Seth Green’s Wife, Dating, Family And All The Facts
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Those of you who know who Seth Green is (practically anyone) should also know a lot about Seth Green’s wife the stunning beauty from Memphis Tennessee who obviously loves him. Well if she’s a mystery to you don’t ask anymore because this article is only about her if you want to know something about Clare Grant then it’s all in here.

Seth Green’s Wife; Who Is She?

She was born Clare Camille Johnson on August 23 1979 in Memphis Tennessee where she grew up. Her family is quite large since she is the oldest of eight siblings yes you read correctly eight siblings. Her father Clarence after whom she was named as a Memphis DJ while her mother Glenna is a real estate agent.

Seth Green’s Wife, Dating, Family And All The Facts

It may not be very obvious but Clare is a mixed heir she has something Irish English Scandinavian and a sprinkle of Native American blood in her. Very mixed but here is something that wasn’t confused in the first place her priorities. She always knew that showbiz was right for her when she was 8 years old she had already received formal training in theatre and singing and over the years she tried her hand at various small projects.

After obtaining her Bachelor of Fine Arts in Theater Performance, she made the decision to move to Los Angeles and pursue a full-time acting career. Along the way, she supplemented her income by doing some modeling work while attending school. After living there for some time, she met her husband; though both are now famous in their own right, it doesn’t matter who is more recognizable. Ultimately what matters most is that they have become one as man and woman.

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How They Fell In Love

Now that we know just enough about Seth Green’s wife it’s time for the juicy stuff; it was the little things they connected through their shared passion for comics television and fast food that were so cute. It’s worth having almost everything in common at least in the case of this couple.

The first time they met there wasn’t much time to connect but the second time was at Comic-Con where they soon realized they had so much in common. Before they knew it they were on the green term “play date”. And lo and behold they ordered the same thing in the same way then back at his house they discovered that they had exactly the same taste in television shows if that’s not a sign we don’t know what is.

Green and the other person had an instant connection from the start, and it was clear that something special was forming. After a two-week Robot Chicken Skate Party bus tour together, Green knew this relationship could not be ignored any longer; he realized that no one else compared to them. With these realizations in mind, Green expressed his feelings with conviction: “I knew there really couldn’t be anyone else for me.”

Grant’s feelings were not so far from his she added ‘I didn’t know how deep it would go until we really spent time together. It was sad that we got off the bus and had to return to our daily lives. She obviously didn’t expect him to propose but when he did it was obvious that they could hardly wait to be together as their wedding was planned in just four months.

You know that four months could be equated with four minutes when it comes to planning Hollywood weddings but those guys were just that in love. They both seem to keep love strong and real and they obviously have a lot of respect for each other. Let’s end with some of their favorite words.

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Seth said “Clare is an amazing partner an extraordinary woman and such a great friend and person who sees things the way they are and really takes the initiative to make their lives and the world a better place” so Clare feels and so every day shows how amazing [Seth] is how special he is and down to earth he is and I have never been so perfectly connected with anyone as with Seth. I just feel so happy that we found each other.