brought charges in this case.

6. According to various sources, Katelyn was being harassed by a young Moroccan resident named AB Tarik during the livestream when she was about to hang herself.

7. Davis renamed her suicide live stream on to “Suicide” before she began her “mission”.

Although Katelyn Nicole Davis died young of depression, loneliness, fear, and abuse, she would be remembered for her charismatic personality, wisdom, and interesting philosophical conversations in her live streams.