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Song Hye Kyo Bio, Husband and Everything You Need To Know About Her

Song Hye Kyo Bio, Husband and Everything You Need To Know About Her
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If you are familiar with the South Korean entertainment scene, then the name Song Hye Kyo should ring a loud bell. She is one of the leading women in the South Korean film industry. She has starred in a variety of movies and television shows and has gained recognition not only in Asia but also internationally. Forbes recognized her as one of the powerful celebrities in South Korea. Follow us as we accompany you on your way to fame and fortune.

Song Hye Kyo Bio

Song Hye Kyo was born on 22 November 1981 in Dalseo District, Daegu, South Korea. Unfortunately, she was born with a disease that threatened to take her life. Despite the doctor’s prognosis that she would not survive, Song Hye Kyo remained alive. As a result, her parents registered her birth as February 26, 1982, and not her original date of birth.

After the divorce of her parents, Song would spend the rest of her childhood with her mother, who grew up in Gangnam District in Seoul. She developed a passion for figure skating in elementary school but lost interest a few years later. As a teenager, Song won the SunKyung Smart Model Contest in high school and then began a career as a model. She started modeling for the uniform manufacturer at her school.

Since then, Song Hye Kyo has never looked back, as she became more and more dedicated to entertainment. She also made her acting debut as a teenager in the drama series “First Love” and gained great popularity with the KBS drama “Autumn in My Heart” from 2000. The success of the drama drove her to become a Hallyu star.

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Kyo won big with All In and Full House before taking a short break in 2005 during which she traveled to the USA to learn English. She made her film debut in My Girl and I (2005), which received tepid reviews. After a somewhat quiet time at Song, she received much praise for her performance in That Winter, the Wind Blows. She then appeared in several Chinese films before hitting another jackpot with the Rome Com series “Descendants of the Sun”.


Song Hye Kyo is married to her south Korean film colleague Song Joong-ki. Fans were shocked by the announcement of their engagement in July 2017, which was made by a joint statement by their respective agencies, Blossom Entertainment and United Artists Agency (UAA).

They were married on 31 October 2017 in a private ceremony in Youngbingwan, Hotel Shilla in Seoul. Many Asian stars and close family members were present.

Following the news of their engagement, each of the stars went to their social media accounts to write a letter to their fans, giving details of their relationship.

Some fans had suspected that a romantic relationship might exist between the two, based on the undeniable chemistry between the two in the series “Descendants of the Sun”, which began in 2016. The romantic comedy series was a huge success throughout Asia and earned the two a number of awards.

In her letter to the fans, Song Hye Kyo told how she made a good connection to Song Joong-ki while working on the series. She revealed how she soon realized that they shared the same ideals and values, which made it easy for her to “share everything with him”.

Her husband, Song Joong-ki, was born on September 19, 1985, which makes him four years younger than his wife. He wanted to become a professional speed skater, but his dreams were shattered by an injury he sustained in high school. He started out as a model before he entered the acting world in 2008.

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In 2010 he earned his big breakthrough thanks to the success of the historic drama Sungkyunkwan Scandal (2010). He also received much acclaim for his role in the vaudeville play Running Man, which premiered in 2010. One of his most remarkable films is A Werewolf Boy (2012). He has a degree in business administration from Sungkyunkwan University.

After her marriage, Song Hye Kyo seems to have taken a break from acting. However, she occasionally graces some fashion and lifestyle events.

Everything You Need To Know About Her

Name: Song Hye-Kyo

Birthplace: Dalseo District, Daegu, South Korea

Education: Sejong University (Film Arts)

Agent: United Artists Agency

Net Worth: $20 million

Husband: Song Joong-ki

Previous Relationships: Lee Byung-hun (2003 – 2004);  Hyun Bin (2009 – 2011)

Height: 161 cm.