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Neymar has been in the spotlight since childhood there’s no doubt that his impeccable soccer skills and star status have earned him a lot of attention from the ladies over the years and that’s what this is all about. Let’s have a look at Neymar’s girlfriend and some other relationships on the way there.

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Neymar’s Girlfriend

Being a premium football player has its advantages being in the limelight for all his years the star has to deal with at least 18 women without counting the connections we know nothing about. Of course, we can’t spend all day getting to know each of his 18 girlfriends but we can try.

The first person on the long list is Rafaella Lanceloti there isn’t much information about what went on between the stars and how long it lasted but girlfriend number two is no less than the mother of his son Carolina Dantas the two were together in 2010 and the only thing that connects them now is the son they share.

Neymar’s girlfriend list is quite long so here is the complete list and the years they were involved. He dated Fernanda Barroso in 2011, Anamara in the same year Andressa Suita later that year, and Barbara Evans in the same year. Someone had a very eventful 2011 and we are not even finished with it he also dated Carol Abranches Daniela Carvalho and Nicole Bahls in 2011.

Until next year, 2012, these women had the opportunity to wear the title of Neymar’s girlfriend even if it was only for a short time. He was with Dani Sperle Carol Belli and Fernando Lam. Next year he arranged to meet Rianne Ferreira Patricia Jordane and Priscilla then in 2014 with Roberta Appratti Gabriella Lenzi and his current on and off-track Bruna Marquezine.

The athlete has had a rather complicated love life but his relationship with Bruna is the most complicated overall. After they split up in 2014 he was associated with several stars like Chloe Grace Moretz and Selena Gomez but only in August last year he was discovered by the beauty.

They shared a passionate embrace after he won the Olympic gold medal and soon after they were discovered shopping after enjoying a steak dinner together in a shopping mall in Rio. Whether they are back together is unclear but most people tend to be together again.

So who is this lady who may or may not be Neymar’s girlfriend? They already know that her name is Bruna Marquezine she was born on August 4, 1995, and is a top-class actress and model from Brazil. She began her career at the age of 5 and has been in the limelight ever since.

The actress is very interested in starting a family but Neymar is not quite there yet. However, the two seem to get involved in the idea of being a couple again as they were seen together only four days ago when the athlete celebrated his 25th birthday.

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Son From Neymar’s Girlfriend

It is not uncommon for athletes and celebrities to have a few children here and there and for Neymar to become the proud father of a son David Lucca da Silva Santos at the age of 19. Despite everything he is very proud of his son and does not hesitate to let us show him.

David was born on August 24, 2011, in São Paulo Brazil. At first Neymar and his ex-girlfriend Carolina Nogueira Dantas who is also the mother of his child planned to call her baby Matheus but after his birth, they concluded that David Lucca would be a better choice.

Originally, Neymar decided to keep his baby mama’s identity low to protect her from public scrutiny but soon afterward he got clean and revealed her identity to the world. Meanwhile, they share custody of their son.

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Neymar’s Sister

It is therefore not surprising that Neymar is very close to his sister Rafaella Beckran. She has become a very special mini-prominence. You may have noticed that she doesn’t share the surname Santos with everyone else in her family she changed it to Beckran because she loves David Beckham and because she can’t have him at least she can have part of his name.

As the sister of a mega-athlete Beckran and his perks are used alongside her brother and other celebrities in Neymar’s epic 2014 beats commercial. She also models for her family’s fashion label Elleven Wear has a well-maintained blog, and is kind of a big deal on Instagram.

The two are incredibly close to it, yes fitting tattoos close it rubbed people wrong when he tattooed her face on his arm and she tattooed his eyes on her back many of them screamed “incest”. That didn’t seem to affect her closeness.

Neymar’s Net worth

High-profile football players are renowned for their impressive financial status evidenced by the fact that some own islands, luxurious mansions, and bungalows. Cristiano Ronaldo is a prime example of this – his wealth in soccer is unparalleled as he owns an entire island. This highlights the magnitude of success that can be achieved through playing football professionally.

Neymar is an incredibly wealthy person. According to reports his total net worth stands at a staggering $95.5 million! Most of this money comes from his soccer career as well as endorsement deals and investments he has made. In other words, Neymar is a “baller” in every sense of the word – he’s got serious financial clout!

Neymar’s salary is one of the highest-paid in soccer. According to Forbes his initial annual salary at Parc des Princes was $41 million but has since increased to a staggering $78 million by 2024. This makes him one of the top earners in world football and further cement his place as an elite player on and off the pitch.

Neymar’s Instagram

The renowned soccer player has made a name for himself on Instagram where he regularly shares glimpses into his life through photos and videos. As of July 2022, the vibrant personality has amassed an impressive following of 176 million admirers – an incredible feat!

Neymar’s Twitter

A soccer superstar with over 52.7 million followers on Twitter as of July 2022 is one of the most popular soccer players on the platform today. He engages his fans by sharing photos and videos from his matches and training sessions – just like he does on Instagram!

Quick Facts About Neymar

Date of Birth:5 February 1992
 Age:27 years old
 Birth Nation:Brazil
 Height:5 Feet 7 Inch
NameNeymar da Silva Santos Junior
FatherNeymar da Silva Sr
MotherNadine Santos
Birth Place/CityMogi das Cruzes, Brazil
Working ForParis Saint-Germain, Brazil national team
Net Worth110 million
Salary$53 million
Weight in KG64 KG
Affair withCarolina Dantas
ChildrenDavid Lucca da Silva Santos
Online PresenceInstagram, Twitter
SistersRafaella Beckran
SiblingsRafaella Beckran